Global Poll Finds Widespread Belief that Afghans Want NATO Forces Out July 23, 2009 Questionnaire/Methodology (PDF) A new poll of nations around the world finds that most publics polled believe that the Afghan people want NATO forces to leave Afghanistan now. On average 53 percent have this belief, whileContinue Reading

Majority of Americans Approve Complete Ban on Torture June 25, 2009 Questionnaire/Methodology (PDF) Six in 10 Americans approve of having an international convention saying that “governments should never use physical torture” as a means of trying to get information, while 39 percent say such a ban is too restrictive, accordingContinue Reading

International Public Opinion Says Government Should Not Limit Internet Access April 30, 2009 All Nations Polled Support Principle of Press Freedom, and Half Want More Freedom But Many Muslims and Russians Accept Press Restrictions to Preserve Political Stability Country-by-Country Summaries (PDF) Questionnaire/methodology (PDF) Full PDF Version This report presents anContinue Reading

Can Obama Restore the US Image in the Middle East? December 22, 2008 Analysis by Steven Kull Reprinted from the Harvard International Review Sitting in a focus group, a young Jordanian bewailed America’s relationship with his region: “Since 1948, we have tried peace, but everything turned out to be aContinue Reading

Poll Finds Widespread International Opposition to US Bases in Persian Gulf December 15, 2008 US Approach to Muslim World Given Poor Grades by Many Nations Questionnaire/Methodology (PDF) Press Release (PDF) A poll of 21 nations around the world finds widespread opposition to the United States having naval forces basedContinue Reading