Are datasets for studies published on WorldPublicOpinion.org available for academic use?

Many of the studies featured on the site have datasets available in the Digital Repository of the University of Maryland here. Any interested party should first check the DRUM site before inquiring about the availability of data.

What is WorldPublicOpinion.org’s privacy policy?

When you subscribe to WorldPublicOpinion.org and/or register for an e-Alert, we request information such as your name, email address, type of organization and country, so that we may know and better serve our readers.

We will not sell your information or email address to direct marketing companies. You can unsubscribe from the e-Alert at any time by following the instructions contained on each email.

Do I need permission to use information published on WorldPublicOpinion.org?

You are welcome to copy, reprint, publish or reproduce written material on WorldPublicOpinion.org on the condition that you attribute the material to WorldPublicOpinion.org. You may not reproduce or disseminate the entire content of WorldPublicOpinion.org, nor may you sell or offer for sale material from WorldPublicOpinon.org, but you are free to use the written content on WorldPublicOpinion.org for research, analysis, teaching, writing, journalistic or related purposes.

If you have further questions about our reuse policy, please contact Allison Stettler at astettler@vop.org.


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