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Considering the Cost of Clean: Americans on Energy, Air Quality and Climate
May 2016

Iranian Public Attitudes Before & After Parliamentary Elections
March 2016

Rightsizing Defense
March 2016

Creating a Federal Budget for FY2017: What the American People Would Do
February 2016



How Americans Would Fix the U.S. Postal Service
November 2015

Negotiations with Iran: Views from a Red State,a Blue State and a Swing State
June 2015

Iranian Public Opinion on the Nuclear Negotiations
June 2015

The Ukranian People on the Current Crisis
March 2015

Americans on the Iran Nuclear Issue
March 2015



Consulting Americans on the Payroll Tax Cut for Employees and Employers
December 2011

Faith and Global Policy Challenges: How Spiritual Values Shape Views on Poverty, Nuclear Risks, and Environmental Degradation
December 2011

The American Public and the Arab Awakening
April 2011



Misinformation and the 2010 Election: A Study of the US Electorate
December 2010



Battleground or Common Ground? American Public Opinion on Health Care Reform
October 2009

Cuba Policy and US Public Opinion
April 2009

World Public Opinion on Freedom of the Media
April 2009



World Public Opinion and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
December 2008

Muslims Positive About Globalization, Trade
August 2008

World Public Opinion on Torture
June 2008

World Public Opinion on the Treatment of Widows and Divorced Women
June 2008

World Publics Reject Criminal Penalties for Abortion
June 2008

World Poll Finds Global Leadership Vacuum
June 2008

Global Views of USA Improve
April 2008

Public Opinion in Iran with Comparisons to American Public Opinion
April 2008

Widespread Unease about Economy and Globalization – Global Poll
February 2008

Muslims Positive About Globalization, Trade
August 2008



Muslim Public Opinion on U.S. Policy, Attacks on Civilians and al Qaeda
April 2007



In 20 of 23 Countries Polled Citizens Want Europe to be More Influential than the U.S.
April 2005



U.S. Public Beliefs and Attitudes About Iraq
April 2004

Americans on WMD Proliferation
April 2004



Americans on America’s Role in the World After the Iraq War
April 2003



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