But again, it’s quite obvious that this model isn’t meant for folks who want to make a solid living out of sound production. The Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO are an open design headphones that were developed for the control and monitoring of mixes in recording studios. I love the crisp and neutral sound these provide. For $90, Beyerdynamic's Soul Byrd earphones deliver an impressive listening experience aimed at those who want a mostly accurate sound signature, but don't mind some slight boosting in the lows. DT770 Specs Frequency Response: 5-35,000 Hz Nominal Impedance: 32, 80, or 250 ohms Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 96 dB Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): NA DT880 Specs Frequency Response: 5-35,000 Hz Nominal Impedance: 250 ohms Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 96 dB Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): NA DT990 Specs Frequency Response: 5-35,000 Hz Nominal Impedance: 250 ohms Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 96 dB Total Har… You can use these babies for studio monitoring but I wouldn’t recommend it to hardcore professionals. I guess the final choice will come down to your personal preference. I usually mix on the Sony MDR V6 for a closed back option. The design is pretty breathable so you don’t have to worry about ear sweat (though, I do recommend you take frequent breaks in between). For an open back in the budget category, the Philips SHP9500 is as close to a higher end headphone as you’ll find. Great site! Questions? What I love most about this little homie is how portable it truly is. There isn’t much difference in the price, so if we’re talking about which product provides the most value, I’d definitely go with the Premium. Beyerdynamic completely nails ear pad and headband comfort. Learn more: Closed back vs. Open back headphones. 20 August 2014. Here is more about me. But for real, you will start to hear things in recordings that you never dreamed were there.. beyerdynamic DT 990 Edition 250 Ohm Hi-Fi- Kopfhörer Corsair VOID PRO RGB WIRELESS Gaming Headset (PC, Wireless, Dolby 7.1) schwarz Sennheiser Game Zero Special Edition schwarz Corsair VOID PRO SURROUND Gaming Headset (PC/PS4/XONE, USB/3,5mm, Dolby 7.1) rot Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming-Headset mit offener Akustik schwarz Nun meine Erfahrungen: The Premium is marketed more toward consumer use, while the pro version is marketed towards studio use. Today we're taking a look at the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones for gaming. This is a hip-hop lovers headphone. Open design, wired, high-end, for the stereo system, Mixing, Mastering, Reference, Casual, Basshead, Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro vs. If you listen to it at a higher volume, the sound might feel like it’s piercing your ears. But if you’re reluctant about getting the 600 ohm model, 250 ohms should be good enough for you. When first using this model, I instantly noticed how the mids are pretty detailed but they aren’t anything special. Let me know in the comments section below. The Soundstage is also exceptional, and being an open backed can, you feel as if the music is playing in the room rather than in your ears. Coming to the bass response, the results are pretty exceptional. I’d like something that has more balls than the akg701’s to use in combination with beyer770’s. The D1 is perfect for such an affair, and leaves a minuscule footprint on your desk! Since I’ve used both models, I’d say there isn’t much difference between the two in terms of functionality. It is important to know that the models of the Pro and Edition product families do not differ noticeably in terms of sound, provided that they have the same impedance (e.g. You can pull out the headband joints to adjust the headphones to your head size. Beyerdynamic DT 880 Headphones Review. From what I’ve read the 250 has piercing high frequencies where its more refined on the 600 ohm version along with other things and to me they sound great BUT I’ve not had the chance to physically compare any other hi-fi headphones. Yeah I think the 250 Ohm version is the best out of the bunch, and perfect for the Mojo. The highs are crisp and clear without being harsh or sibilant, but if you’re listening to a badly mastered recording you will know. Even though Oppo has since stopped making products, I still recommend this Amp if you can get it at a good price because it sounds absolutely fantastic and provides an all in one solution for your desktop or on the go! A bit less bass roll off than a K701, good mid-range, but darker treble so that may not be your cup of tea. In his spare time, he likes to fish, paint, play guitar, pray, rap, make beats, take photos, record videos, graphic design, and more. Beyerdynamic CUSTOM ONE PRO. To sum it up, after you purchase this beast you’ll likely be set for life! You can expect controlled bass with the Pro model. Premium Model. The clarity is also a tad better with the 600 Ohm version. The 770’s and 880’s come in second and third respectively in this regard. No problem! I realize I’ll need to pay more. Non-detachable cable feels a bit cheap and “oldschool”. please help guide me to the promise land, lol. 250 Ohm and up is most definitely made to be paired with one. I am going to recommend this website to my friends and others. They’re just a bit too clampy and noticeable on the head to intrude into the very top tier, alongside the likes of the … Good luck. Yeah I’m not a big fan of the Bowers and Wilkins P series. I’m still left scratching my head though in regards to whether or not i should purchase the 880 or the 990. This website helped a lot. If you’re new to the hobby, you likely won’t upgrade from this for quite awhile. Why doesn’t DT 770 Edition exist anymore? The Pro version has a coiled cable, while the Premiums have a straight cable. The only difference you’ll experience is with the usability. Music is a big part in my life and I like it loud. Now let’s discuss the build quality and construction. Whether it's instruments, making music or simply helping others to get started. Hope that helps! beyerdynamic calls the DT 880 a "semi-open" headphone, but they're lying. Great sound signature, fun but detailed and revealing. ], Exceptional Soundstage (feels like the sound is in the room with you rather than in your ears). However, if you would like to save a couple of bucks then go ahead with the Pro. Never underestimate what a huge difference the right headphones can make. Another thing that I love about this model is its earcups. What is the technical difference between DT 880/990 Edition and DT 880/990 Pro? I'm in love with anything music-related. Whether it’s picking the right gear, recording a song or promoting it, I’ve got a great tip for you. You will be able to hear things in movies that were previously lost in consumer grade cans. It’s good! See you around! They are a recognised tool amongst sound enthusiasts and a loyal companion for producers. I guess I need to get a new pair of headphones but have been hoping they would show up. Thanks for stopping by and let me know how it goes! Think you know a record like the back of your hand? The DT 990 Edition over-ear headphones have been winning the hearts of countless Hi-Fi and music enthusiasts since the 1980s. Some people say you can slide by without one, but if I was to purchase either model, i would most certainly not bypass the amp. Hope that helps! How can I tell what the impedance of my DT 770/880/990 Edition is? The wide stereo image, neutral sound and the extremely high resolution make the beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO headphones a reliable benchmark-setter for studio use. You’ll instantly notice that this model includes a soft leatherette for a headband instead of the metal in its predecessor. I love the gain for more power hungry headphones, and the bass boost is done in a tasteful way as well. Due to the difference in their prices, however, it's important to keep in mind that a direct beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro (2004) vs. beyerdynamic DT1770 Pro (2015) comparison might not be entirely fair - some sources don't take value for money into account when assigning their scores and therefore have a tendency to rate more premium products better. The only headphone I find worthy in that line is the P9, and it’s a bit overpriced though the sound is fantastic. What does Sibilant mean? Shares. They provide us with a sub par pair of cans that aren’t terrible by any means but they are not great either. << If you enjoy this article, please consider sharing!! 3. A superb open back headphone that showcases tight, authoritative bass and sparkling highs. So let’s get started. The Oppo HA2 could be your end game combo Amp/DAC, as it’s the best I’ve personally heard. The same goes for music. With the open design, the top end also sounds good without coming out too shrill. I did not know that it mattered the type of headphones you used. Thank you to beyerdynamic for giving us this opportunity. People who value exceptional comfort levels and velour ear padding. A separate amp/dac combo is almost mandatory for both models. It has been said that out of the 770, 880, and 990 lines, the 990’s are the “fun” headphone out of the bunch. They will likely sound a bit harsh and muddy at first. It improves the sound of the gaming environment so well that I was simply dumbfounded. Did I miss the mark on something? Learn more about this in depth: How to Choose a Headphone Amp! Hi, I’m Victor Bailey from Philadelphia. I’m currently attending a trade school that only focuses on audio engineering. Why is that and is there any plausible situation where the Premiums are worth the extra money. Sound. Everything on it feels solid to the touch, including it’s overall build, volume knob, bass boost and gain switch. This is definitely a nice feature – one that makes quite a difference. Sony MDR V6 Review! Thanks! The DT 990 Edition has been an integral part of beyerdynamic's portfolio for more than 20 years – not that this has detracted at all from its popularity: music lovers galore continue to value the stereo headphones as a reliable companion. You’re going to be completely amazed with what this little box is capable of. As for the 250ohm pro vs this 600 ohm premium. The two headphones are identical in many aspects, such as comfort, build quality, accessories, and connectivity options. Sennheiser HD25. At first glance, you’ll notice that the DT 900 Pro model is entirely made of ABS plastic if you leave out the headbands which is made of metal. How to choose a headphone amp, and The best headphone amp for the money! A reviewer on amazon even said it powered his HD800’s phenomenally well too! I’ve also found that low frequency comes out pretty powerful and clear. . I want to use these headphones to mix and I've heard that fully open headphones … Manufacturer: Beyerdynamic: Beyerdynamic: Model: DT 990 PRO: DT 880 PRO: Popularity: Agreed. For less than $200, you can power your studio monitors, use it as a headphone amp, or even hook it up to a PS4! Which version of Beyerdynamic DT880 would you recommend to use with chord mojo? Some folks are happier using 250 ohms but I would rather stick to 600. Extremely airy sound, good bass response, great mid-range, good treble that doesn’t get out of line. Just what I needed. It is priced at . Go ahead, fire up that Fallout 4 and be amazed at the cinematic like presentation of every little sound and nuance. The DT 990 is the same thing, just with boosted bass and treble compared to the DT 880. Legend has it that if you ask nicely, the Audioengine D1 will brew you a warm cup of Joe. When comparing Sennheiser HD380 Pro vs Beyerdynamic DT990Pro, the Slant community recommends Beyerdynamic DT990Pro for most people.In the question“What are the best headphones?”Beyerdynamic DT990Pro is ranked 12th while Sennheiser HD380 Pro is ranked 67th. I had the Pro and bought the 250 Ohm Premium and 600 Ohm premium to test. The most important reason people chose Beyerdynamic DT990Pro is: I just want to avoid being swindled. Most people think it’s all about performance, but good design can often improve sound quality in several ways. The highs are sparkling and crisp, although they may become sibilant at times due to variances in recordings, or just a bad master. Your email address will not be published. I will plug them into Denon da-10. You pay more for the premiums in looks alone it would seem. I have one rather silly question. Will you be using the headphone in studio/bedroom, or do you want to take them on the go? All in all, if you prefer your listening experience to be more fun rather than overly analytical, then you may want to check these out.. Be aware that they require a certain amount of burn in time. What model of Sony’s did you have? Product Comparison: beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO vs beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium Edition. They excel in many other applications as well including video games and movies. Topping E30/L30 vs. iFi Zen CAN Signature 6XX, Tonor TC-777 USB Condenser Microphone Review & Shootout, FiiO BTR3K vs. BTR5 vs. DragonFly Red [Which Is Best For YOU?!]. If you desire to pair it with your phone, that’s cool too. The pro version has a slightly higher clamping force. Beyerdynamic DT880 Why is Beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition better than Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro? So which model do you think is best between the two? What is a headphone driver? Both headphones are pretty great, but we are here to decide which one performs better. Premium Comparison, grab a snack, sit back and relax because.. For the purposes of this article I will be reviewing the DT 990 pro, and then comparing it with the DT 990 Premium, both 250 Ohm versions. They each have a slightly different design and aesthetic. This makes it easier for professionals to work without getting nasty headaches. Bonus: Read about how different genre of music affects your mood. Build is top notch, and the volume knob feels rugged and durable. Please let me know what you decide and/or if you need further clarification. Leave me some love if you would. You can use it with just about any amp. Out of these 4, ranked from first to last in order of priority on your list: 1. Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO vs DT 880 PRO headphone differences. Thanks you so much! But, the pro is often a good deal because it’s quite a bit cheaper. They also make use of some premium materials in their build quality. All components are replaceable and ensure a long lifetime of the headphone for which Beyerdynamic is known for.” This Black Friday deal sees … It’s not like computers (I’m a techie) where there is specs to pick out. The DT880 is a close second. I’ve looked everywhere but have no idea where they went. Sennheiser HD25 Review! Also, the extension is pretty deep and the low notes are also quite distinct. Anytime I ask an instructor what the think they give me the same “its all subjective man, so what ever you prefer” answer. And would you rather go with an open back or closed back? Advertiser Disclosure. I would suggest going with whichever is cheaper (usually the 990 PRO). I can go open or closed back tbh. Could I use a Beyerdynamic T51i in a mid-80s solid state amplifier? For a closed back below your ceiling of $250, I like the Sennheiser HD25, as it’s got a very intense, fast sound with plenty of bass and sparkling highs. Starting off with the DT 990 PRO, the sound quality is pretty decent and to be honest, there isn’t much difference when compared to the Premium. Hi, Next month I'm planning on buying a new pair of headphones and I came across Beyerdynamic's DT-880 PRO and 990 PRO. I might do a blog post about it. The Pro version has a coiled cable, while the Premiums have a straight cable. You will need an amp with the 250 Ohm version. Purchasing headphones can be confusing. The build quality is solid as well, and these things are built like a tank. Anyone experienced with these to … how different genre of music affects your mood, 7 Best Logitech Headphones with Microphones (2020 Review), 6 Best Webcams for Musicians (2020 Review), 6 Best Sony Studio Monitor Headphones (2020 Review), 6 Best Studio Headphones for Gaming (2020 Review), 7 Best Microphones for Home Studios (2020 Review). They are almost identical in every aspect, except for a few things: The sound for both of these is somewhat colored, but in a very natural way.

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