The earthquake had its greatest effect in eight provinces of Western Guatemala: Retalhuleu, Quetzaltenango, Sololá, Quiche, Totonicapán, San Marcos, Huehuetenango and Suchitepequez. Guatemala - One of the most strong I've felt in the passed years. at 14:14 July 11, 1999 UTC, Location: at 20:13 August 28, 1955 UTC, Location: Updated on 11:31 AM: A big aftershock of 5.7 magnitude has hit Coastal Oaxaca in Mexico. Latest 50 Earthquakes. The strongest earthquake in Guatemala for … At least 52 dead, and dozens still missing after Guatemala’s biggest earthquake in more than three decades. (4.2 miles), 2017-06-14 07:29:05 UTC In this photo posted on Facebook, people talk to a police officer while standing in the rubble caused after a magnitude 7.4 earthquake in San Marcos, Guatemala, Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012. Id of event: us7000cdmk. The earthquake comes just hours after The Fuego volcano spewed lava and ash into the air in Guatemala's most violent eruption in more than 100 years. [3], The most destructive earthquake in recent Guatemalan history was the 1976 quake with a magnitude of 7.5 Mw and a hypocenter depth of just 5 km. The estimated magnitude was around 7.4 Mw and the Mercalli intensity is believed to have been around IX (violent). It was the largest earthquake to strike Guatemala since 1976, when 23,000 people were killed during a similar disaster in the small central American country. The U.S. Geological Survey… Magnitude Location Date and Time Depth (km) Predefined periods: Latest 50 earthquakes. Puerto Madero 38.2 km from Guatemala was hit by 93 earthquakes with a magnitude of 4 and more in 2012. Epicenter at 14.717, -92.645 Click here to read more about the M=6.9 Guatemala earthquake. 18.2 km from (42.2 miles), 1921-02-04 08:22:41 UTC This was the case with the 1985 Uspantán earthquake of 5.0 Mw with a depth of 5 km, which destroyed most buildings in the town of Uspantán, but caused little or no damage in the rest of the country. Newest First. Format. The Biggest Earthquakes in Guatemala, Guatemala. Epicenter at 14.982, -91.988 Exact … The epicenter of the earthquake was off Mexico’s southern coast, but was felt 650 miles north in Mexico City, and as far east as Guatemala and Honduras. Data courtesy of: European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre.This page includes Geonames data, available from of this page are modifications based on work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License. Epicenter at 15.068, -93.715 Zona 15 - Zona 15 - Apartment - Strong shaking; San Lucas Sacatepequez - Ran outside, one aftershock that was pretty strong. Duration of shaking reported at 7–8 minutes. [1] The country lies in a major fault zone known as the Motagua and Chixoy-Polochic fault complex, which cuts across Guatemala and forms the tectonic boundary between the Caribbean plate and the North American plate. The Red Cross of Guatemala shared an image of boulders lying in a roadway after a … (2.2 miles), 1994-03-14 20:51:24 UTC (16.2 miles), 1944-06-28 07:58:56 UTC It was also felt in much of Guatemala, which borders Chiapas. This is a list of earthquakes in 1976. at 19:29 June 13, 2007 UTC, Location: The 7.4 magnitude earthquake killed at least six people and shook ... Pemex was forced to briefly shutter the country's biggest oil refinery in Oaxaca. Some are awaiting repairs to their homes whereas others are afraid to return to buildings. 6.2 km from Chicamán In 1773, an earthquake hit the old capital, Antigua, so hard and demolished so many of the buildings, that city officials decided to move rather than re-build. 1913 Guatemala earthquake Cuilapa: 5.0 M s: 60 Destroyed the town of Cuilapa: 1917-12-26 1917 Guatemala earthquake: Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala City: 5.6 M w: VII–IX 250 1918-01-04 1918 Guatemala earthquake: Guatemala City: 6.0 M w: VI 1942-07-06 1942 Guatemala earthquake: Escuintla: 7.7 M w: IX 38 Landslides. Epicenter at 14.31, -91.917 34.2 km from Mexican officials ordered schools to remain closed Friday in 11 states, including Mexico City, so officials could inspect for structural damage. 26.2 km from 17.2 km from 71.2 km from Guatemala, Guatemala has had: (M1.5 or greater) 0 earthquakes in the past 24 hours 0 earthquakes in the past 7 days Biggest earthquake in century hits Mexico. at 14:01 April 29, 1970 UTC, Location: A major earthquake struck off the coast of Guatemala on Thursday, damaging buildings and downing trees as well as causing powerful tremors in neighboring El Salvador. In the past 35 years, there have been at least seven magnitude 7 or greater earthquakes… at 20:36 January 24, 1929 UTC, Location: 96.2 km from (14.2 miles), 1950-10-23 16:13:28 UTC Epicenter at 14.374, -91.473 Champerico 23.2 km from The list refers to current country boundaries rather than those at the date of the earthquake; Please note, multiple countries could have the same earthquake listed, such as the 1906 Ecuador–Colombia earthquake being listed for both Ecuador and Colombia. at 16:35 November 07, 2012 UTC, Location: (19.2 miles), 1939-12-05 08:30:15 UTC – Update July 10: 3 days after the deadly earthquake we can finally report a somewhat official damage / injuries report :. Puerto Madero All information you need to know about Guatemala. Guatemala earthquake kills dozens in mountain villages. Last 365 days, biggest earthquakes. 10 largest earthquakes in the world (28 Nov 2020): #1: 5.1 quake South Pacific Ocean 28 Nov 5.09 am (GMT -8) #2: 5.0 quake South Atlantic Ocean, 450 km east of Grytviken, South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands, 28 Nov 2.05 am (GMT -2) #3: 4.9 quake New Georgia Group, Western Province, 4.8 km south of Rano, Solomon Islands, 28 Nov 5.57 pm (GMT +11)

biggest earthquake in guatemala

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