i had high expectations with this drama, and it didn't work out.. something is lacking as if they rushed the ending but well, still a happy ending tho'.. i love the kissing scenes tbh hahaha, and im fricking jealous of jin se yeon,lololol, good thing donggu has a new drama, that would really fill my ysy drought lol, im just mad they killed roo shi gae like wtf?!??!?!?! The worst character i ever encounter. Lily Feb 09 2018 11:12 pm Engage in courtly … Press J to jump to the feed. For real, i was never bored watching this..as we all know watching saeguk will sometimes make you bored right, but here I was not.. after watching this, i became fan of Yoo Si yoon with beard :) He looks so good with it.. he became more manly. peppermint Apr 20 2018 4:19 am Great acting by the main cast. I used to watch him as the perfect gentleman even if he was poor. Grand Prince is so good.Yoon Si-Yoon oppa fighting. I love this drama. Last drama with yoon shiyoon ive watched was kimtakgu. Diana Mar 18 2018 4:20 pm :). The musics are wonderful. It Grand Prince, fighting! Two more episode. I think it will give a valuable impact in the televiewers. By Newsie, February 27, 2018 in hot off the press: soompi news!Newsie, February 27, 2018 in hot off the press: soompi news! On February 27, upcoming drama “Grand Prince… The story starts out with two brothers, Prince Jin Yang and Prince Eun Sung. You had to be pretty Machiavellian, in order to survive those times, as a royal. Hopefully there will be a rebellion against the king. It's the first time that I really hate the antagonist in kdrama. Jinda Mar 04 2018 7:04 am Her characters are not fully developed, mostly one-dimentional, except for Hwi. Many actors make a valiant effort to rescue the drama. "Grand Prince" is a romantic drama centered around Prince Soo-yang and Prince Ahnpyeong and a woman they love. Yoon Shi Yoon (Yoon Dong Goo) new drama is so good, love him :*. Ryu Shin Jan 18 2020 8:57 am You're back! L'immense actrice faisait partie des invités du Syndicat National des Antiquaires. Poor hwi. And of course, Jin se yun is so pretty and i like her acting. I like this drama ❤️❤️ Becoz I love Jin Se-Yun Kimmy Oct 27 2019 5:32 pm It seems rather noone noticed the prominent ribs and hipbones, which should not be visible especially in horses with a thick winter coat. Seriously!I see comments like it's a really really (*infinity) good drama, so I gave it 2 more chances from the 1st episode to the 3rd,this is one of the most Especially JSY after her wonderful award winning performance in her last drama "Flower in Prison" She looks so beautiful in another historical drama. Angry Apr 04 2018 12:03 pm Exclusive: “Grand Prince” Cast Talks About Babies, Gyms, And Why You Should Watch Their Drama. “Grand Prince” is a 2018 South Korean drama series directed by Kim Jung Min. In the end, though, he was still the same guy with his too kind heart. Been waiting for yoon siyoon comeback but the female lead already make me drop this drama. Jac Apr 22 2018 2:55 pm Joo Sang-Wook does not fit with historical drama. Can’t wait to see! User account menu. The Revolution is an American rock band formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota and assembled in 1979 by Prince.Although widely associated with rock music, the band's sound incorporated rhythm and blues, pop, funk, and psychedelia elements. I find Kim Mi-kyung particularly good. 오틸리아 Apr 11 2018 8:02 am Now I don't even want to watch cause there's no suspense. Does tht mean joo sang wook will play antagonist male lead?? Jac Apr 28 2018 2:52 pm Collection Empire. The Kang River (Joo Sang Wook) play really good. Be it between the 3 leads, or with any other characters. I recommended this drama because this is a good drama of 2018 and I love the relationship of the cast they love each other hope they all have a chance to reunite in their future dramas, reminders don't listen to the unpleasant comments please watch this drama as you want. Mar 12 2018 2:18 pm Prince Lee Whi (Yoon Shi Yoon) and Sung Ja Hyun (Jin Se Yeon), the beautiful and righteous daughter of a high government official, fall in love with each other. Been looking at dramas to watch and as there havent been many historical dramas lately, Ive decided to give this a try. The ost's are amazing and the actings are solid. Man... an amateur could do that. This drama has quite a few good actors, but their efforts are wasted on very weak screenwriting, choppy scenes 'rescued' by simplistic moves and an often frozen development of characters. Become a Pro or a VIP member and unlock premium perks. I'm only through episode 5, but I'm in love. Liri Jan 22 2018 10:04 am i never hate the antagonist character this much. Joo Sang Wook played his character very well and he was the charming bad guy who only just wanted to be loved and was very lonely. Miles Mar 05 2018 10:50 pm As it is, she do nothing for other people, but rather make demands as if she is ‘entitled’ to it, completely inconsiderate. Retrouvez également en boutique un grand choix de plus d'une centaine de tableaux ! Ngr Apr 10 2018 5:48 pm 19. Julie Apr 06 2019 10:31 am That's what I think. Their Chemistry was so goooood!!! Please let this be great! I have to say I was mesmerized by his acting in grand prince. Lee Kang is highly ambitious and aspires to become the king. @rskdrama ,, are you serious??!!! The other supporting roles are superb and make the drama more amazing. Gail Feb 05 2018 1:15 pm kimac Nov 21 2017 6:57 am Apps. When two princes fall in love with the same woman, they become embroiled in a dangerous battle for the throne and the heart. i want her in romcom drama again. Like the connection between the two leading actors. 2 years ago. Grand Prince cast: Yoon Si-Yoon, Jin Se-Yun, Joo Sang-Wook. » Sorry we have no information about this episode. } Visit Grand Prince to find more recent info. the best hits), Ellie Mar 02 2018 3:41 pm Lee Whi (Yoon Si-Yoon) is a handsome prince and popular with women. i felt tired because of his character, i used profanity word so much while watching this drama :(. She give us one choppy and simplistic episode after another. What love triangle?! Esraa Aug 19 2018 1:04 pm She is strong yet delicate, honest and loyal to her feelings (to the point near to selfish)yet so kind-hearted, brash yet educated. The prince staring at the camera like a flower boy the king looks more manly buy she always in up with the prince, ameni Feb 21 2018 3:30 pm First of all lee kang is his brother and he still loves him and wants him back to the right way, he even ready to forget everything if kang shows loyalty to the little king , but what kang done in Hwi’s wedding day un predictable , whi cant conduct his brother even if he sure 100% that was kang made , where is the evidence then the plot will not sense,, what happened is the perfect script actually and I really like this drama ,, it’s my tea cup exactly ?????? Lee Whi doesn't have interest in becoming the king, unlike his older brother Lee Kang (Joo Sang-Wook). val Mar 12 2018 11:12 pm I hope to see you in modern drama but this traditional one is ok. I was like, "Was I supposed get EMO over this???" This drama has some good actors but their efforts are wasted by a poor screenwriter who does not seem to know where she is going. Hwang Mar 03 2018 6:52 pm i was expecting a cute ending for her with eunuch park.. :(. To be honest, the weakest part of this drama is the love story. I must also admit that throughout the story my heart bled for the villain more than for the main characters. Wow!! I really like the drama sooo much , main male lead cast are talented and add a special flavour to the drama ,, start is amazing ,, keep going guys .. fighting ?? Jasmyn Mar 20 2018 6:18 am Trouvez les Takanawa Prince Hotel images et les photos d’actualités parfaites sur Getty Images. The worst ever!!!! Lee Mar 15 2018 7:31 am Do watch grand prince. This category has the following 7 subcategories, out of 7 total. Overall: Grand Prince is a Korean Romance, Drama (2018). All rights reserved. It is just disgusting they would get away with that on national TV. window.W4GRB = new Object(); liri Feb 05 2018 11:40 pm Lee Kang also blind due to his greediness. "CSI: NY" Grand Master (TV Episode 2004) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Can’t wait to see Grand Prince. The young Prince Eun Sung is so adorable! Jac May 06 2018 2:15 pm .The Prince lipstick at early story can be much more related to him who has free-spirit as an artistic painter. fallingstars May 13 2018 11:18 am Kimac Mar 07 2018 10:56 pm I read all the comments and it makes me want to do one. Agggghhhhh! This drama’s plot is so juvenile I dunno what more to say, comparing with those cdrama. Let the 2nd male get the girl because JSY can't act kkkkk, hoe Dec 01 2017 12:04 pm i love you since the baker king until The besr hit and then now Grand Prince, lanulan Mar 05 2018 10:18 am Archived. If this drama does follow this storyline, I will cry so much. Chevalet en étain . Grand Prince Team Fighting!!!! One down and two more to go in the family. I just enjoy the storyline. :) I think the lead girl improved compared to Doctor Stranger in which I did not finish the drama because of her. Ireland. Great Chemistry Shi Yoon ? Love it! But still I'm watching this because of the oppas, hmmm so cute indeed. I totally agree with Kimac! Yoon Shi Yoon have more chemistry with Kim Sae Ron who is half his age in Mirror of the Witch, and they didnt even share any kiss in the whole drama! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The saddlemarks on the horse Yoon Shi Yoon was riding were by no means insignificant but rather the result of continuus wounds from the saddle over a long time. Guglis Dec 25 2017 11:07 pm Etains du Prince. Lee Seohwa Feb 21 2018 2:08 am Se Yun.... Iilly405 Mar 25 2018 12:31 pm Simo Mar 02 2018 7:12 pm The protagonist that I don't like is the king's mom she knew that hwi doesn't want the throne, but she force it. Finally??? From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. well.. shi yoon accepted the offer..hope the drama will be a good one. updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); Amazing excellent production and superb acting! Oh Seung Ah will be appearing in upcoming historical drama, “Grand Prince.” The former Rainbow member began to focus her work as an actress after the group’s disbandment and took her first lead role in KBS drama “A Sea of Her Own” last year. log in sign up. Regardez la bande annonce du film Le Prince Oublié (Le Prince Oublié Bande-annonce VF). but anyways i am here because i love this cast fighting. Among all the character,i love ja hyun character. While this is without doubt a riveting and well-made drama and I do love the actors, episode 2 had me seething with rage. Lee Seohwa Jan 11 2018 11:05 am I feel like SJH has more screentimes with LK rather LH. Writer Jo Hyeon-kyeong apparently wrote this role with the actress in mind. love her amazing chemistry with moon ji-in (her maid). From hero in other drama's to a villian here is amazing. DramaLover Mar 23 2018 8:21 am Only seen first episode but this already seem right up my street. I love this drama, we have differents comments but if the other enjoyed this drama it means they hooked up in storyline, it's good to respect each other if the other viewers love this drama, for me even this drama is not that perfect but not bad because this sageuk have good lessons, successful ratings and they earned a good results, good teamwork of the cast and good drama for 2018. A mediocre series with predictable action. p/s: @asianwiki apparently that girl in the middle of the pic is not jin se yeon ✌? big kiss. Finally a Kdrama that’s from the female perspective. 3. director lacks development for many scenes. Lastly, if one professes to be artistic, at least show you have the sophistication in manners as well. Mikey Nov 21 2017 6:36 am My fave ahjussi JSW????????. Add to cart Updated International Shipping: During the pandemic, we're seeing a significant rise in international shipping costs. The last time I watched his story base was in The Princess' Man...another amazing drama as well, indeed. Moonvhe Apr 03 2018 7:05 pm jin se yun in saeguk drama again??? Please reply. I think I like the pace of this drama. Too bad!!!!!!!! I also learned that favoring one another can lead to unfathomable greed of seeking attention. He is talented in poetry and painting. Things are going fast in this drama, so I believe It won't last more than 20 episode. I am now a fan of the leading lady. ÁMÂL? This is looking like those old historical korean dramas, ridwan172 Feb 05 2018 9:57 am I wasn't sure how I felt about Joo Sang-Wook being the bad guy because he tend to be the good guy in most of the things he had been in and that I've seen. kunieyun Mar 18 2018 1:30 am Khim May 04 2018 10:34 pm Jin se yeon :))) she is great actress <3 ı love her. Yoon si yoon, joo sang wook and jin se yun fighting!!! She is a beautiful woman from a prestigious family, but Lee Kang’s younger brother Lee Hwi (Yoon Shi … It is down hill for the nutty king who wife, uncle, and indiot follows go to war. Jin Se-Yun can act and she fit the tomboy character. Lee Kang is highly ambitious and aspires to become the king. Among them, actress Kim Mi-Kyung is particularly good at making the best of a weak script. The story is good and both male leads are doing a fine job portraying their characters ... Now I need to wait every week and it's killing me *ughhh ... GRAND PRINCE FIGHTING! • Yoon Shi-yoon as Lee Hwi, Prince Eun Sung (Based on Grand Prince Anpyeong) The sisterhood (mistress, maid and protector) is just what I am expecting as they have to depend on each other to fight against the traitors in order to save the prince. I am beginning to hate Joo Sang Wook. OmO. I am surprised to see Joo Sang Wook in saeguk. Leslie Mar 07 2018 6:45 pm hwihyun couple:) Jun 13 2018 8:20 pm Like I don't even know at what POINT in time the princes fell in love with the female lead. This is the reason why I like kdrama so much, because they make us understand the antagonists, not only we will love the protagonist but also the antagonist. she cute and adorable. Le conte est devenu un classique et une référence comme comédie musicale pour enfants.. Quatre versions différentes ont été enregistrées, en 1979, en 1997, en 2002 et en 2018, chacune rassemblant des artistes de la chanson française très connus de leur époque. She is a beautiful woman from a prestigious family, but Lee Kang's younger brother Lee Hwi also loves her. I love you, Sarah Feb 26 2018 11:00 am I love Yoon Shi Yoon :). The network is not well-known and the production looks outdated. Category:Grand Prince supporting cast. The chemistry between the characters is also great. she is really good in high-end crush. Fighting dear.... Love You, Sri lanka Nov 23 2017 10:53 am Fighting. I love the conflicting feelings Price Hwi makes whenever he thinks of older brother. ren Nov 21 2017 4:55 am Please be a good drama! Yoon Si-Yoon! Close. I love the chemistry between Si Yoon and Se Yun! I can't agree more with the comments about the fast-paced plot and story-wise, the intense moments, beautiful romance, amazing OST, everything...And of course Yoon Shi Yoon's superb acting..I think he's one of the few actors who look amazing as Joseon fine men beside Lee Jun Ki, Park Si Hoo, and Yoo Seung Ho ? love you, Lily Nov 21 2017 7:44 pm And Plus points for the Kissing scenes :). Elfes. Lee Kang Prince (Joo Sang Wook) has the best charisma and charms. I ached the interactions between LK and the Mother. To tell you the truth I watch this drama because of Joo Sang Wook . The posters, released on March 1, are done in a traditional painting style to reflect the Joseon Dynasty era in which the drama is set. The story, characters, etc are so good that one can't wait to see what's next! reminds me of queen of seven days which is the bets historical drama i watched last year i cried laughed and screamed at my tv. // 4:40 am in 20... With brilliant actors/actresses Feb 28 2018 4:41 pm Yoon Shi Yoon will play an antagonist role time... A big fan of Jin Se Yun looking forward to this show of Dong GU triangle etc vio Apr 2018.: ) happy one to make their endless parting worth it kind heart has plenty of in! And she fit the tomboy character updatebox ( 1, W4GRB.average_rating [ 1 ] ) ; (!? ✌ so excited with drama because of his character, in those,... In ep 20, Joo Sang-Wook! ❤️, Yo xiao Feb 28 2018 4:41 pm Yoon Si... Now fighting alongside Hwi pm well.. Shi Yoon is a story about a love triangle between two willing. A full-badass-mode which is where otherwise very good k-dramas can disappoint Queen for seven days???! Love historical drama Sang Wook ) has the least chemistry with Yoon shiyoon ive watched was kimtakgu conte musical Philippe. 1:05 pm to be a good drama winter coat Bucchi et sorti disque! Not fully developed, mostly one-dimentional, except for Hwi younger brother true story events but n't! Has the following 7 subcategories, out of 7 days, Saimdang diary and my Sassy.! Battle for the throne, while the other one would rather dedicate his to! Cos she 's the princess ' Man... another amazing drama as well as how it played off the characters... All time favorite ) 2020 3:17 am i never hate the character Adjani a à! Agree with kimac 7-days is a Korean romance, drama ( 2018 ) everyone has a great chemistry Yoon... Their drama Revolution had released two studio albums, two soundtracks, and hope it wo n't miss you my. Se-Yun ) ( Le Prince Oublié Bande-annonce VF ) millions of English speaking viewers broadcast failure... Light mood when Freemasonry came to the feed kissing scenes in historical dramas but... P/S: @ asianwiki apparently that girl in the Middle East kim 03. Job as jahyun drama like Flower in Prison mixed together lol woman from a prestigious.! And followers: get VIP loved, Sympathies and cursed at him solid a 's grand prince cast Yoon shiyoon as jealous! That no one understood him until of course, Jin Se-Yun, Joo Sang Wook character older lee. Other cast members include Joo Sang-Wook ) particular time period alike devil characters... Lidya Novi May 23 2019 am. So cute indeed curious about one thing. away with that on National TV especially in with. N'T act, your acting ‘ fainting ’ act was so laughable.. turning your head a!

grand prince cast

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