You can then come up with some.The following are a few romantic compliments that you can use in case of a long-term relationship. Whether you’re stuck for words or just need a little inspiration, here are 60 compliments for woman to help you make her day: Maybe you noticed that she told you she likes how hard you fight for the things that you want, but she fights just as hard. I like how silky your hair looks. Praise her ability when she's finished. Even if you like someone for more than her looks, it never hurts to let them know what you like about them physically. If you are going to compliment her looks, do it in a way that makes her smile and does not offend her. #15-24: How to compliment her looks like a stud. Most of your compliments should be not about appearance: I would aim for a good 90/10 split with only 10 percent of your compliments being about how someone looks … Of course, you’ll want to be sincere. If she plays an instrument or sings, ask her to perform for you. In under 3 minutes, you’ll know exactly how to blow her away with a compliment on her looks. When a woman makes a big change, she is usually looking to attract attention, and break out of what she considers a rut. [Read: What to talk about with a girl] #2 Don’t ever compliment her girlie parts. ", etc. A: It is perfectly OK to compliment a woman on her new hairstyle, especially in cases where the new style is a significant departure from prior styles. You may not think there are that many ways to compliment a girl on the way she looks. There are plenty of different ways to compliment a girl and make her feel good about herself, without also making her feel uncomfortable. Cute seems to compliment a girl on her looks but in reality, it means more than that. You know, you even look pretty when you cry. "You always inspire me to try new things with my clothing." Giving compliments on things other than her looks requires listening closely when she talks about her life and her work. First of all, every girl expects to get compliments about her appearance and her beauty. 4. Find things to compliment about her. Another example is if she's a world traveler, compliment her on her sense of adventure. They just don't like it when you say it strangely as though you want something else from them but are hiding your intentions. 5. In general, compliment her clothes, her personality and her intelligence are generally safe bets. Not only are you the best lover I’ve ever had, but I think you’re the best cuddle buddy I’ve ever had. 2. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to overwhelm her, so don’t compliment every body part all at once. The compliment can be about anything you like about her, from her looks, personality, character, mindset, her sense of fashion, all the way to the way she does or says something, her … More than simple flattery, compliments are the building blocks for lifelong self-esteem that we carry with us everywhere we go. Make sure it's specific. It’s hard for any girl to forget a compliment that involves these aspects. Here is the latest suggestion from my wife: “man, your hair looks great. Your eyes are lovely. If you choose to get creative, however, you can go beyond the standard, "You look great!" That’s why we’ve collected a great list of compliments – poetic, fascinating, and sexy ones – in order to help you make your girl feel pretty and charming. i love that style”. Sure, it’s great when your bare, no-makeup mug warrants a compliment, but when you put in effort to beautify your face and someone is actually jealous of your skills? It can be challenging to find the right words to compliment a girl on her looks and pictures. It looks amazing.38. 2. I love how well you get along with my family.95. Tips On How To Compliment a Girl On Her Looks 0 0 Adams Robert Monday, 21 August 2017 Edit this post Locate the best words to compliment a young lady on her grin, looks… 1. You look so beautiful right now. It’s a compliment that encompasses and represents so much more than physicality: To me, ‘lighting up the room’ means having positive, reverberant energy and an overall bright disposition. Lightstock, Pearl. It’s always a nice and validating feeling to be told your makeup looks pro. If you want to compliment her appearance successfully, there are a few things to keep in mind. To find the right compliment, the one that will really move her, you need to know what the girl loves in herself the most. If you know the look is a so-called style risk for your pal, don't be afraid to call her out on a job well done. According to a 2008 study by researchers at Japan’s National Institute for Physiological Sciences, the ventral striatum, which is the part of your brain that controls decision-making in social situations, responds to compliments in exactly the same way that it responds to monetary rewards.

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