Sun. The beautiful leaves of the Persian shield plant (botanical name strobilanthes dyerianus) offers vibrant color far longer than a flowering plant. Here are some exciting Metallic Sheen Indoor Plants to add that touch of class to your houseplant collection. check out the photos below I have other combo photos, if interested, email me directly. Sometimes just cleaning out random elements and zoning or 'defining the space' with edges makes a big difference. Hardier than other Strobilanthes species. Companion plants. Persian shield is a complementary companion of low-growing peacock gingers and pentas. By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist. Zeylanica Snake Plant Sansevieria species. ... Persian Shield – the colorful foliage adds impact in hosta beds. Persian shield plant. Is that striped lime green Canna Pretoria? Persian shield are easy plants to propagate because they are relatively hardy, fast growers. I have mine planted next to carex (yellow-green variegated grass), farfugium (dark green with yellow splotches), all under a Brugmansia (angel trumpet, Charles Grimaldi) "tree". In colder climates, it can be grown as a summer annual. Uses. Persian shield flower. The plant flowers in winter with small violet flowers. Trees and vines make excellent companion plants, as they will provide the shelter from the sun needed for Persian shield to thrive. Here is a link that might be useful: Boca Joe's Tropicals. A narrow end table lamp combo would provide some small storage and a table top. You can see those at: I grew my Persian Shield with Dichondra 'Silver Falls' underneath it and the silver from the Dichondra and purple from the PS was beautiful together. It may even overwinter some years in cooler climates. Avoid filling the garden border/burying the natural foot and trunk of the tree with soil much above the roots as it is unhealthy for most woodland trees. where the root-zone/edges currently are and some occasional low growing shade and acid loving plants just along the inside edges of that border that will help to 'corral' the leaves in the open space left between the plants and trees. Companion plants are used in gardening and agriculture, on the theory that they assist each other in nutrient uptake, pest control, pollination, and other factors necessary to increasing crop productivity. ... companion plants for persian shield - Google Search. :), Nourish your rosebushes and create a visual feast with these 7 classic and unexpected plant pairings, Transform a shade garden with moisture-loving golden grasses, textural leaves and a sprinkling of flowers. New Garden Plants is your convenient online garden plants center. Persian Shield. Plants like hostas will give interest and variety all through the spring and summer months. 'Persian Shield' Strobilanthes 'Persian Shield' Sold As Sold in 4.5 inch Pot. It seems like the purple of the heliotrope flower would be a perfect match for the color in the Persian Shield leaves. The flowers are hardly noticeable, but if you find them obtrusive you can simply pinch them off. Seems like my space needs something more weighed down. ... Companion Plants. Add color, structure and interest to your garden with these recently introduced plants that sport exceptional foliage, The daring colors and low water needs of this tropical plant make it a favorite for injecting life into tired landscapes year-round, This simple yet versatile climbing rose grows vigorously all year; plant now for abundant spring and summer blooms, Bamboo gets a bad rap in the garden, but this clumping variety creates an exotic landscape look with less aggressiveness, Layer trees, flowers and shrubs around an archway to create the feeling of a year-round doorway to adventure, Dry summer heat and poor soil won't quell the profuse papery blossoms of rockrose, a low-maintenance champion, Lollipop blooms on tall, leafless stems add an architectural element to gardens of all styles, Make Your Roses Even More Beautiful With These Companion Plants, Great Garden Combo: 6 Beautiful Plants for a Shady, Wet Site, Artistic Planting Ideas From a Brazilian Superstar, 7 New Plants to Grow for Beautiful Foliage, Great Garden Combo: 9 Plants for an Intriguing Entrance. They are known for their long 4 - 7 inch leaves that range in color from purple to silver combined with green veins. This article will … Not all Persian shield plants bloom, and, if they do, it's usually in fall or winter. See more ideas about Plants, Companion planting, Tropical garden. Coleus is a very easy plant to propagate and grow. Growing Persian shield requires warm temperatures and sultry humid air. Petunia. It can be planted in perennial beds or used effectively in larger container gardens. For more information on Persian shield, contact your county Extension office. Each leaf can reach 4 to 7 inches long and 3 inches wide. Get Started. This container uses purple fountain grass, magenta Calibrachoa and white Bacopa. ... Persian shield or Strobilanthes dyerianus is that pretty purple plant that you just have to have when you see it. Botanical name. See more ideas about Plants, Companion planting, Tropical garden. Indoor or Outdoors, it's beautiful color. Here is a link that might be useful: {{gwi:1302032}}. Product Details - 'Persian Shield' Click anywhere to close this view area. It can be wintered over as a houseplant. PLEASE HELP. Another great idea is to grow them among red or purple flowers or foliage that will enhance the colors of the Persian Shield. Gardenia offers beautiful flowers with a lovely scent; Persian shield dresses it up by adding a splash of purple leaves. They are slightly serrated and have deep green veins with purple to silver on the entire surface of the leaf. Whether grown in the ground or in a container, polka-dot plant makes a great companion to shade-tolerant flowers such as impatiens, wax and tuberous begonias and wishbone flower (Torenia). Another plus to this plant is that deer and rabbit don’t seem to … Persian Shield Plant. Persian shield is small plant and can grow in containers with out problems. The yellow Calibrachoa is just enough to offset the magenta blooms of the more prostrate Calibrachoa. I planted mine with the variegated and spotted forms of Cast Iron plant, holly fern, black sweet potato vine, and the Zebrina species of wandering Jew (the little vining iridescent striped one?) If and when you replace the furnishings you have: Invest in floor lamp table combo units or shelf lamp combo units rather than trying to use full sized end tables but giving you some table space to make up for no coffee table. as ground cover. Coleus grows from 12 to 18 inches tall. ALso in the same bed are Kaempheria "Raven" and Kaempheria "Grande", Costus curvibracteatus Orange Tulip and Costus woodsonii "French Kiss", a double white brugmansia, fatsia japonica, and Calathea louiseii. Think I need to go light on the artwork. Could Roberto Burle Marx’s style enhance your garden? It's such an exotic, irridescent type of purple that I have some trouble visualizing what to combine with it. This plant can be grown outdoors in the garden during the warmer months, but don’t let it get too cold. Persian Shield. It is hardy in USDA zones 8 to 11, but is more commonly grown indoors. 14" Pot Size. Can't wait for it all to grow in!! I placed some beneath some nice Sagos at the edge of the back patio. Coleus may be the go-to foliage plant for some gardeners, but Persian shield is a stunning foliage plant that works equally well in summer gardens., I have a few houseplants and I love them. This list of hosta companion plants will help you fill in those borders with other shade loving plants. ... Persian Shield: Persian Shield: Geranium, Fancy Leaf: Persian Queen: Fancy Geranium: Fairy Plant: Peperomia prostrata 'Spring of: … These tropical plants may bloom year-round when grown outdoors in a frost-free climate or greenhouse, but will otherwise bloom from May until January if overwintered indoors. Fabulous for combination pots or planting in large drifts. Underplanting, Ground Cover, Garden edging, Beds and borders. The brug combo sounds interesting but brugs are sun plants, how did the p shield do there? But the … If that's the case, I'll bet that's a beautiful combination. The things you will need to try your hand at propagating Persian Shield are as follows: Some type of planting container. A good group of companion plants could include Ferns, Caladiums, Lambs Ears, Silver Plectranthus, and Impatients. Strobilanthes. LOL. Love that combo Boca Joe. Lavender makes an excellent companion plant for other Mediterranean herbs with similar cultural needs, such as rosemary, sage and thyme. She has her growing in a pot with deep Purple Petunias trailing down all around it...Looks terrific. Strobilanthes rankanensis (Persian shield) will reach a height of 0.9m and a spread of 0.9m after 5-10 years. Mar 5, 2019 - Gorgeous purple Persian shield plants with variegated dracaena ("corn" plant) make a stunning combo. My first -ever- tropicalesque bed will have persian shield too.It's 10'x10', with stonemasonry walls on either side, actually on a fairly steep slope rising above a 3'high dry-stacked stone wall, with our kitchen window looking down upon it all.M/L from bottom to top--wandering jew trailing down the wall and ground cover for:-persian shield-some green and some red coleus-white calla liliesthen-Ipomoea Blackie ground cover under:-green and black magic EE's-Hibiscus Lord Baltimore(red)-hosta sum & substance-musa zebrina, basjoo-canna pretoria-ensete maurelli-finally, climbing up downspouts on L&R sidesClematis Ville de Lyon(magenta), Most of these are first year plants, I expect it will get crowded the second year and need some revisions.Jay.

persian shield companion plants

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