Why is The Mother by Gwendolyn Brooks important? &. 30 seconds . Explain with reference to the context. Deceitful -What happened to the persona’s foe eventually and how did the persona react to this? The Ball Poem Class 10 English First Flight Poem 5 - Detailed explanation of the poem along with meanings of difficult words.Also, the explanation is followed by the literary devices used and a Summary of the Poem.All the exercises and Question and Answers given at the back of the lesson have been covered. Suppose a person stands a distance of 0.300 meters from the right end of a 2.00-meter long uniform platform that is supported by two posts, one at each end. When did Adrienne Rich write Living in Sin? What is the theme of "The Writer" by Richard Wilbur? Poetry quizzes with quiz questions suitable for lovers of poems, sonnets and poetic literature. Poetry Worth Reading. I do not know, Answers I can offer though Such as a poet in the making, Or a man in the street, musing On joys and sorrows mingling! beautiful and dangerous. What is A Change of World by Adrienne Rich about? What is the purpose of the poem? When was Dead Butterfly by Ellen Bass written? Did Aristotle give Alexander The Iliad or The Odyssey? *"All morning I thought how proud it would be *to stand there straight as a queen" *(from "The Long Hill" by Sara Teasdale) \\ *"Reel d... Was Elizabeth Barrett Browning abused by her father? Anger -Which word in stanza 2 that has the same meaning as “dishonest”? What is Theodore Roethke's My Papa's Waltz about? Let Me Count the Ways. What effect does a soliloquy have on the audience? What themes show up in Allegro by Tomas Transtromer? { The quiz features trivia on famous poems and poets, from Pam Ayres to Philip Larkin. What types of poems are in Milk and Honey? What effect does free verse have on the speaker's voice and the subject in "Song of Myself"? How do Paradise Lost and Beowulf contrast stylistically? What figures of speech are used in "Our Casuarina Tree"? 10^{-2.3}=5.0 * 10^{-3} Using the given equation, get the equivalent form of 10^{-2.6}. How did Xuanzang learn the Indian language? How do the poems make me feel? Why is Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening famous? What is Storm Warnings by Adrienne Rich about? clear and smooth. What is the difference between an elegy and eulogy? What is the tone of the poem? Are you dealing with a lyric or an elegy? Is it an ode or a satire? 1. road. What was Adrienne Rich's sexual orientation? I'm sorry, I am unable to find the text for a poem entitled, We are Taught to Hold Back and Wait. Answer: Felix Randal, the blacksmith, or ironsmith is the subject of the poem ‘Felix Randal’. The important questions & answers of CBSE class 10 English are given here. How does Oliver die in The Song of Roland? Preview (24 questions) Show answers. What is the difference between alliteration and consonance? When was Wedding Ring by Denise Levertov writen? Discuss how violence and cruelty is brought out in the poem. What is the theme of The Bat by Theodore Roethke? b) Two words used to give the poem an eerie atmosphere are “grey” and “phantom”. When was The Landlady by Margaret Atwood written? Are the poems positive or negative overall? Who said 'Human beings are members of a whole'? Are the memories a valuable historical source? Was Edgar Allan Poe the first American poet? � How do these poetic devices contribute to the development of the poem's message? QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. What language was written using the Devanagari alphabet? What is "The Juggler" by Richard Wilbur about? Eliot? What do these lines from And Death Shall Have No Dominion mean - 'Though they go mad they shall be sane, Though they sink through the sea they shall rise again; Though lovers be lost love shall not? What rules of grammar does poetry often break? How many stanzas are in Remember by Joy Harjo? What does the poet find in The Empty House? What is an example of a free verse poem from Milk and Honey? (the examiner expects you to answer the question, not ask questions) It is as if she feels like she is being punished (last three sentences are not clearly related to aspects of the poem). Why does the narrator refuse to mourn in A Refusal to Mourn the Death, by Fire, of a Child in London? The Song of the Old Mother I rise in the dawn, and I kneel and blow Till the seed of the fire flicker and glow; And then I must scrub and bake and sweep Discuss any words which seem especially well-chosen. Tone/Attitude Words � 1.��������accusatory-charging of wrong doing 2.��������apathetic-indifferent due to lack of energy or concern 3.��������awe-solemn wonder 4.��������bitter-exhibiting strong animosity as a result of pain or grief 5.��������cynical-questions the basic sincerity and goodness of people 6.��������condescension; condescending-a feeling of superiority 7.��������callous-unfeeling, insensitive to feelings of others 8.��������contemplative-studying, thinking, reflecting on an issue 9.��������critical-finding fault 10.�����choleric-hot-tempered, easily angered 11.�����contemptuous-showing or feeling that something is worthless or lacks respect 12.�����caustic-intense use of sarcasm; stinging, biting 13.�����conventional-lacking spontaneity, originality, and individuality 14.�����disdainful-scornful 15.�����didactic-author attempts to educate or instruct the reader 16.�����derisive-ridiculing, mocking 17.�����earnest-intense, a sincere state of mind 18.�����erudite-learned, polished, scholarly 19.�����fanciful-using the imagination 20.�����forthright-directly frank without hesitation 21.�����gloomy-darkness, sadness, rejection 22.�����haughty-proud and vain to the point of arrogance 23.�����indignant-marked by anger aroused by injustice 24.�����intimate-very familiar 25.�����judgmental-authoritative and often having critical opinions 26.�����jovial-happy 27.�����lyrical-expressing a poet�s inner feelings; emotional; full of images; song-like 28.�����matter-of-fact--accepting of conditions; not fanciful or emotional 29.�����mocking-treating with contempt or ridicule 30.�����morose-gloomy, sullen, surly, despondent 31.�����malicious-purposely hurtful 32.�����objective-an unbiased view-able to leave personal judgments aside 33.�����optimistic-hopeful, cheerful 34.�����obsequious-polite and obedient in order to gain something 35.�����patronizing-air of condescension 36.�����pessimistic-seeing the worst side of things; no hope 37.�����quizzical-odd, eccentric, amusing 38.�����ribald-offensive in speech or gesture 39.�����reverent-treating a subject with honor and respect 40.�����ridiculing-slightly contemptuous banter; making fun of 41.�����reflective-illustrating innermost thoughts and emotions 42.�����sarcastic-sneering, caustic 43.�����sardonic-scornfully and bitterly sarcastic 44.�����satiric-ridiculing to show weakness in order to make a point, teach 45.�����sincere-without deceit or pretense; genuine 46.�����solemn-deeply earnest, tending toward sad reflection 47.�����sanguineous -optimistic, cheerful 48.�����whimsical-odd, strange, fantastic; fun � How does an acrostic poem differ from a cinquain poem? How does the poet use those elements to get across the essence of what they might be trying to express in the poem "Forms... How can the sounds of a poem affect its tone? Is it just a literal meaning? How are the poets Walt Whitman and T.S. Notice the poem’s diction. What is the poem Song by Adrienne Rich about? rough. What are important elements of an epic poem or story? What is the meaning of Sketch by Carl Sandburg? All rights reserved. Test your understanding with practice problems and step-by-step solutions. 1.5 His First Flight; Unit 2. What is the difference between narrative and lyric poetry? _____ • What are they talking about? When was Shooting Stars by Carol Ann Duffy written? How can the structure of a poem contribute to its meaning? Is "Ex-Basketball Player" by John Updike free verse? What type of poem is Messy Room by Shel Silverstein? Does John Donne use imagery in Meditation 17? What literary devices does Dylan Thomas employ in Under Milk Wood? The Question and Answer sections of our study guides are a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss literature. � ���� gd� �h^�hgd�:8 Why is Dover Beach considered a dramatic monologue? What are the characteristics of a free verse poem? Choose two epic poems from the following list, and compare or contrast them, focusing on the following questions: What is an accomplishment of... How can aggression be reduced in social psychology? Consider the poem "The Man With the Hoe" by Edwin Markham. What poetic devices are used in My Papa's Waltz? Discuss the concept of Bi-culturalism in regards to the poem "Our Casuarina Tree". He was glad to see… English Maths Physics Chemistry Biology. Question-Answer (Essay Type) Q.1. What are some warning signs that teachers should be aware of in a student who demonstrates violent behavior? � Provide examples of ethos in Mark Twain's "Life on the Mississippi". 3. Who are the patient and the priest in the poem ‘Felix Randal’? The poem includes 434 lines, and it was published in 1922. Read the poem then answer the comprehension questions, and respond to a short writing prompt. Please tick to agree to be contacted. When was The Tunnel by Mark Strand published? How many lines does a free verse poem have? Is there a similar situation nowadays? When did William Carlos Williams write Spring and All? This will need your analysis and thinking in the depth of the poetry. When was The Dream of a Common Language first published? � What is major type of meter used by Langston Hughes? What can be interpreted by "Sleep" by Silvestri? When was The Dispossessed by Oodgeroo Noonuccal written? H I � � � � � � 6 7 v w � � � � E F � � � � 8 9 { | � � � � � � % & Z [ � � � � � � Y Z n o � � ����ò�������������������������������������������������������� $h� h� 0J 5�B*CJ aJ ph h� h� 5�B*CJ aJ ph (h� h� 5�B*CJ OJ QJ aJ ph h� h� 5�B*CJ aJ ph h� B*CJ aJ ph h�:8 h� h�:8 > ( ) l � � Q � � The words tell … Answer: "How do I love thee" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning seems self-evident on the surface, but what is her theme? � Was Adrienne Rich ever shortlisted for the Nobel Prize? Get help with your Poetry homework. Read the above lines and answer the questions that follow. Eliot similar and different in their writing style in the poems One's Self I Sing by Walt Whitman and The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. In the poem 'Storm Over Sydney' what does this line mean: 'gutters are chock full of summer hail'? Who is King Marsilion in the Song of Roland? What is the correct term for the following definitions and examples?

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