Federal law sets out few specific requirements for nurse staffing. (7)  Council Regulation (EEC, Euratom, ECSC) No 260/68 of 29 February 1968 laying down the procedure and the conditions for applying the tax for the benefit of the European Communities (OJ L 56, 4.3.1968, p. '; The ability, efficiency and conduct in the service of each official shall be the subject of an annual report as provided for by the appointing authority of each institution in accordance with Article 110. United Kingdom labour law regulates the relations between workers, employers and trade unions. Commonly accepted actuarial practice requires that a period of past observations between 20 and 40 years be used for interest rates and salary growth with a view to ensuring the balance of pension schemes. '; In Article 95, the words 'age of 63' are replaced by 'pensionable age'; in paragraph 3, the word 'adjusted' is replaced by 'updated'; '11. The decision to establish an official shall be taken on the basis of the report referred to in paragraph 3 as well as on the basis of elements available to the appointing authority relating to the probationer's conduct with regard to Title II. The total length of the probationary period shall in no circumstances exceed 15 months. To establish the gross and net indicators for the European Union total, Eurostat shall use a sample composed of the following Member States: Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Sweden and United Kingdom. 2. 1). to care for a dependent child until he reaches the age of 14 when the official is a single parent. An official shall not without the permission of the appointing authority accept from any government or from any other source outside the institution to which he belongs any honour, decoration, favour, gift or payment of any kind whatever, except for services rendered either before his appointment or during special leave for military or other national service and in respect of such service. The payment in respect of dependent children is fixed at the request of the husband or wife, on the basis of the place of origin of one or other of them. an amount equal to the basic salary of an official in grade AST 1, step 1. Table 3-1. That update shall take place before the end of each year in the light of a report by the Commission based on statistical data prepared by the Statistical Office of the European Union in agreement with the national statistical offices of the Member States; the statistical data shall reflect the situation as at 1 July in each of the Member States. This Regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States. endobj The flat-rate payment shall be based on the cost of air travel in economy class. By way of derogation from the eighth paragraph of Article 50 of the Staff Regulations, an official who is retired in the interests of the service in accordance with the first paragraph of Article 50 of the Staff Regulations shall be entitled to receive the payment of a pension under Article 9 of Annex VIII in accordance with the table below: Date of the decision under the first paragraph of Article 50. Employers must do whatever is reasonably practicable to achieve this. '; Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 50, an official shall be retired: either automatically on the last day of the month in which he reaches the age of 66, or. There is an AR for how a CQ duty roster is to be set up but not on the actual times, length of the duty, and the time off after the duty is completed. The value of the Union GDP, the consequences in terms of split of the specific indicator, and the application date are defined in accordance with the following table: Where there is a gap between the forecast mentioned under paragraph 1 and the final data on Union GDP made available by the Commission and those final data would modify the consequences as laid down in the table under paragraph 1, the necessary corrections, including retroactive adjustments, either positive or negative, shall take place in accordance with the same table. Under Article 65 of the Staff Regulations, on the basis of the criteria set out in Section 1 of this Annex, the remuneration and pensions shall be updated before the end of each year, with effect from 1 July. Independently of that report, the Commission may, by means of delegated acts in accordance with Articles 111 and 112 of the Staff Regulations, adjust the contributions provided for in paragraph 7 of this Article if this is necessary in the interests of the balance of the scheme. He shall, however, be entitled to such pension, irrespective of length of service, if he is over pensionable age, if it has not been possible to reinstate him during a period of non-active status or in the event of retirement in the interests of the service. The leave shall not extend beyond the term of his contract. He shall have at least 15 days, but no more than 30 days, from the date of receipt of the proposal to prepare a defence. One month at the latest before the expiry of the probationary period, a report shall be made on the ability of the contract staff member to perform the duties pertaining to his post and also on his efficiency and conduct in the service. The appointing authority shall, after consulting the Joint Committee, notify its decision within 30 working days of being so informed. So I just got to my unit a few days ago. In any case the value mentioned in the first sentence shall be subject by analogy to the limits and the principles laid down in Article 10 of this Annex. the new table of basic salaries shall be drawn up by calculating the gross amount which, after deduction of tax having regard to paragraph 4 and compulsory deductions for social security and pension contributions, corresponds to the net amount. The ceilings shall take into account the official's family situation at the time of the removal, and the average costs of removal and associated insurance. A decision to revoke shall put an end to the delegation of the power specified in that decision. The amount of the update shall be obtained by multiplying the Joint Index by the specific indicator. The minimum leave taken at any one time shall not be less than one month. '; Apart from cessation on death, the employment of temporary staff shall cease: at the end of the month in which the servant reaches the age of 66 or, where applicable, at the date fixed in accordance with the second and third paragraphs of Article 52 of the Staff Regulations; or. 3. Where the whereabouts of a member of the temporary staff, or of a former member of temporary staff in receipt of an invalidity allowance or retirement pension, or of a former member of temporary staff who left the service before he reached pensionable age and who has requested that his retirement pension be deferred until the first day of the calendar month following that in which he reaches pensionable age, are unknown for more than one year, the provisions of Chapters 5 and 6 of Annex VIII to the Staff Regulations dealing with provisional pensions shall apply by analogy to his spouse and to persons recognised as his dependants. '; In point (b) of the first paragraph of Article 88, the words 'three years' are replaced by 'six years'; Articles 16 to 18 shall apply by analogy. The remuneration of the officials and other servants of the European Union shall be updated every year, taking into account the economic and social policy of the Union. When considering comparative merits, the appointing authority shall in particular take account of the reports on the officials, the use of languages in the execution of their duties other than the language for which they have produced evidence of thorough knowledge in accordance with point (f) of Article 28 and the level of responsibilities exercised by them. (9)  Council Regulation (Euratom, ECSC, EEC) No 2530/72 of 4 December 1972 introducing special and temporary measures applicable to the recruitment of officials of the European Communities in consequences of the accession of new Member States, and for the termination of service of officials of those Communities (OJ L 272, 5.12.1972, p. 1). First staff … All professional staff salaries will be given only when time sheets are submitted to the accounts department on time. While a member of the temporary staff is on unpaid leave his membership of the social security scheme provided for in Article 28 shall be suspended. The full contribution to the social security scheme provided for in Articles 72 and 73 shall be borne by the institution and calculated on the basis of the basic salary of the official. An official who informs his superiors of orders which he considered to be irregular or likely to give rise to serious difficulties shall not suffer any prejudice on that account. '; the following sentences are added to Article 1(1): 'Article 21, Article 22, with the exception of paragraph 4, Article 23, Article 24a and Article 31(6) and (7) of that Annex shall apply by analogy to other servants employed on 31 December 2013. In the case of an established official, removal shall be effected within one year of the end of his probationary period. In particular, in the following cases special leave shall be granted as shown: change of residence of the official: up to two days; serious illness of spouse: up to three days; serious illness of a relative in the ascending line: up to two days; death of a relative in the ascending line: two days; birth of a child: 10 days, to be taken during the 14 weeks following birth; birth of a disabled or seriously ill child: 20 days, to be taken during the 14 weeks following the birth; death of the wife during maternity leave: a number of days corresponding to the remaining maternity leave; if the deceased wife is not an official, the remaining maternity leave is determined by applying the provisions of Article 58 of the Staff Regulations, by analogy; serious illness of a child: up to two days; very serious illness of a child, as certified by a doctor, or hospitalisation of a child aged 12 or under: up to five days; adoption of a child: 20 weeks, rising to 24 weeks in the case of the adoption of a disabled child: Every adopted child shall confer entitlement to only one period of special leave, which may be shared between the adoptive parents if both are officials. The value of the European civil service lies equally in its cultural and linguistic diversity, which can only be ensured if appropriate balance is secured regarding officials’ nationality. The army makes modifications to pregnant soldiers' duties, schedules and physical-fitness requirements. Arrangements for the annual update of remuneration and pensions. As in the case of the method, the application of the solidarity levy may be provisionally prolonged. CREATION AND WITHDRAWAL OF CORRECTION COEFFICIENTS (ARTICLE 64 OF THE STAFF REGULATIONS). Such leave shall not constitute a disciplinary measure. A duty officer or officer of the day is a position that is assigned to a worker on a regularly rotational basis. First day I had staff duty and then a detail an hour after we got off of that detail. RULES . In the interest of guaranteeing that the purchasing power of officials and other servants of the European Union develops in parallel with that of national civil servants in central governments of the Member States, it is essential to preserve the principle of a multi-annual mechanism for pay update, known as 'the method', by ensuring its application until the end of 2023 with a review at the beginning of 2022, while including a mechanism for the provisional prolongation of the method. That report shall be communicated to the person concerned, who shall have the right to submit his comments in writing within eight working days. Administration . The dependent child allowance may be doubled, by special reasoned decision of the appointing authority based on medical documents establishing that the child concerned has a disability or a long-term illness which involves the official in heavy expenditure. Such a solidarity levy should thus apply to all officials and other servants of the Union as from 1 January 2014. 3. The appointing authority of each institution shall define procedures to identify, deal with and remedy cases of incompetence in a timely and appropriate fashion. With a view to adjusting career structures in the current domains of AST staff even further to different levels of responsibility and as an indispensable contribution to limiting administrative expenses, a new function group 'AST/SC' for secretarial and clerical staff should be introduced. the second subparagraph of paragraph 3 is replaced by the following: 'Their pensions shall be subject to the correction coefficient only if the residence of the official coincides with their last place of employment or with the country of their place of origin within the meaning of Article 7(4) of Annex VII. However, in the case of officials who have been assisting a person holding an office provided for in the Treaty on European Union or the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, the elected President of one of the institutions or organs of the Union or the elected Chairman of one of the political groups in the European Parliament, the entitlement to pensions corresponding to the years of pensionable service acquired while working in that capacity shall be calculated by reference to the final basic salary received during that time if the basic salary received exceeds that taken as reference for the purposes of the second paragraph of this Article.

staff duty regulation

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