Just for fun, let’s try figuring out the katakana for some English words. You’ll also find that katakana is used to write people’s names, joins two words together and generally compresses everything down into one tiny little word. A recent teaming-up with Wonky Tofugu saw Koichi and I giving a special Edufire Superpass class on bizarre Katakana words in Japanese! Words found within katakana through unscramble. (“Rōmaji” is an example of rōmaji!). Various grammatical and function words, such as particles, are written in hiragana. In Katakana it is written with four symbols: ワガママ. Second, katakana is more frequently used as phonetic notation while hiragana is more frequently used as grammar notation. It’s used frequently, especially with Western concepts, modern technologies and internet communication. These are known as 和製英語 (wasei eigo). We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Can you name the Katakana Words to English? Since foreign words must fit into this limited set of … No unscramble words found in Words With Friends word list. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. Before we start, let’s get a thorough understanding of what katakana really is. Learning katakana is a great way to get a feel for how Japanese is spoken and how it differs from English. It naturally and gradually eases you into learning Japanese language and culture. Also try our list of Words that start with katakana, and words that contain katakana.. Search for words that end with a letter or word: And Japanese katakana is probably the easiest form of writing you could learn. Like English speakers use rōmaji, Japanese speakers use katakana. You’ll see definitions, in-context usage examples and helpful illustrations. Check out our list below for some key katakana words to get you started. There are actually quite a lot of weird katakana words like this with very interesting and somewhat comical origins. Learn Japanese (Katakana) through Games & Activities - enhance your vocabulary by thousands of words classified carefully into the following topics & themes. e.g. By and large, Katakana is used for writing words of a foreign origin. Words formed by adding one letter. グラス ぐらす (gurasu) glass Note: グラス is also the katakana for “grass.” Sometimes in Japanese, context is everything! s - katakanas 18. Maybe other speakers in a group conversation are using a lot of katakana. You can also add other vowels, as well as ッ(っ) — tsu to make even more variations on sounds. Those syllables are put together to sound out a foreign word in a way that Japanese speakers will be able to pronounce and understand. Note: Fu is the only f sound in Japanese. Some English words (via katakana) are popular to use in Japanese. Let’s put the word “alphabet” aside and focus on thinking of the Japanese language as having a “writing system.” Japanese writing is called the kana, and there are two modern forms of kana.One is our topic, and the other is hiragana.Japanese also uses simplified Chinese writing known as kanji characters. Check them out with FluentU. Changing English words to katakana. Katakana examples: English loanwords. Memorizing actual katakana words will prevent confusion and ensure that you don’t accidentally use the wrong Japanese pronunciation for a word and say something completely different from what you intended! Katakana definition: one of the two systems of syllabic writing employed for the representation of Japanese ,... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples So, just remember: Things aren’t always what they look like! Katakana is also used for writing loanwords or 外来語 (がいらい ご) — gairaigo, which are words from other languages that become a part of the Japanese language. More will be added. ヒューマン (ひゅーまん) — human is pronounced hyū-man. To really take your fluency to the next level, it’s a good idea to get a grasp on katakana syllables and common words. A list of words that end with Katakana.We search a large Scrabble dictionary for words ending with the letter or word you enter, and generate all words ending with Katakana (words with the suffix katakana). Really, though, it’s not that complicated. スーパーマーケット すーぱー まーけっと (sūpāmāketto) supermarket, サンクスギビングデー さんくすぎびんぐでー (sankusugibingudē) Thanksgiving Day, フライドポテト ふらいど ぽてと (furaidopoteto) French fries, アメリカンフットボール / アメフト あめりかんふっとぼーる / あめふと (amerikan futtobōru / amefuto) American football, バスケットボール / バスケ ばすけっとぼーる / ばすけ (basukettobōru / basuke) basketball. We’ve put together a really useful guide to understanding katakana through and through, along with a ton of common katakana words for you to add to your vocabulary. For a more complete list of usages, refer to the Wikipedia entry on katakana. アイテム あいてむ (aitemu) item (especially in a videogame), ミッション みっしょん (misshon) mission (especially in a videogame), ドナルド・トランプ どなるど・とらんぷ (donarudo toranpu) Donald Trump, バラク・オバマ ばらく・おばま (baraku obama) Barack Obama, ブリトニー・スピアーズ ぶりとにー・すぴあーず (buritonī supiāzu) Britney Spears, エルビス・プレスリ えるびす・ぷれすりー (erubuisu puresurī) Elvis Presley, キム・カーダシアン きむ・かーだしあん (kimu kādashian) Kim Kardashian, ブラッド・ピット ぶらっど・ぴっと (buraddo pitto) Brad Pitt, オードリー・ヘップバーン おーどりー・へっぷばーん (ōdorī heppubān) Audrey Hepburn, マリリン・モンロー まりりん・もんろー (maririn monrō) Marilyn Monroe, アルフレッド・ヒッチコック あるふれっど・ひっちこっく (arufureddo hitchikokku) Alfred Hitchcock, フリーター ふりーたー (furītā) part-timer or freeter, アフターサービス あふたーさーびす (afutā sābisu) after service a.k.a. Featured on Meta Question closed notifications experiment results and graduation. Although you can create your own katakana words if you can’t think of the Japanese word for something—and often be understood—there are many established words that you can learn.

words in katakana

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