In a unique survey of 437 residents of Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District, majorities of Republicans and Democrats agreed on all but two of nine different police reform measures now under consideration in Congress. Majorities of Democrats and independents favored every proposal, while majorities of Republicans favored seven of the nine proposalsContinue Reading

When a representative sample of American voters were given a detailed presentation of ten police reform proposals in current Congressional bills, large majorities favored all of them. Majorities of Democrats and independents favored all ten proposals. Majorities of Republicans favored six of the proposals; the other four were found atContinue Reading

While Congress passed legislation requiring temporary paid family and medical leave for those affected by the coronavirus, a new in-depth survey by the Program for Public Consultation at the University of Maryland (PPC) finds that two-thirds of Americans believe such paid leave should be permanent—fueled by a marked shift among Republican voters.Continue Reading

Download Full Report: Iranian Public Opinion under “Maximum Pressure” Summary of Findings 1.    Current Views of the JCPOAFor the first time, less than half of Iranians approve of the nuclear deal and a majority lacks confidence that the other P5+1 countries besides the U.S. will keep their obligations under theContinue Reading