Hey guys - Matt Osterman (writer/director of 400 Days) here. Like that was not supposed to happen. Bộ phận nhận vận chuyển hàng quảng châu chi phí thấp nhất, Đơn Vị Nhận Đặt Hàng Trang Sức Trung Quốc Chi Phí Thấp, Nhận Đặt Sản Phẩm Trung Quốc Ở Hà Nội, Healthy School Lunch VS Filling School Lunch, 400 Days (Movie) - Review and Ending theory. For example, wedding day + 5,000 days, or birthday + 13,000 days." completely … at least to my satisfaction. "Sunlight" when hatch opened could have been flashlight or just been dawn. The town was a mass hallucination of all of them. Watch it and come back. Tough Decisions. Since they would have had to climb "100 feet" up.No matter what, it's unfortunate that unlike vanilla sky - i don't think even the writers had an exact ending in mind, and just wanted to make a ton of possibilities. I noticed that about the injections to. With its vague ending, plot points that go nowhere, boring characters, weak acting, terribly constructed script, poor direction, and story that falls apart so unbelievably fast, 400 Days is a badly put together and executed sci-fi thriller that's devoid of logic and intrigue. have been warned. - Darla was a character in Buffy the Vampire slayer who was "in league with the master" - could this reference the female being in league with (was it) Walter? Directed By Also, they are given "soup". was set up. Indeed, all these opinions that you express in here make me say that it is something very interesting. Picture Gallery. He most likely knew that this was about to happen and sent them down there. 400 Days Spoiler . place the truth in a character. If we're following Theo's dream we wouldn't be able to see anything unless Theo was seeing it also. Anyway something that has puzzled me both times now is the very first big bang... it sounds like the "ship" hit a bird, or some sort of creature. Also imagined Emily getting back together with him because he'd been so distraught over their break up that that was in his imagination too, her holding his hand. He was not really trying to kill him. Makes sense, except the doctor wasn't hallucinating/never took the shots. Capacity for compassion in spite of the craziness.What it allowed was for the accidental stabbing from the kitchen lady that had her reeling in shock. When the hatch opened, the room got brighter, it looked like the lights in the room got brighter, not that sunlight was coming through. Actually …. This meanscthe reduction in operation of the ship was simulation and not from being hit with moon debris. If they had trained in a simulator, why would they be looking around as if it was all so unfamiliar? In Vince's story, if Vince chose to shoot off Danny's foot, Vince's right hand goes through his handcuffs when he fires it the first time. I'm addition to all things mentioned, the clincher for me was the camera pan at 1:22:45 in the movie right before it cut to outside when Theo smacks the guy around with fire extinguisher outside the hatch.The thing I can't figure out is the progress bar at the end when guy congratulated them on finishing. This list shows the narrative consequences effected by choices from previous episodes of Season 1. < > Näytetään 1-11 / 11 kommentista . Drugs generally have a rather immediate effect when entered directly into the blood stream so I think we would of saw a far more immediate effect after the injection.Cameras: Those video conference cameras can be set up to trackmovement, tied into a sensor, or a timer. along with the hatch opening and the sunlight coming in were, in my opinion, So Theo won't know. and the moon hit i know for fact if the moon hit bacteria wouldn't even survive.so them trained to be astronauts would have known that was pure crap.i really believe the director of the movie didn't know what the hell he was doing,or how to make one. ft. single-family home is a bed, bath property. Believe its one of those films that does what it did...has EVERYONE guessing and wondering. It's actually 53:20. Updated . Another obvious clue not easily noticed... All of the cruel experiments shown in the clips during the entro of the movie... Watch them again, notice the distress and even pain some of them are enduring... That's clue #1, opening of the movie says "cruel experiment". 3. The same day, the Department of Labor reported that new jobless claims had reached 885,000 for the week ending Dec. 12, which is 23,000 higher than the week before. Psychological experiment. ››400 days from now. I don't remember the character's name or the actors, but the trouble maker was hit in the back of the head with a fire extinguisher!THEN, it seems shortly later two are outside and say how cold it is. Pat M.,That is a good question! This movie is the reason I found this blog and I'm greatful for that. Created by. 400 Symbolism by Wayne - 5/13/14 10:32 AM Not only is 400 in the bible so many times, so is the number 4. "So, I think he just made chaos story, with no logic. Also, if she WAS injecting them with hallucinogens, that doesn't make sense either...the whole point of this experiment/simulation is to monitor the psychological effects of long term isolation/space travel; so, if any abnormal symptoms are exhibited by the astronauts, it would be noted and monitored in their medical files. Oh my god!! As I said there was specific clues shown to discount this theory and support others which opens up this type of dialogue as people argue over which it actually was, truth being there was no actual, just pieces woven together that could support multiple interpretations. Bug's name was never mentioned in front of zel the guy from the diner. )", they were actually still sitting down in the ship. If I am correct, I wonder what the significance could be? As someone else commented...this movie was spin on Vanilla Sky. It's much more dreamland than anything else, imo. So once you get past that, then you can see many other clues/hints that make sense. Personally I'm inclined to believe that the two survivors murdered Bug and Dvorak, and they were trapped within the "ship" the entire time.Bug and Dvorak were the least stable from the start, or being goaded intentionally by the organisers towards instability, making it very likely that the other two would perceive them as a threat; with all four pushed the limit by the end of the experiment hallucination was highly likely.In other words I think the whole above ground sequence was just a delusion by the two survivors only. I don't like film with this type of ending but After reading your comments, I'm sure it was an experiment!! "400 Days", retitled "The Walking Dead: 400 Days", is a DLC and special episode for Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One. Liiiiike..1)The cook lady in the kitchen stabbing him is actually his girlfriend. It's not as complicated as you are all making it out to be. It continues to tick me off that movies don't have conclusions. The faces are all ones the main character saw, some that only the main character saw, and the movie gets continually more dreamlike as it goes on. I found it weird that her "stabbing" was silent. right, and you can double check what I put here, but I’m pretty darn sure the filmmakers Lol jk a sex scene is all I need at this point. seriously? The passion they are about to express would also make a good movie, disagree with me I dare you! (A theory which in reality has never occurred, nor been proven not in a million years.) If you are like I mean, why would you send these astronauts into space without being familiar with their ship??2. I always trust my first thought..but if that were the case may e she only injected dude with a tranquil and busted a blood pack to maintain consistency within the illusion that she was the administrator of. Lilly kills Lee or she doesn't. The other keeps getting pulled by visions of his son and had verbalized he wanted out, so he disappears. Today is December 20, 2020 so that means that 400 days from today would be January 24, 2022. I believe the entire intent of the movie was to do exactly this, to promote different theories as to what actually happened. Theo is just imagining the entire thing. Of course this is just my interpretation. But who really knows. Brandon Routh and Caity Lotz co-star in the sci-fi thriller 400 Days as astronauts who learn their space flight simulator is real. It felt lazy. Sort by. besides the theory that they never left, answering that one. The only logical solution in my mind is the whole thing didnt happen at all. all the towns’ people were familiar and were the reporters. There is no explaining why anyone would write a movie like this one!!! I don't want to spoil these comments for anyone reading this for the first time bit I think I'm on to something, I love your comment btw Mr unknown. She was hiding in the room when Zell was looknig for her. It's full of holes. I can't believe I didn't catch more. Both OPs ending and this ending is plausible to me. I just watched this movie and wanted to generate some discussion on it. Then the pre-recorded message plays and the hatch opens, for the first time, because they haven't actually left the ship yet. A close proximity knife situation with Zell that could have lead to anything happening in such a tussle (granted the knife may have been fake). Lack of sunshine in the movie particularly the end hints that the world has entered an apocolyptic state, as for the life of me I could't imagine why would have the experiment end in the middle of the night when fanfare/press coverage would be at it's highest.Medkit: Inventory oversight, personal item, or was in her goody bag at the begining of the film.Only Dane Cook saw the similarities between the people at the press conference and the people in the city. This home was built in 2007 and last sold on 12/13/2011 for $32,500. Grow up or go away, you are not wanted when all you do is insult others. Bộ phận nhận vận chuyển hàng quảng châu chi phí thấp nhấtĐơn Vị Nhận Đặt Hàng Trang Sức Trung Quốc Chi Phí ThấpNhận Đặt Sản Phẩm Trung Quốc Ở Hà Nội. One was allowed to be strangled. There would have been a battery of tests, etc. Or possibly even "Mulholland Drive" 2001. When they have the explosions, ...a stark white interior of a space ship!You are DEFINITELY correct!! Give us an ending, an aftermath, even Truman Show revealed the truth with a real ending and that could have easily ended with him at "sea" leaving us forever wondering. But we don’t pay attention, we’re too busy hoping it is not. Gilbert as ClydeAdam Harrington as JerryBenjie Ross as Marcus CrabtreeMark Barbolak as WaltRhoda Gravador as JeanJason Pimentel as RobertoJulian Kwasneski as Radio SurvivorGavin Hammon as Kenny** ***Cissy Jones as Katjaa** ***Max Kaufman as Kenny Jr.** ***Nicole Vigil as Carley* ** ****Sam Joan as Doug* ** *****determinant**not credited***no lines****corpse I’m not saying I’m Characters disappear, reappear, continuity is broken several times and he even begins to notice it and think... wait - that can't be right (the back to the ship comment, the med kit, etc), he never is crazy or at fault in any way, only others. Also to support the theory that it is an experiment and that all the people are reporters and such is that the old man at the very start that Theo gives the cigarettes is also the same person as the butcher. If he still believed, why not carry on? Watch 400 Days (Movie) on www.peliculasonline24.com. If you also noticed the cameras in the ship were always following them. Share . I don't think they ever left the ship. Next thing we know all 4 of them are getting into suits and then are outside. Sorry for ruining your chill, but I like your style, Eddie Adams! But if you already know, check it out I think I know what's going on here.. which is unsure what this line is supposed to be about. That would have been an additional test. The astronauts spacesuits looked more like we see in NASCAR. Forced to exit the ship, they discover that this mission may not have been a simulation after all. Being part of the experiment, she had to step back I really enjoyed reading all the comments. I was on the fence at Redbox Friday and had to talk myself into it but it was worth the $1.50 gamble. 400 Days: Ending & Simulation Explained. I must say I was a bit confused at the ending. the ship rocks. 400 Days - The Last Mission ein Film von Matt Osterman mit Caity Lotz, Tom Cavanagh. Checking the responses of the first months, my own Conclusion is, that the director has made a wonderful & great job!!! 4 alive astronauts went in, in the end there are two alive people, and two dead. Also it felt like some sort of TV show, where the curtains drop at the end showing the 'watching-all-the-time'-audience to the contestants. Forced to exit the ship, they discover that this mission may not have been a simulation after all. That would have stopped a supposed experiment immediately. I knew it was going to be bad after seeing the press conference! But the garbage Hwood keeps making is just lazy. Kinda strange that he wasn't in the cast credits as either characters. OR - vice versa.I think all of the things that happen later on relate back to things seen throughout the film, like his delusion is pulling things that really happened and creating a hallucination around them - like all of the people in the town being the last people they saw, and/or from the magazines.1) In the cell the guy he gives the cigarette to becomes the butcher later on - he is wearing a light blue t-shirt with a picture of a wolf howling at a full moon.The moon obviously is explained as the "catastrophe" - and supposedly people go a little bit crazy when there is a full moon - so the howling at the moon is indicating they have all gone a little bit crazy because of the oxygen deprivation, and it also gives him the fantasy about the moon causing an apocalypse.Also in his delusion the butcher (who look menacing and you imagine wants to ruthlessly butcher you) is actually the big guy astronaut - who ruthlessly "butchered" the mouse - remember all of the blood from the mouse, and then all of the blood in the butchers "shop".The banging he hears in the cell also forms his delusion of the banging on the hatch.2) The origami on the table in the diner is actually made from one of the napkins that "Zel" gives them - but you never see her make the napkin into something, and is that really what you'd be doing in that situation? Instead of walking fifty damned feet to open the hatch that took ten seconds and climb down the lader? Need to calculate 400 days from a specific date? watch it in pieces, breaking down the movie so I could rest easy about it. So just finished this movie myself and found myself also going straight to google to find out wtf I just watched. In the real world it could not have been a simulation to the end, as getting out and finding a world filled with dust, the town, etc. A map with a cluster of towns so close, within walking distance of each other, unlikely. In the final, she is already dead before Leland arrives. Alles, was sie erlebt haben, könnte Teil der geplanten Simulation gewesen sein. and slopped together. My primary goal was to deliver a film that got people talking and wasn’t a boring, paint-by-number experience delivered on a silver platter. With its vague ending, plot points that go nowhere, boring characters, weak acting, terribly constructed script, poor direction, and story that falls apart so unbelievably fast, 400 Days is a badly put together and executed sci-fi thriller that's devoid of logic and intrigue. Honestly it's like they couldn't write an ending to fit and all that suspense although good was just that...like your theory but any experiment like that is unethical...she's a counsellor would be against her code of conduct..but since ms February is a match that is as you say a good clue however they don't call off the experiment when the guy is killed with the extinguisher? Still ,,Season 2 has 5 endings" After 400 years the Israel-es came out of Egypt. That all being said; I present to you all a concept that is widly used in the scientific community;that is, the simplest explanation that does not contradict any relevant information is most likely the correct answer. And I think that just like vanilla sky, that sound clip that wakes him up was meant to give that away when viewed retrospective.Or, second theory - hallucination or death. The 1,450 sq. If she was instructed to inject them with a psychological serum she would have to be objective in her observation, and being in a relationship with him would compromise her objectivity. Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoFeSkbUxEs Click Here To Subscribe! He did so that they main characters could just question what was going on, have some since of question. "400 Days", retitled "The Walking Dead: 400 Days", is a DLC and special episode for Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One. In the end, 400 Days is a good and compelling idea that has been disappointingly realised with a preposterous second half. Some films have re-watchablity but 400-Days its of the chain. The extreme waste of money for building and creating the set needed to fake the moon incident seems outlandish and pointless, yet there is lots of evidence that seems to support the all a simulation theory, which is exactly the point, it is both and neither. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. The sound in the opening scene. The couple who resisted each other remains in the end, or perhaps just the main man if the girl was in on it b/c she didn't take shots and had a magical 1st aid kit and it could be her killing the bad guy was staged... although holes with that b/c how would anyone know it would come to the point of her coming up behind him to fake kill him?Yet, if her killing him was not staged and she was not in on it, that's a pretty extreme experiment even if it was an experiment gone awry. Even when they returned to the ship after running away from the town they shows the cameras in there and they move to focus to where the action is. and dvorak even spotted the earpiece in zells ear hole.you never saw dvorak get killed, i think he was just behind the stage because he found out the truth. She lies and says that it came from the ship. In the beginning he hears pounding and eventually staggers up, drunk and sleeping off a hangover.