Make funny memes with meme maker. 89+ Funny Chinese Fortune Cookie Sayings & Quotes Sayings and Quotes Fortune cookies are being served in the form of a dessert in many Chinese restaurants in the US as well as many other countries quite often although these are not served in China. Final score: 211 points. That means you can spend more time on your fortune cookie recipe and the baking rather than writing out fortunes for cookies. Create Trending Browse Upload. If you're searching for a list of random fortune cookie fortunes, you can see that list by going to the end of this page. ImageChef uses analytical cookies and other tracking technologies to offer you the best possible user experience on our website. There is no greater pleasure than seeing your loved ones prosper. Get New Message. Unfortunate Cookies are funny, clever, and somewhat troubling. Here are some humorous sayings discovered in fortune cookies. A nervous passenger decided to purchase flight insurance at the ticket counter. You likely arrived at this webpage because you're in search of fortune cookie sayings. Ask the Fortune Cookie. Whatever the reasons, enjoy! Funny fortune cookies are always a special treat after a yummy Chinese meal. The fortune cookie generator generates a random fortune cookie for you How to Generate a Fortune Cookie Hit the generate button to have a fortune cookie-generated randomly for you from the fortune cookie database. Hard work pay off in future. Find out your words of romantic wisdom by cracking open a love fortune cookie. Free Printable Funny Quotes Funny Fortune Cookie Sayings Printable Funny Fortune Cookie Printables Funny Valentine's Day Cards Printable Funny Quotes About School Simply enter in any text and hit the generate button to create a personalized cookie! To open up your virtual fortune cookie, simply click the button below: If you've come here looking for how to make a real fortune cookie, see Foodzia. Simply using the generator will begin to get them off the "I'm bored" mentality as they look at all the ideas of things for them to do which is an activity in itself. There are two easy steps you need to take. The following series of fortune cookie messages have been shared from all over the world and intended to help you enjoy the humorous ones or join in share some interesting ones you have came across for. In compiling our list of the 40 best fortune cookie sayings, we wanted all kinds of messages to be represented: bizarre, promising, sad, mean, inspirational, apocalyptic, creepy, funny … As an ode to the wisest of all cookies aside from the Fig Newton, we cracked open a lifetime's worth* of fortune cookies to investigate which sound the … But some fortunes out there are just plain strange. The random prophecy generator generates prophecies that a great for fun or fantasy settings. You cannot love life until you live the life you love. These are real IRL cookies, not made from a fortune cookie generator. Our tax dollars at work — ain’t it grand? aries? When you are happy with your fortune cookie you can share it on social media with the cookie sharing buttons. Horrible Fortune Cookies were launched to promote Blackbox, a new delivery company created by Cards Against Humanity. What ever you're goal is in life, embrace it visualize it, and for it will be yours. / Random / Words / Fortune Cookie Generator. Feel free to use… It was a little more difficult finding funny printable fortunes online, so I decided to make my own. Generate a fortune cookie saying with the random fortune cookie generator. For unique edible gifts and fortune cookie gifts look no further! I need some raunchy, dirty and insulting fortunes! While it may not be easy to come up with fortunes for cookies on your own, this fortune cookie generator is as simple as cracking open a fortune cookie. MUST-SEE: 12 Hilarious Church Signs That’ll Make You Praise the Writers. Especially when it smacks. Open your virtual fortune cookie now! Teach person to fish, he always smell funny. You will become great if you believe in yourself.