Border security and immigration top the lists of most important issues facing the country and the state, according to voters surveyed for the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll. As a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee which handles immigration and border security issues, Sen. Cornyn is a leader on issues that affect the lives of Texans every day. The President’s immigration reform proposal gives law enforcement the tools they need to make our communities safer from crime. CBP also determined how it would prioritize locations for future barriers, but didn't analyze the costs of putting barriers in each potential location. Publicly Released: Jun 27, 2018. Publicly Released: Aug 6, 2018. The federal government is responsible for conducting a number activities to protect U.S. borders and enforce immigration policies, mainly through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Justice. Immigration Issues: Border Security This is a hotbed issue because it's directly related to illegal immigration, and also at the root of one of the nation's largest problems, -drug smuggling. Bang for the Border Security Buck: What do we get for $33 billion? Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has a backlog of 106,121 principal applicants, of which 64,254 have excee... For more on GAO's reports and recommendations, see the key reports tab above. Published: Feb 19, 2020. Representative Kolbe, whose district encompassed Douglas, Arizona, spoke on the telephone about immigration issues and border security. Markup of HRes 255, HR 915, HR 1165, HR 1299, HR 1447, HR 1801. Only in Congress could politicians fail to do anything on a subject where they had agreement. Immigration has been a touchstone of the U.S. political debate for decades, as policymakers have weighed economic, security, and humanitarian concerns. Published: Dec 2, 2015. Fulfilling A Key 9/11 Commission Recommendation: Implementing Biometric Exit, A Study in Contrasts: House and Senate Approaches to Border Security. Defeating a Sophisticated and Dangerous Adversary: Are the New Border Security Task Forces the Right Approach? Published: Nov 14, 2016. To ensure that it is using these funds effectively, it should, Granting asylum to an individual with a fraudulent claim jeopardizes the integrity of the asylum system. Find featured articles and updates on border security at Saturday, November 28 To project its detention costs, ICE primarily relies on two variables—the average dollar amount to house one adult detainee for one day (bed rate) and the average daily population (ADP) of de... GAO's analysis showed that the Executive Office for Immigration Review's (EOIR) case backlog—cases pending from previous years that remain open at the start of a new fiscal year—more than doubled from fiscal years 2006 through 2015 (see figure) primarily due to declining cases completed per year.Immigration Courts' Case Backlog, Fiscal Years 2006 through 2015EOIR has taken some steps to addres... GAO analyzed the outcomes of 595,795 asylum applications completed by the Department of Justice's Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) between fiscal years 1995 and 2014, and identified outcome variation both over time and across immigration courts and judges. Thompson, Rice Statement on the Trump Administration’s Cruel New Policy Forcing International Students to Leave the U.S. Thompson Statement on Trump’s Extreme Immigration Restrictions, Thompson Demands Documents Regarding Nigel Farage Travel to the United States to Attend Trump Rally, Chairman Thompson Statement on Supreme Court DACA Decision, GAO: CBP Broke the Law When it Spent Emergency Funds on Dirt Bikes and Dog Food Instead of on Migrant Care, Chairman Thompson Statement on $1.3 Billion Border Wall Contract, Chairman Thompson Statement on Reports ICE Forcing Family Separation or Indefinite Detention on Immigrant Families, Engel, Thompson, Nadler & Menendez Reject Administration’s Legal Explanation for Halting Asylum Processing, Reps. Rice, Clarke, Barragán to Hold Virtual Forum on the Role of Immigrants in Coronavirus Response & Recovery, House Chairs Press Trump Administration to Rescind Policies that Delay Release of Migrant Children, Thompson Writes ICE Detention Center Contractors on Rising Coronavirus Cases at Their Facilities, Thompson and Rice Write CBP Regarding the Treatment of Pregnant Women at the Border, DHS Inspector General Amends Public Summary of Report on Child Death in CBP Custody After Shortcomings Identified by Chairman Thompson, Engel, Thompson, Nadler Statement on Trump Administration’s Suspension of Asylum Processing, Thompson and Rice Demand CBP Protect Unaccompanied Children at the Border, Thompson, Rice Call on ICE to Seek Alternatives to Detention for Migrants, Homeland Security and Oversight and Reform Committees Question Deficient DHS IG Investigations and Raise Concerns About DHS IG Cuffari’s Leadership, Thompson to DHS: Stop Issuing Mixed Messages on Immigration Enforcement During Coronavirus, Watchdog Report: May Never Know How Many Children Were Separated, False Claims, Families In Danger: This Isn't A First For The Trump Administration, Thompson Writes DHS, HHS, CDC on Rationale, Implementation Plan for Trump’s Travel Ban After Contradictory Statements, Thompson Statement on HHS Inspector General Family Separation Report. Key Issues > Border Security and Immigration Border Security and Immigration Federal agencies spend billions of dollars each year securing the nation’s borders and facilitating lawful immigration and travel—but they could improve how they manage and implement such activities. Publicly Released: Apr 3, 2020. Asylum: Additional Actions Needed to Assess and Address Fraud Risks. Federal agencies spend billions of dollars each year securing the nation’s borders and facilitating lawful immigration and travel—but they could improve how they manage and implement such activities. ICE doesn't comprehensively... Three children died in U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s custody in fiscal year 2019, prompting questions about medical care in the agency’s southwest border facilities. There is no other issue where the state of Arizona has suffered more due to the dysfunction in Washington. DHS’s U.S. 1417, the Border Security Results Act, Measuring Outcomes to Understand the State of Border Security. Publicly Released: Jul 15, 2020. These benefits include humanitarian protections such as asylum (for those who have been persecuted or fear persecution on protected grounds) and temporary protected status (for those whose home countries have conditions that prevent safe return). CBP developed health screening policies and received emergency funds to enhance detainees’ medical care. We examined this oversight and what ICE does with oversight inspection data and information from complaints. However, CBP has not consistently implemented these policies, so some, ICE and other DHS agencies oversee compliance with detention facility standards and receive complaints from detainees. Immigration & Border Security The United States was founded as a nation of immigrants, but our current immigration system is broken. DHS gives extensions and has notified people about them via letter. Democrats are focused on giving illegal immigrants a path to citizenship while Republicans are focused on border security. Southwest Border: CBP Needs to Increase Oversight of Funds, Medical Care, and Reporting of Deaths. Published: Feb 19, 2020. Work authorization lasts as long as the status, but the documents proving it can expire. Health & Homeland Series: Adverse Impacts of Department of Homeland Security Policies on Children, About Face: Examining the Department of Homeland Security’s Use of Facial Recognition and Other Biometric Technologies, Examining the Department of Defense’s Deployment to the U.S.-Mexico Border, A Review of the FY 2020 Budget Request for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and U.S. ICE and other DHS agencies oversee compliance with facility standards and receive complaints from detainees. Border Security and Immigration Like most of our neighbors in Arizona, Mark believes that we need a strong, secure border and to fix our broken immigration system. And in bypassing the issue, the media are missing the bigger picture: Texas voters have consistently expressed concern about immigration and border security. DHS Information Technology: How Effectively Has DHS Harnessed IT to Secure Our Borders and Uphold Immigration Laws? “There is a problem at the border, the border must be enforced,” she said, according to the On the Line: Border Security from an Agent and Officer Perspective, Looking North: Assessing the Current Threat at the U.S.-Canada Border, Markup of H.R. 1922, and H.R. Within DHS, U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Border Patrol is responsible for securing U.S. borders between ports of entry. Published: Jul 14, 2020. Comprehensive immigration reform is long overdue. CBP officers and agents enforce all applicable U.S. laws, including against illegal immigration, narcotics smuggling and illegal importation. Border apprehensions — a key indicator of border security — are at their lowest level since the 1970s. The Department of Justice’s Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) conducts immigration court proceedings. Citizenship and Immigration Services, The Impacts of Trump Policies on Border Communities, Supporting a Fact-Based Approach to Preventing Terrorist Travel to the United States, The Department of Homeland Security’s Family Separation Policy: Perspectives from the Border, Markup of H.R. Publicly Released: Feb 19, 2020. Immigration and Border Issues. He strongly believes that securing our southern border must be a top priority in dealing with our national security and our broken immigration system. Border Security and Immigration Issues Mayor Barone spoke by remote video from Douglas, Arizona talk about the U.S. Border Patrol presence and its impact on his town. Oversight of ICE Detention Facilities: Is DHS Doing Enough? Markup of H.R. DHS’s U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) provides long-term detention of individuals and families. In 1996, Congress passed the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, or IIRAIRA, with a provision (Section 110) requiring the former INS to set up a database to track this info… U.S. Customs and Border Protection: Progress and Challenges in Recruiting, Hiring, and Retaining Law Enforcement Personnel. September 30, 2020 • Subcommittee Hearing Examining DHS' Management of Trusted Traveler Programs. The total number of asylum applications, including both principal applicants and their eligible dependents, filed in fiscal year 2014 (108,152) is more than double the number filed in fiscal year 2010 (47,118). After years of border security being largely ignored, Trump made it a central issue. Visa Security and Overstays: How Secure is America? Southwest Border Security: CBP Is Evaluating Designs and Locations for Border Barriers but Is Proceeding Without Key Information. The Although they are expected to return home at the end of their visit, there is no effective means for detecting those who do not. » Issues; Immigration and Border Security. 399, the Secure Our Borders First Act, Open Borders: The Impact of Presidential Amnesty on Border Security, One Flight Away: An Examination of the Threat posed by ISIS Terrorists with Western Passports. The Department of Homeland Security is committed to enforcing our immigration laws so that we can secure our border and keep the American people safe. 1299, H.R. The costs of building a border wall/fence – usually estimated at $20-25 billion – are dwarfed by the burden of illegal immigration, which currently costs the American taxpayer $132 billion annually, and which may rise to $200 billion by 2025 if current illegal immigration trends continue.