Galloway, NJ. More Guides & Resources John James Audubon's Birds of America It is a great place in the migration period, because birds heading south are funneled on this thin swath of land. New Jersey has over 465 species of birds and a huge seasonal migration path for birds and waterfowl. In fact, the New Jersey Audubon Society indicates that Garret Mountain is more than just one of the best spots in the state, but one of the best bird watching locations in the entire country. NJ Audubon’s Cape May Bird Observatory - Northwood Center is just down the street, and the Nature Conservancy’s 200-acre South Cape May Meadows natural area (a great place for a … North Brigantine Natural Area. NJ Audubon is your source for learning more about birds from free introductory guided walks through day-long field trips and more intensive workshops to bird-focused festivals to international birding tours. View Comments. Try to spot the distinctive red of a cardinal or the faded blue of a blue jay. Workshops range in topic from single focus experiences learning about one bird family (i.e. This list of birds of New Jersey includes species credibly documented in the U.S. state of New Jersey and accepted by the New Jersey Bird Records Committee (NJBRC) as of October 2019. Tune into their tweets and chirps as you sit peacefully and enjoy the views. November 19, 2020. —Alexander Wilson Few places in North America have been birded longer or have more birding advocates than Cape May, New Jersey. Field trips are fee-based, depending on length (typically 4-6 hours) and may require preregistration. The park includes more than 10 miles of dunes, as well as woodland and marsh. The Arboretum today touts one of the NJ’s largest concentrations of wildflowers totaling over 150 species. 44,041 reviews VIEW FULL MAP. Shorebirds forge on its beaches and marshes, and some also nest there. Arboretum trails meanders through kettle moraines, hilly slopes and a natural amphitheater forged by glaciers. It is the ideal migrant trap, making it one of New Jersey’s best place for birding. With a rich cultural history, it is an area with a variety of migrant and nesting birds. Some of these bird species, such as the piping plover, are threatened or endangered. It boosts an 8 mile loop drive around enclosed freshwater and brackish ponds surrounded by tidal salt marshes and open salt water, and some forest. Fish & Wildlife Service, 2016). Bird Watching (Birding) On Long Beach Island, NJ (While Staying At Lorry’s Island End Motel)Bird Watching (Birding) is One Of The Fastest Growing Hobbies in the United States with Over 46 Million People, and may soon eclipse golfing as the nation’s most favored pastime and recreational activity. A free and friendly birdwatching community with forum, gallery reviews and wiki. › New Jersey › Bird Watching. Cape May is considered the absolute best birding destination in North America to … Bird Watching Near Manahawkin NJ. Wildlife and nature in Northwest New Jersey Skylands: Hastened by the first blanketings of snow, the shortened days of winter in the Skylands afford a chilly but unequaled opportunity to draw closer to nature and to enjoy the quiet that descends with the withdrawal of activity to the indoors. Show map of all locations. Most birds prefer to migrate over land rather than open water, so this peninsula funnels southbound birds, sometimes in great, unbelievable, numbers- to the tune, legend has it,47,000 migrating hawks counted in one day! Brigantine, NJ. This web page provides a list of good locations for bird watching and photography in the winter season in or near New Jersey. So what are you waiting for? Gather to discuss sightings and learn more about our feathered wonders. Short Hill, NJ 07078. New Jersey with its many national wildlife refuges and birding spots has it all within a relatively short drive from most all areas in the state and is perfect for it citizens and visitors who would like to get out and enjoy a day trip among the beauty of nature. Founded in 1976 by New Jersey Audubon, the Cape May Bird Observatory (CMBO) is a leader in research, environmental education, bird conservation, and recreational birding activities. These fee-based workshops range from single day programs (two – eight hours in length), to multiple day events. But while you are home due to the COVID-19 quarantine, or spending more time out on nature walks in the park with the family, you might wonder what that cool bird you’ve spotted is.Here are the most commonly found birds in NJ. The center of the bird watching universe? Bird Watching Near Ocean City NJ. As the weather gets warmer, migrating birds – and birding enthusiasts – flock to New Jersey. Everywhere you turn, there are things to ignite our senses. Bird watchers will come to appreciate Somerset County, NJ as one of the best places in the world to get out and grow their life lists. Believe it. New Jersey, in Brigantine, is the best place to go if you like shorebirds and waterfowl. New Jersey is one of the best states in the country for birdwatching because of our diverse habitats and our location in the Atlantic Flyway, a migratory route along the Eastern Seaboard. Birding and the WILDLIFE SAFARI begins immediately in the beautiful Cape Island Creek Preserve, New Jersey’s southernmost salt marsh and a critical migration stop. Washington Crossing Audubon Society PO Box 112, Pennington, NJ 08534 Winter Birdwatching in New Jersey 1. Our guides range from talented, friendly, expert staff and experienced associate naturalists to internationally recognized authors and professional birders. Long Stay Hotels Near Somers Point, New Jersey But Ocean City also is a good vacation destination for naturalists, offering camping, hiking, boating, fishing and especially-interesting birdwatching. I have been to Cape May several times and the Bird Observatory has many volunteers that lead birding walks. New Jersey Audubon fosters environmental awareness and a conservation ethic among New Jersey’s citizens; protects New Jersey’s birds, mammals, other animals, and plants, especially endangered and threatened species; and promotes preservation of New Jersey’s valuable natural habitats. Not much to see. Cape May attracts many different and varied number of birds because to its unique ecological makeup: wetlands, marshes, forests and beaches. October is an excellent month for bird watching at Cape May Point State Park at southern tip of New Jersey.