2018 Volvo XC60 Plug-in Hybrid Road Test and Review 10 Things You Need to Know About the 2019 Volvo XC40 10 Things You Need to Know About the Volvo Care Car Subscription Program Volvo’s subscription car service, Care by Volvo, is expanding, with the promise of more vehicle choice, swifter applications, and cars arriving on your drive faster. And if I like it I can put a wing on it buy it? Seems fun but I would think eventually you settle on just one car you like. So, for example, let's say you pay $500 a month and get credit for 3 days per month to take out any car in the club. This doesn’t sound like a practical way to drive, and is more a new way for expensive brands to make their already expensive cars cost even more to drive. Financing one costs $1850. Volvo… The best selling car for Volvo in September was the XC40 premium compact SUV (pictured above), continuing the trend of it being the brand's top seller so far in 2020. It's for people who have a ton of disposable income and don't have time to think about buying cars. I just go pick it up and I am done. It was also the most popular model in its class and the UK’s ninth best-selling car overall in September. But there's a sense of pride and accomplishment (dammit) of actually owning the car and spending years with it y'know? I've seen a couple of programs being offered by manufacturers now. So this is going to be a learning moment. If you're the kind of person who buys a new porsche ever couple years then it's a cool deal since it's about even with cost of ownership and depreciation. The fact that the program allows you a larger vehicle when needed is frosting on the cake. It's expensive, but convenient, you don't worry about ownership or insurance, you can swap cars around and try a bunch of different ones. Volvo on Monday announced it … That's the future, no doubt about that. I think I read that the Cadillac service is something like $2000/month. I’m assuming that part of the reason the math works on this with no down payment required is their target demographic are middle to upper middle class working families with a relatively lower risk of defaulting, I would rather drive a beat to shit Honda Civic that I own, than pay 600 a month "subscription" for a new vehicle. Besides not actually owning the vehicle, what are the 'cons' to a subscription service such as this? Perhaps change the price to reflect insurance, upkeep and storage when not in use and you'd have something that the average affluent person might take advantage of and it would give them the freedom to pick what kind of car they want for any given occasion. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. It was first trialled on a regional basis ahead of its national roll out and presents a good alternative for those who aren't willing to commit to a new car purchase or lease. TLDR: $2k gets you Cayman/Boxster S, macan S and Cayenne. Not for me. So basically you choose how much to pay monthly and obviously the more you pay per month the more you have access to luxury/sports cars. In fact it's possible to pay more for Volvo service than one would pay for BMW or Mercedes service. Like, $200/month, could get me a choice of 10+ year old cars. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Great concept, should have been priced at $500. Porsche is doing this in Atlanta area. Let's say the club had 10 cars, it could do like (10 cars x 4 weekends per month =) 40 members. (10,20,30k are covered in this). Launched in 2017 with the… I bought my truck used with cash to avoid payments, so I'm probably not the target demographic. For people who buy new cars, this works out to roughly the same price or possibly cheaper than buying the car, and you can get a new one EVERY year if you like - which is WAY cheaper than leasing or owning - WAY WAY cheaper. Canvas (a Ford company) and Care by Volvo are a little more affordable. The automakers are planning such services and rolling them out in select markets this year, but they are expensive. Volvo made waves at the LA Auto Show by launching its new Care by Volvo subscription service, an all-inclusive alternative to conventional leasing that … Care by Volvo debuted at the en… Once I had my fill I'd probably drop it and buy what I wanted. But it wasn't just selling new cars which Volvo excelled in in September. The Swedish car manufacturer announced Care by Volvo alongside the XC40 crossover in November 2017. Your going to see a lot more of this. A much better idea is a monthly subscription to a car club where you get X number of days to book out any car in the club. This subscription service is very expensive at a flat $600 a month. That's $67.75 for taxes and registration; $600 for the "subscription". http://www.porschepassport.com/. Care By Volvo is a 24-month agreement that costs buyers $600 per month for a nicely equipped XC40 Momentum, or $700 per month for a version with the R-Design trim level. I lease a car for work right now. Will be interesting to see if other makes follow suit. After that you end up paying $400 for a few filters and oil. This is basically similar to how the how the Classic Car Club of Manhattan works. ROCKLEIGH, N.J. (November 29, 2017) Volvo Cars has introduced Care by Volvo, a new subscription service that will make having a car as easy as having a cell phone. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, '91 Talon TSi AWD, '16 Crosstrek, '07 Colorado, Motorcycles, 2021 Cayman GT4, 2018 S4, 2015 M3, 2005 330i ZHP. Now, that covers pick-up/drop-off, insurance, maintenance, etc. I think I'd rather own and maintain my own vehicle . I go online and subscribe. Or wait out the 2 years and walk away if I want. How about a new car each month? Dealer costs are very high right now. Volvo's Care by Volvo subscription service is in hot water in California, where a dealers association has persuaded the New Motor Vehicle Board to … When one starts making a noise or needs an oil change or whatever I could just drive it to the place and get another. This is easy. But i won't be the "when i was your age" blah blah, I'll accept the future :D BRING IT ON, Eh I don't mind leasing, but tbh I only find it okay when people lease daily driver like camry or accord but sports car? Little things add up quickly. The $600 includes insurance with Liberty Mutual, a 24 month lease (AKA the "subscription"), and maintenance. Volvo also plans to make the redesigned 2019 V60 wagon available through the subscription program. So, for example, let's say you pay $500 a month and get credit for 3 days per month to take out any car in the club. DETROIT. Porsche has one that if I was rich I'd consider. $1,250 off new XC40, XC60, and XC90 SUVs October 1, 2020 through January 4, 2021* I personally would give up my car allowance and an extra $100 to make my life simpler. Definitely some of them, but some are more affordable. 24-36k a year is basically what you're paying to operate some of those cars already but for the price you can have almost anything in the stable delivered to you whenever you want and not have to pay your own registration and insurance. The Polestar Engineered Volvo S60 is the hottest road-going sedan the Swedish marque has built to date. Newer Vo's have 10k mile interval service schedules. I pay my money each month (which, because it includes insurance, comes out to $5 LESS than I am paying now), and each year I can just take the car back and pick out a brand new one if I like. But surely with the insurance savings, fuel savings, not ever worrying about maintenance, 24/7 concierge (car taxied to where you need it) and the ability to access any vehicle for any situation whenever you want, the difference of $1,150 becomes much smaller? I hear what you are saying and that is the exact amount of my car allowance from my employer. Launched in 2017, the subscripti… First three services are included free of charge with new or CPO purchases. You probably also never have to drive a car older than 1-2 years old. Didn’t Cadillac just offer a similar program earlier in the year? I think Topspeed did an analysis of the Porsche subscription and found it very expensive. Volvo has confirmed that it is working on a second compact electric car that will share architecture with its XC40 Recharge EV. https://www.slashgear.com/care-by-volvo-priced-for-2019-xc40-car-subscriptions-29509870/, http://www.motortrend.com/news/care-by-volvo-subscription-program-qa/. Volvo has arguably been the only automaker to gain meaningful traction with a subscription option. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Forgive me as I am not a Volvo owner (yet) but I find this kind of appealing, although I wish it was $500/mo as well! Cookies help us deliver our Services. Volvo On Call will present you with all the information you need to know about your car - whether it is locked, in use, the current fuel range, the temperature outside the car, access to the owner’s manual, maintenance needs and a driving journal that can help you to keep track of your personal and/or business use of the car including trips taken and mileage accumulated. Volvo is enjoying higher-than-expected demand for its Care by Volvo subscription program.. Care by Volvo … A multi year loan is suffocating enough, I don't want to sign up for payments for life. it seems a decent value. I'm just saying, if I was the income bracket anyway, the $500-600 more (I subtracted a random guess for fuel, insurance, and maintenance) for ease of mind and accessibility makes a strong argument.