Water is our moisture, so if your hair is feeling dry then likely water is having a hard time getting into the hair and it could be due to some of these ingredients in your haircare product. Cantu Shea Butter. Perhaps you’ve been duped, your silicone-free styler contains dimethicone, or Phenyl trimethicone, or a host of other ingredients that end in “cone” that you didn’t even know exist. I am in no way a scientist so I cannot answer any further on this information shared, but I do know how important ingredients in products can either help or harm your hair. Enter ingredients. I know I know, enough with the bad, you want to hear about the good stuff. Print off this list to help you find curly girl approved products and keep it with you when you go hair product shopping. A scene every curl gal can relate to: you’re shopping for new hair products (because, duh) and you walk over to the hair section and pick up a product from a seemingly reliable brand. Petrolatum                                                                          Waxes: bees wax, candelia wax, etc. There are also moisturizing or fatty alcohols however, that sound similar, so be sure not to confuse those with drying alcohols. If you have curly hair, wavy tresses, or textured locks—if you have hair on your head at all, really—it’s time you learned about The Curly Girl Method. :( You'll no longer receive notifications. With the Curly Girl method, you don't want to put anything in your hair that cannot be removed by a conditioner wash (cowash). Avoid drying alcohols, if at all possible, in your conditioners and stylers. Waxes are easily identified because they have “wax” in the ingredient name (usually). Remember, some shelters will take opened products so donate when you can! Book an appointment at our Soho or Upper West Side locations today. For those unfamiliar with the hair management program, the easiest way to describe it is the “undoing” of your hair. Krista Leavitt’s Wave & Curl Styling Foundations Course, Krista Leavitt’s Guide To Your Best Waves, Coming Soon: Krista Leavitt’s Guide To Your Best Curls. Innersense has 3 lines … Caution means that this ingredient may not be good in some hair care products, or for some people. Commenters are quick to point out a sneaky silicone or a suspicious alcohol in the mix if the product doesn’t fit within the list of Curly Girl–approved products. Natural oils: Avocado oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil, etc. The three things you need to start the Curly Girl Method – Curly Mama on a Budget November 10, 2017 11:11 pm Reply There are four ingredients I personally avoid: sulfates, silicones, drying alcohols, and mineral oil. Save 30% sitewide* plus receive a free full-size Melt Into Moisture treatment when you spend $65. Some have great success in maintaining their curls for two, three or even four days after washing their hair, but a … The first and most important thing to avoid is silicones (often referred to as cones in the cyber hair care universe). What is the Curly Girl/Guy method (aka CG method)? Enter the ingredients separated by commas. You're subscribed to get notified of our latest blog posts! 0. What should you be putting in your hair?! For products that you are going to rinse out, this is not as big of a deal, but for products that are going to sit in your hair all day, or for several days, they should not contain drying alcohols. Also, a reminder that waxes contain the word “wax”; and drying alcohols often contain propyl, prop, eth, or denatured in the name. Sign up for our email newsletter. Consider the effect proteins in your hair products may have on your hair. IsItCG. Many of the options are free from harmful additives, fragrances, dyes, petroleum, and other nasty additions you just don’t want in your hair care. “Is this safe?” is the most popular post topic in the Curly Girl Method group, always supplemented with a photo of product ingredients lists. What’s your favorite curly hair ingredient to look for? Innersense Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner – best overall for all hair types. Mousse Pantene No 5. Here is a list of waxes and non-natural oils to avoid: Castor oil                                                                            Mineral oil (parrifidium liquidium). Cocos nucifera sounds like something crazy but really, it just means coconut. Here is a list of drying alcohols to avoid: Here is a list of moisturizing alcohols to look for: Behenyl alcohol                                                               Cetearyl alcohol, Cetyl alcohol                                                                   Isocetyl alcohol, Isostearyl alcohol                                                            Lauryl alcohol, Myristyl alcohol                                                               Stearyl alcohol, C30-50 Alcohols                                                              Lanolin alcohol. If you know the original author(s), please let me know so I can credit them for their hard work. Let us know in the comments below! A Curly Girl’s Guide to Product Ingredients. Watch out for the below ingredients, especially the ones in bold. The Curly Girl Method (CGM) originated from the book, ... Joleigh added that, ultimately, water is the magic ingredient for curly hair. These are exceptions that are OK: Lauryl methicone copolyol (water soluble) Lauryl PEG/PPG-18/18 Methicone, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Hydroxypropyl Polysiloxane (water soluble), PEG-Dimethicone, or any other ‘cone with “PEG-” suffix (water soluble), Emulsifying Wax PEG-Hydrogenated Castor Oil. Drying alcohols are commonly found in conditioners, leave in conditioners, gels, mousses, and hairsprays as fillers. You can unsubscribe at any time. Curly Girl-friendly ingredients to look for In the Curly Girl Method, we avoid harsh Sulfates and drying Alcohols (they dehydrate the hair), Silicones, Waxes and Mineral Oils (they build up). The Curly Girl Method (referred to as CGM or CG Method) was created by Lorraine Massey and became popular following the release of her book ‘Curly Girl, The Handbook’. The Curly Girl Method, from Lorraine Massey’s book “Curly Girl: The Handbook,” is a hair care method that trades in damaging habits (like shampooing and heat styling) for a healthy curly hair regimen using just conditioner and gel. Unsurprisingly, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to curly girl method safe products, but it does help to have an awareness of what to look for. About How Curlsbot Works Curly Girl Ingredient List Hard Water Shampoo Bars/Soap CG and non-CG Cleansers Other Resources Non-CG Shea Moisture Products Curlsbot Ingredients Analyzer A lot of people are interested in properly caring for their naturally curly or wavy hair, but it can be confusing to find the right methods and products. Here, we break down which ingredients you should run from, as well as curly-girl approved ingredients you’re going to love. TOP PRODUCTS Guides and resources for easy product selection INGREDIENTS Learn how to read your hair product labels DIY PRODUCTS Easy-to-make recipes for all your haircare needs EDITORS' CHOICE Our editors share their top hair and skincare products BEST OF THE BEST Community member favorites make up this coveted list GIVEAWAYS Enter to win products we all love Curly Girl Method Glossary: The Complete List A-G. 2ND-DAY HAIR. For a frizz-free and soft … 3. Remember, what works for one curly girl might not work for another. The first and most important thing to avoid is silicones (often referred to as cones in the cyber hair care universe). The Curly Girl Method is a hair washing and styling routine that maintains curls by cutting out products with silicones, parabens, and sulfates. Enter the name of the product. Ingredients to Avoid in CG Method. Dimethicone                                                                        Bisaminopropyl dimethicone, Cetearyl methicone                                                              Cetyl Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane                                                              Stearoxy Dimethicone, Stearyl Dimethicone                                                             Trimethylsilylamodimethicone, Dimethiconol Behenoxy                                                         Phenyl trimethicone. Sulfates contain “sulfate” somewhere in the ingredient name (usually). While the process is anything but simple, familiarizing yourself with a few key ingredients (and their many identities) can help you make a better choice for your curly hair. However, normal hair, or protein sensitive hair does not need large doses of protein all the time. Get to know our stylists at our NYC Salons. Okay means this product appears safe for a curly person like me to use. Other curly girl method ingredients to avoid. This is key to making sure your products do not build up on your hair. Other ingredients you want to try and steer clear of include parabens, waxes and hair-coating ingredients such as paraffin. With the Curly Girl method, you don't want to put anything in your hair that cannot be removed by a conditioner wash (cowash). 2. It refers to the day after wash day. Curlsbot. —— Link here. Not all silicones and ingredients with the word alcohol are bad. A site to help you know what hair products are approved for the Curly Girl (or Guy) Method. Avoid sulfates in your shampoos. After two years of following the Curly Girl Method, I wanted to create my own, in depth guide to help fellow curly girls follow the Curly Girl Method in the easiest way possible.