of the acrylic. You will also need 4x4 lengths long enough to connect the bottom of the deck to the ground. Even if your hot tub manufacturer has your model on file, take the time to measure to be sure. If you've read the Secret to Hot Tub Chemistry post, you already know the secret of spa care and cleaner water. And you’re right: More family members mean more water usage. You can have a functioning hot tub for a fraction of the cost. If the subfloor underneath the bathtub is inadequate, the wood will flex under its weight. Most well-built decks can handle a hot tub, but make sure you have proper supports, as a fully loaded hot tub can weigh more than 4,000 pounds. Regardless of the shape of your spa, you should measure from lip to lip, or the outside dimension . It is helpful to understand what is flexing and why. How much a hot tub should cost. This configuration employs the leftover space at the end of the tub for a shelf or shower seat. Here are some reasons why it is important to know the weight of the hot tub. To calculate what size generator you need to power your whole home, follow these 3 steps: Step 1: List out every appliance you want to power. This can dictate how many vanity sinks you’ll need, how many drawers and cabinets for storage, whether you require a tub and shower—or not. Hot tubs are sometimes also known as spas or by the trade name Jacuzzi.. Advantages of a 120v hot tub The location should be accessible to the 50 amp service most require. How many seats are available in the hot tub can be an important criteria to consider. You’ll need to consider both the square footage of the hot tub along with seating space. Leave Access Space Around Your Hot Tub for Tech Support. For example, you might not be able to run more than one shower at a time without someone getting an arctic blast of cold water. Do some research here. A good rule of thumb for a hot tub is to give yourself about a foot of space on each side of the tub.This leaves room for things like opening the cover. Find large hot tubs for sale at Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs today. The general NEC codes to be followed include 680.12 and 680.42 stating that all hot tub installation must have a disconnection point installed within sight of the hot tub. Tip: If you plan to wash your kids in the tub, place the shower fixtures so they can be used in both the tub and the shower to make things easier. If you plan to use the hot tub solo or maybe just with one or two other people, a smaller sized unit may be all you need—saving you in terms of square footage and price. It’s important to know how much energy a solar water heater for your hot tub will take so you know how much you’re actually saving. For this reason, you will need a firm foundation on which the hot tub can rest. Other than that requirement, it should be located where it pleases you. According to U-Haul, their 15 ft. moving truck measures 15′ x 7’8″ x 7’2″ (LxWxH) inside. Size matters when it comes to your tankless water heater. They require thought, planning and research to make sure you get the right one for you, at the right price. In contrast to a typical bathtub, a hot tub is designed to be used by more than one person at a time, with many models accommodating four or more people. Check the GFCI breaker device frequently by pressing the "TEST" button. If it will be located on a patio slab you will not need this article. So, what should you think about when deciding how much to spend on a Hot Tub? Calculate what size generator you need in 3 simple steps. If your a family of four or more you will want a 7′ to 8′ hot tub that will fit your family. DECK Decks can be an easy choice, as they are already level and solid. This guide will help you measure hot tub and spa covers so that they will fit perfectly. How Much Space Do You Have? Your Jacuzzi® Dealer based on 64170: Recreation Wholesale. Small soaking tub. Beaulieu always builds removable floor panels into the frame to ensure accessibility for pump maintenance, etc. While technically you could plunk your hot tub directly outside of your door, there will be a point when your hot tub becomes too close to your home for comfort. The average bathroom is 40 square feet and a standard tub is 15 square feet. You now have 18 great options for a DIY hot tub. A bathtub shouldn't flex, crackle or pop when you fill it with water or step into it. No matter which way you look at it, Hot Tubs are a major investment. If you don't have a firm foundation, you risk damaging the tub voiding any warranty it comes with. Never connect a four-wire hot tub to a three-wire circuit. Having a single slab rather than multiple blocks will increase the durability, and you can customize the size and shape to fit your spa’s specific dimensions. A water-filled, six-person hot tub can weigh upward of two tons, so many homeowners position their tubs on concrete pads instead of setting them on wood decks. with the addition of a person. Average costs and comments from CostHelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. It goes without saying your popularity will increase once you take the splash into a new hot tub. Most covers require at least 18 inches of space behind the tub as well as a few inches on the left and right side for the arm that helps you lift the cover. A: It sounds like you will need a larger water heater this time around. Always make sure you plan ahead to provide access to the controls. John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA Save Photo A built-in tub like this is actually much easier to install than a freestanding one. View Dealer Get Directions. 2321-D NE Independence Ave Lees Summit, Missouri 64064. United States; Canada; Free Brochure; Nearby Dealer 64170: Lees Summit, Missouri. To heat an area like an outbuilding or new building, you must calculate what size heater you need. You can find shorter and deeper tubs like this, which allow soaking similar to Japanese-style tubs. What size water heater do I need? “Design for function first, and then bring in the appeal.” Use these results and make small adjustments to pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and sanitizer levels regularly. Heater For flat ground you will want four foundation cinder blocks. How to Calculate Heater Size. Before choosing the location, carefully consider how much space is comfortably needed for people to come and go through your door without the hot tub interfering. Make sure the surface can handle the weight of the tub when filled with water and people (which can be up to two tonnes) – you may need to reinforce your patio. A walk-in shower may be the right choice if you have a small bathroom because they take up an average of 12 square feet of floor space. A hot tub is a large tub or small pool full of water used for hydrotherapy, relaxation or pleasure.Some have powerful jets for massage purposes. Knowing how much space you have to work with is important, and will prevent major headaches after the tub is already on-site. Don't install a hot tub under active power lines or within 10 feet of outdoor lighting. The answer varies, depending on a range of factors such as the size of the hot tub, construction material of the hot tub, depth of the hot tub, the accessories included, the type of hot tub cover, and much more. Once you make your calculations, you can decide on the best choice for a type of heater and how many BTUs (British Thermal Unit, the standard heat measurement) you need. In fact, “the number of u “Homeowners should get a professional technician to do the maintenance work. Well, if you can find a steal on a hot tub which is in need of minor repair, use this tutorial to restore it. Many shoppers do not realize that hot tub dealers often offer financing as an option. Depending on the size of your hot tub, you may need to rent a box truck that is at least 15 feet long. We have seen too many customers be given the wrong hot tub dimensions. Should you choose to have a glass enclosure, as in this bath, consider how high you would like to have the glass reach. In general, you can expect the size of the hot tub and the temperature at which the water is set to impact electricity costs the most. Sometimes, only one side is needed, but depending on the hot tub model, you may need to do this on all four sides. In short, you need to test the water. Bathrooms see a lot of activity, and cramped spaces induce stress. Set a Budget – And Stick to It. Placement of the hot tub should be planned well ahead of delivery. Measure the area where the bathtub is going to be placed. If your deck is being built near the ground, you may consider setting the hot tub on a poured concrete slab with access to the deck. Many builders choose to set the hot tub at a lower elevation than the surrounding deck, allowing a person to step down into the water with less bending and climbing. Step 2: Determine the starting and running wattage of everything on your list. Here are the advantages and disadvantages to a plug and play hot tub. If you still have questions about what you should know when buying a hot tub, download our Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide and visit your local Hot Spring Spas dealer. They can help guide your search and point out additional features you may not have known you wanted. Plus you will want room to walk around the tub for cleaning and other maintenance. As you think about what’s important to you when buying a hot tub, make sure you’re looking at the big picture. How many people will use this space? A full bathtub is heavy, sometimes 500 to 600 lbs. Portable hot tubs or two-person models (usually shallower and narrower than standard versions) start around $1,500-$2,500, but a typical 5- to 7-person model with jets and built-in seats runs about $3,000-$7,000, and luxury hot tubs can be as much as $8,000-$15,000. Most hot tubs run on 240v power, which means you’ll need to hire an electrician to set up the appropriate electrical source (a dedicated 240v 50 circuit) and wire your hot tub before it can be used. It is necessary to check with the local authorities before commencing the hot tub installation. In addition, you will need space to install your plumbing and have easy access to the plumbing for any future maintenance. 6-person hot tubs provide enough space to comfortably fit you and your friends or family. Note that the installation of either an indoor or outdoor hot tub must comply with National Electric Code requirements. “And, is the bathroom the only one in the house?” Kollias asks. Many factors determine how much electricity a hot tub will need. Your hot tub will need to live on a solid, level base, such as a concrete pad, decking or paving. 816-875-1240. Having a water heater that is too small will result in it not being able to produce enough hot water for your household demand. Make sure you have enough boards for two supports the same size as the the diameter of the hot tub. Many states have their own rules too. In fact, it is the most important part of choosing a new unit for your home. Hot tubs, when full, can weigh as much as 3,000 pounds (1,361 kg). For uneven ground, you may need to use bags of concrete instead. Be sure to measure your hot tub before renting a truck to ensure that it will fit inside the rental. No matter what style you’re looking for, you should be able to find inspiration or a tutorial to build it here. If you consider a hot tub as an investment in your family’s health and well-being, you may want to invest in a model that offers the best long-term value. How to Pour a Hot Tub Pad. Hot tubs weigh about 700 to 800 pounds dry and about 3700 pounds when filled. All kidding aside, you need to consider how many people are in the family and how many will use the spa. If you do connect the hot tub yourself, hire an electrician to test the system before use.