We also provide information about sea water temperature so … Thus, the actual daytime temperature in a given month will be 2 to 10 °C (4 to 18 °F) higher than the temperature listed here, depending on … May November. Early December is your best chance to beat the crowds and if you prefer a tropical Christmas, Mexico is perhaps the best choice in North America. The strong temperature contrast between polar and tropical air gives rise to the jet stream. Utah weather in December 2020. Tue = Tuesday, December 1, 2020 (9 places). Discover Tenerife! Information below will help you to choose the right place to visit in USA in December. January July. The temperatures listed are averages of the daily highs and lows. At a Glance. Visit Balboa Park, the San Diego Zoo, Coronado Beach, or La Jolla all in a t-shirt this time of year. February August. The 2019-20 U.S. Winter Outlook | December through February Temperature The greatest likelihood for warmer-than-normal conditions are in Alaska and Hawaii, with more modest probabilities for above-average temperatures spanning large parts of the remaining lower 48 from the West across the South and up the eastern seaboard. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. December is whale watching season in San Diego and the weather is still warm enough that you won’t be freezing out on the boat. Southern USA: Seven-day weather forecast. National temperature and precipitation maps are available from February 2001 to October 2020. Most weather systems in the mid-latitudes are caused by instabilities of the jet weather. In the atmosphere, 500-millibar height pressure anomalies correlate well with temperatures at the Earth's surface. °F. The weather turns colder for the holiday season, but not too cold the average daily temperature is still 21°C. Climate divisions shown in white or very light colors had average temperatures near 50°F. This is a list of cities by average temperature (monthly and yearly). The average December temperature in 2019 was 2.45 degrees Celsius. National Weather Maps. Thus, the mean temperature average in december in Utah is 29°F. Temperature Map of USA – Intuitively, temperature is a measure of how hot or cold something is, although the most immediate way in which we can measure this, by feeling it, is unreliable, resulting in the phenomenon of felt air temperature, which can differ at varying degrees from actual temperature. June December. World Sea Temperatures. Click the 500-Millibar chart to see a larger version of the chart with temperature and winds added. The average temperature in the contiguous United States reached 52.68 degrees Fahrenheit (11.49 degrees Celsius) in 2019. Get the latest coronavirus (COVID-19) updates for the USA with current travel advice, statistics and online resources.. Below are average maximum temperatures at popular destinations in Utah in December. USA National Forecast. USA Monthly Weather. Country: Mexico If you're a family travelling during the August summer holidays and want a break where the average mean temperature is between 25C and 30C, for example, the map … The average daytime high hovers around 78 degrees Fahrenheit, with nighttime lows dropping about 10 degrees lower. Highs, lows, fronts, troughs, outflow boundaries, squall lines, drylines for much of North America, the Western Atlantic … Arctic Weather Map. World Water Temperature from Global Sea Temperatures. This ranked among the warmest third of the 124-year period of record. It’s a great time to go, as the average temperature of Tenerife in December sits between 20ºC and 25ºC. UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Monday, November 30, 2020 at 14:06:14 UTC is Coordinated Universal Time , GMT is Greenwich Mean Time . Not all products are available for all dates and time periods. Later in the month usually gets busier. Temperature: December 2020: December-January-February 2020/21: January-February-March 2021: February-March-April 2021: March-April-May 2021: April-May-June 2021 March September. Average December high temperature: 18 degrees Celsius . Note that these seasonal averages are in contrast with those observed in Utah in the month of december with a maximum record of 56°F in 2012 and a minimum record of -9°F in 2009. Here's the U.S. Click the precipitation chart to see the total precipitation for selected locations and precipitation area. Temperature Globally, 2016, 2015 and 2017 were some of the warmest years ever recorded since 1880. You can find warmest resort with less rains and more sunny hours during the day. Get the current and average sea temperatures from over 7,000 locations and 200 countries around the world Weather Map by Month. The map below shows the near real-time water temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit (°F). 2. Temperature. Temperature Map in Celsius The United States Weather Map below shows the weather forecast for the next 12 days. USA Resorts. By Brian Donegan November 27, 2019. Press your refresh/reload button to get the latest version. Use the near real-time water temperature data with discretion, because they may contain errors. The average high temperature still reaches 19°C (about 66°F) but can dip as low as a rather chilly 8°C (around 46°F). Average July temperature in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit at United States of America Select from the other forecast maps (on the right) to view the temperature, cloud cover, wind and precipitation for this country on a large scale with animation. Map of average July temperature of USA. Temperature Outlook for December 2019. Select from the other forecast maps (on the right) to view the temperature, cloud cover, wind and precipitation for this country on … During January, the average Temperature Map of the United States was 32.2°F, 2.1°F above the 20th-century average. Select a destination to see more weather parameters. Crestview, with one of the state's highest elevations at 235 feet above sea level, has a mean December temperature of 51.1 degrees, with an average high of 63.4 and average low of 38.8. TEMPERATURE January–December 2001 0–8 inches 8–20 inches 20–30 inches 30–40 inches 40–50 inches over 50 inches LEGEND AVERAGE ANNUAL PRECIPITATION January–December 2001 Precipitation on Hawaii varies widely, from 10 inches per year near the shore, to over 400 inches on the eastern slopes of the mountains. Last 2 weeks of weather Click on a station marker for the near real-time and monthly mean temperature of the station. Sea Water Temperature. … Colors show the average monthly temperature across each of the 344 climate divisions of the contiguous United States. Temperature December is the tail end of the year and also of the weather here in Miami . Control the animation using the slide bar found beneath the weather map. This icon serves as a link to download the eSSENTIAL Accessibility assistive technology app for individuals with physical disabilities. Blue areas on the map were cooler than 50°F; the darker the blue, the cooler the average temperature. Average temperature: 28° / 20° (High/Low). The Arctic Weather Map below shows the weather forecast for the next 12 days. December typically offers good weather throughout Hawaii’s tropical islands. Average July temperature in degrees Fahrenheit at selected station US. Surface Analysis. United States Extended Forecast with high and low temperatures. What is the Best USA Resort to Visit in December? ANNUAL JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC YEARS # CITIES ; Average Temperature (F) 52.8: 31.9: 35.3: 42.4: 52: 60.8: 68.7: 73.3: 72.1: 65.2: 54.8: 43.5: 34.5 The US National Current Temperatures map is updated regularly. Click either the Maximum or Minimum Temperature Map to see the actual Highest and Lowest Temperatures for selected locations. Like November before it, December is one of the coolest months in Los Angeles with an average temperature of 14°C (around 56°F). It is also a very wet month with an average of 66 mm of rainfall that falls during the month. For each destination, Easyvoyage's weather tool gives you temperature and rainfall indicators, along with wind force and direction and sunrise/sunset times. Rio de Janeiro is one of the top winter destinations to visit this year, as it’s summer is in full swing by December. Take a look at the seven-day weather forecast for the principal cities inSouthern USA. Control the animation using the slide bar found beneath the weather map. April October.
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