Beshte knelt down, and Fuli helped Hodari climb onto his back. Hodari sings "Give a Little Guy a Chance", during which he boasts of his many skills. They hunt only what they need to be strong, and do not waste prey. Disney The Lion Guard - Season 2: The Little Guy - Beshte makes friends with a little gecko named Hodari who wants to be a crocodile more than anything else in the world! Hodari accidentally reveals Makuu's injury to Kiburi, inspiring the latter to take over Makuu's float. SHOW COMMENTS (0) Why Is This One Of Your Favorites? Scar & Sarabi = Zira? He attempts to use Hodari's friendship with the Lion Guard to his advantage, but Kion is adamant about Kiburi's banishment and commands the float to return to the Outlands. I'm back. Once there, the Lion Guard is met by Kiburi, who claims to simply be visiting. She is the fastest and first female member of the lion guard. Kiburi is furious that they've been woken up during the Dry Season due to the lack of water and threatens to eat Ono whe… A page for describing Recap: Lion Guard S 2 E 15 The Little Guy. After the introductions, Hodari sings "Give a Little Guy a Chance", in which he boasts of his strengths and skills despite his small stature. Hodari then mentions that he's friends with Beshte, claiming him to be the best member of the Lion Guard. Now he needs to tell the truth but then an attack happen, Fuli lost some of her memories and got lost in a place. Though his vision has been hindered, Hodari is still an excellent hunter and able to spot the smallest of movements, making him a great guard. D&D Beyond Maisha Urari is an ideology held by the members of the Moyo Hodari Pride. Nonton Disney The Lion Guard - English Kids tv series on Disney+ Hotstar now. Back in the Outlands, Kiburi devises a new plan to attack Makuu and seize control of his float. Shupavu and her minion, Njano, offer Hodari a place in Kiburi's float. They stopped to eat some fish and recharge energy to go on with their duties. We thought maybe you decided to stay with your Lion Guard friends. Just then, Ono spots a herd of cape buffalo stampeding toward the crocodiles. This shocks Hodari, who had not thought that Beshte would still consider them friends. Meanwhile, Kiburi pins down Makuu, and Tamka overcomes Kion, preventing him from helping Makuu. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. During the fight, Beshte spots Hodari in a nearby tree and expresses concern for him. He attacks and subdues Tamka. The Lion Guard starts to continue on their patrol, but Hodari halts Beshte. Above all, Hodari yearns to be accepted as part of a crocodile float. Hodari was mentioned over a year before his debut, along with. He then introduces the team to his float's newest member, Hodari. However, Hodari is also very gullible and easily misled. Hodari and the younger sister Jua set out to find a new pride. They looked confused. Bunga said. Hodari's name means "clever, smart" or "strong" or "brave" in Swahili. The Lion Guard: Lizard Love. Hodari senses the danger and tells Beshte to carry him closer to the fight, as he has an idea. Now the rest of the Guard need to find her out of the Pridelands. Kiburi reluctantly gives in, and the float leaves the Pride Lands. Despite his injuries, Makuu insists that he is fine and continues to train his float. However, he allows Hodari to engage in the traditional initiation spar, and orders Tamka to let the gecko win. Her name means "Very Fast" in Swahili language. Hodari. History: Hodari was born into a small lion pride that lived by Timon and Pumba's jungle. Kion watched as Beshte began to head towards Hapuna Valley. They encountered a float of crocodiles and were nearly eaten by them after Bunga unitentionaly challenged one of the members named Makuu. The Little Guy S2 E16 9 Jan 2018. Hodari is a gecko who resides in the Pride Lands, and an honorary member of Makuu's Float. Character Information Fuli is one of the main characters of the show, The Lion Guard. In the Outlands, Njano pitches the idea of Hodari, a gecko who is friends with the Lion Guard, becoming a member of Kiburi's float, but Kiburi is doubtful.
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