I spread the red clover flower heads on a tray and set my dehydrator at 95° and let them dry for a few hours. Copyright 2011-2020 Feathers In The Woods. 1. Thanks!~Lisa. 1. Can be used topically for skin irritation. The red clover must be 100% dry before being stored or the plants will mildew and mold. To make, pour hot water over 1-3 teaspoons of red clover, and let steep for 10-15 minutes. I love to drink red clover tea because it’s very safe, and it will increase my breast size! Red Clover tea supports women-specific issues, making this nutrient-rich herbal brew an important one to keep on hand. How to Harvest Red Clover. You can also harvest the leaves, before the flowers fully bloom, and … To harvest red clover simply snip the flower buds off above the first set of leaves. Conduct your first cutting before the plant's first mid-bloom. Add honey or sugar to taste. It's been used for coughs and respiratory congestion. Always do a small patch skin test before using a new wound wash to determine if you could have … 2. Remove the clover with as much of the stem as possible. In tea – The flowers have long been used as a blood cleanser, fertility tonic, and for liver and gall bladder support. Once the clover is dry, take off the petals and dispose of any thick stalks. Red clover is high in many vitamins and minerals and it has a long history of uses in herbal healthcare. If you chose to purchase something through the link, I will get a small payment from Amazon. I'm now viewing red clover in a new light and will definitely have to try that tea.Thank you for sharing at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. It sounds like a very useful herb. Drink several cups daily for two to ten weeks for a medicinal effect. Steep about 10 minutes. Over the years I've used many herbs but my love affair with red clover has never waned. Harvest red clover early in the day. Red Clover tea is a healing and balancing herbal tea, helping to cleanse and nourish the body on a daily basis. Red Clover infusions have quickly made their way onto the list of my top 5 most favorite drinks — not only is the tea nourishing but the blossoms of this clover are super tasty when eaten raw, and they make a wonderful treatment for wounds when used topically. The red clover plant actually belongs to the legume plant family (just like peanuts and beans), which is why animals often graze on it in the wild. To make red clover tea: Pour 8 ounces of boiling water over 1 Tablespoon dried red clover blossoms. 3. The blooms tend to be sweeter in the spring then in the fall, so if this is your intention plan accordingly. Enjoy! Step 3 - Make Tea I air dry red clover every year and keep in plastic sealed bags. Strain. The flowers are very … First she peed in the kittens bed. Strain and drink. 2. It is very pleasant to take and a wonderful blood purifier. You can also dry and ground red clover flowers into a fine powder/flour to be used to prepare baked goods. Very good for you and tastes great. Also make sure the flowers have not been sprayed. Herbal Tea: You may drink several cups of red clover tea a few times a week for general purposes. As soon as you pick the clover, remove it from the sunlight and keep it in a cool, dark place laying flat. For more info on Red clover including links to medical studies... Want more posts on taking care of your health naturally? For this, you will need 100-proof vodka or brandy (50% alcohol), dried red clover flowers, and a pint jar. Strain it You have a fresh, revitalizing cup of red clover tea. Let the tea cool to room temperature. 0 %. Fill a jar halfway up with dried red clover flowers. i always like every your post thx for share. Red Clover herb is a simple to find herb with many uses. Three: Blood flow seems to be enhanced by this herb since it can help prevent blood clots and thins the blood. Truth is, red clover has a ton of wonderful health uses! I like to mix mine w/ Pau d' Arco and drink it as a tea.... it is so healthy and also delicious. Helps to reduce menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, breast tenderness and night sweats. I prefer less traveled back roads, nature trails and state game lands (out of hunting season of course!). Often used to reduce symptoms of PMS associated with menstruation. :), Ohhh, I've never tried Pau d' Arco in tea! To use red clover, I make a tea by steeping 2 of the dried blooms in a cup of just boiling water for about 10 minutes. I read everything that little booklet said and tried every herb I thought I needed. They're dry once they feel crispy. Overview Information Red clover is a plant. With a long history of being a nourishing plant, this herb has been appreciated by many cultures and used in their traditional herbal remedies. This tea is made from dried flower heads. Red clover tea is special as it contains specific isoflavone contents. To make the red clover herbal tea, mix three tablespoons of red clover flowers with one cup of hot water. Bring the water to a boil. 3. [Read: Cardamom Tea Benefits] Let this steep for 15 minutes. Pour in the alcohol until it is about 2 cm from the top. I am simply passing on information that has worked for me. The flowers are used to make medicine. Preparing Red Clover Tea. Red clover can be infused in hot water to make a delicious herbal tea. Enjoy! Not only that, but cinnamon can be used in the garden so many differe... We currently have one rescue kitten left at our house and the Bengal is not very happy about it! Red clover is easy to grow from seed or root cuttings and requires very little attention. Steep about 10 minutes. is This way, it'll still ... 2. Red Clover Tea for Breast Enlargement. 4. Add honey or sugar to taste. Make an infused oil with the dried blossoms and then add beeswax to make a … Please see a Dr if you are ill. (This post contains affiliate links. This can also be used to make iced tea. I drink 2 cups a day when I'm using it for health reasons. In Back To Eden, an herbal book, it says it is excellent for cancer of the stomach. I spread the red clover flower heads on a tray and set my dehydrator at 95° and let them dry for a few hours. a perennial plant and is a member of the legume family. You can also dry quickly using a microwave. Strain. If you decide to forage for red clover, make sure you don't forage on a busy roadway where exhaust fumes may have contaminated the plant life or pesticide/herbicide may have been sprayed. This will help keep the color after the blossoms dry. It will not affect your purchase price. Like other flowering plants, the process is somewhat simple. And this is the reason why you need to start drinking it as well! Discussing how to harvest and dry clover using very simple methods. These dried cloves have a spicy, pungent flavor that makes them very popular as an ingredient in desserts and baked goods, as well as … This information is not medical advice and is for entertainment purposes only. Now I'm lucky enough to find red clover growing wild and no longer have to. 0.2 g Here are a few of the most common uses. Put the blooms between 2 paper towels and allow to dry naturally in a warm, dry environment, such as an airing cupboard. I use it in my. Drinking clove tea is an invigorating and delicious way to boost your nutrient intake and naturally treat certain health conditions.. What is Clove Tea? I have always had a good amount of gelatin in my diet. For this reason it should not be used by persons who are on blood thinning medications. Use this tea in place of caffinated tea and you will have spendid results. Red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) is a plant in the Fabaceae botanical family. Should not be taken by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. I used my All-American Sun Oven to dehydrate the clover. Remove from heat.Add clover blossoms and mint. Total Carbohydrate The garden is wrapping up and one of the last harvests of the year is pumpkins! Thanks for sharing and making the information so practical. If drying naturally in the sun, flip the flowerheads over halfway through the process to ensure even and full drying. This tea has a natural light sweetness to it, but you can add honey if desired. Bring the water to a boil. Strain and enjoy. After that I was hooked! You can also use 80-proof alcohol (40% alcohol) if you can’t find a stronger spirit. I … Red clover is obviously edible. Remove from heat.Add clover blossoms and mint. Red clover leaves and flowers can be eaten raw but they are easier to digest if boiled for a bit. Since it tends to grow wild, it's easy for me to find on. A documented cure for cancer, which traditionally comes from the hills of the Tennessee, reads, “ Place two or three teaspoons of red clover blossoms in a cup of boiling water, steep mixture until a tea is formed. All you need is dry blossoms of red clover and brew it at home easily. To prepare herbal tea from dried red clover blossoms, steep 2-3 teaspoons of the dried herb in hot water for 15 minutes. Apply the red clover tea to dry, chapped, or itchy skin or minor wounds using a cotton ball or clean cotton cloth. Click here for my other posts on using herbs, 8 Reasons why plants love cinnamon (These really work! Did you know that plain old kitchen cinnamon is an amazing fungicide? To harvest red clover simply snip the flower buds off above the first set of leaves. Let steep for 10 minutes. Using Red Clover Externally. More often the flowers (fresh or dried) are made into beneficial tea. Thanks for such an informative post Lisa. Red clover. Boil one to three teaspoons of dried red clover flowers for every cup of water. The round, pink flowers of red clover are a familiar sight in meadows and on hillsides across the world. There are claims that red clover may protect against cardiovascular disease because … It’s used to make an herbal supplement that may have some immune-boosting and positive hormonal effects, especially for postmenopausal women. Red clover flour is very popular for desserts, due to its sweet aftertaste. You can dehydrate clover by putting the blossoms into an electric dehydrator, placing them on a baking rack in a sunny spot outside, tying them in bundles to hang dry (you will need to leave the stems attached when gathering if you use this option), or by using a solar oven. It’s known scientifically as Trifolium pratense. Traditionally, red clover was used by Chinese, Russian and native Americans to soothe asthma and whooping cough.1 Like soya, red clover contains isoflavones – a type of phytoestro… 5 Ways to Use Red Clover. The best time to cut red clover is early in the morning, right after the dew has dried. Red Clover Uses. I'm delighted to be featuring this project at the party tonight and pinning too!! While historically the RC plant has been taken in the form of tea and tinctures, today it’s often used to make extracts, such as the product… Make sure you massage your breasts very gently using this potent oil mixture, and then, get rid of the excess fat using a dry paper cloth. Here's how I store my herbs using glass Mason jars. Ground red clover flowers into a baking flour. Clove tea is an herbal tea brewed from the dried and ground flower buds of the Syzygium aromaticum tree. Here are some of the many amazing properties of red clover. I am not a doctor or other health care professional nor do I claim to be. Also, the flowers are edible and make a lovely garnish for desserts. Inspect flowers and make sure there are no bugs. Those with abnormally low platelet counts, those using anticoagulant drugs, and those with clotting defects should avoid red clover preparations. Inspect flowers and make sure there are no bugs. Allow this to simmer. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes for the is flavones to be released and then drink up the cup of tea. Relaxes nerves and may provide mild relief from stress and anxiety. Make iced tea with it using 6 cups water and 2 decaf tea bags, adding the mint and red clover. Gather them in the summer when in full bloom, dry in the shade on papers. All rights reserved.. Powered by, Red clover is one of my favorite herbs to use. It's often used Many people like to break apart the fresh flowers and use the individual florets as garnish on desserts and in drinks. 1. Red clover grows all over the US and fits into New England, Mid Atlantic, Mid West, West, Southwest, and Southern regions. Red clover is one of those weeds that most of us see in our lawns, gardens, and parks. High in calcium, magnesium, niacin and vitamin C. Can help improve arterial health and boost circulation. Red clover blooms continuously throughout the season so it will replenish itself. Also make sure the flowers have not been sprayed. Red clover constituents are thought to stimulate the immune system. as a cover crop or grazing crop and helps to improve the soil. Tincture: Take 1 to 2 teaspoons daily. Red Clover Precautions and Warnings. ), Health benefits of eating gelatin daily (a 3 month challenge). is often thought to be a weed since it has the tendency to show up in unkempt areas like roadsides and empty lots. Red clover is a flowering plant and, like lentils and beans, a type of legume. I'll look into that. DIRECTIONS. While you give room for red clover you may also like to know that it can be used in the following ways: 1. The use of the red clover was prevalent amongst the Chinese and the Germans, while an old Irish remedy for winter cold was drinking of clover tea. You can harvest the flowers, when they are fully opened, and dry them to make your red clover tea. Want gardening and healthy living information sent right to your email weekly? Red clover contains a blood thinning substance called coumarin. One: The isoflavones that are contained in the herb may help raise HDL cholesterol (the good kind). Red clover is one of God's greatest blessing to man and grows just about everywhere! Put in paper bags when dry and hang in a dry place. Heart health. Red clover is quieting to the nerves, efective in spasmodic, bronchial troubles, is healing to fresh wounds as well as old ulcers, and makes an excellent healing salve. Two: This is often used for children that have a persistent, bad cough. Add the dry red clover flowers into the hot water in a heat safe vessel. To make red clover tea, add 4 grams of dried flower tops (or red clover tea bags) to 1 cup (250 mL) of boiling water and steep for 5–10 minutes. They're dry once they feel crispy. The clover will be very delicate, but it is important it gets a few hours to dry. Contains isoflavones which can increase 'good' cholesterol and keep blood clots from forming.
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