Regional Weather Map Weather Stories National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration January 30, 2020 Weather Xtreme Video - Afternoon Edition - Duration: 5:10. Copernicus Climate Change System temperature anomaly for January 2020. At the start of January, high pressure lay over southern parts of the UK, bringing settled weather but generally with plenty of cloud. Weather Safety Rules Temperatures dipped into the teens on the 19th and 20th. During the past month of January, Europe as a whole registered a positive temperature anomaly of 3.1°C, although a large swath extending across the north of the continent from Norway to western Russia has experienced average monthly temperatures 6°C above average values. Along with the heat, the world has seen some of the highest carbon dioxide concentration measurements at the Mauna Loa observatory in Hawaii, where values have continued to escalate. Items of Interest NAO forecast in February 2020 with very positive values through the predicted period. Fire Weather KY Mesonet, Latest Forecasts A cold front swept through the region on the morning of the 11th accompanied by a squall line that produced 70 mph winds in a few spots. Get the monthly weather forecast for New York, NY, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. Our long range forecasts can be used to make more informed decisions about future plans that depend on the weather, from vacations and weddings to sporting events and outdoor activities. January 2020 is now officially the warmest of all Januaries, according to data from the European Copernicus Climate Change Service system. Information about the weather in New York in January: >> Current temperature and weather forecast for New York >> Climate table and weather in January for New York >> Current water temperature for New York. At a Glance. In the first month of 2020, values have been close to the 415 parts per million mark which, according to paleoclimatology records, has not been registered on earth over the past 800,000 years. ... 6th January 2020 During La Befana, locals commemorate the arrival of La Befana – a good witch who arrives in the city on her broomstick on the evening of January 5th to leave children sweets and presents. Please select one of the following: Wind damage in Monroe County on the 11th. 1:51. 4 February 2020 With the northeast monsoon over southern China generally weaker than normal for most of the time in the month, January 2020 was much warmer than usual. … NWS January 31, 2020. LMK Warning Area PUPPY IS VERY EXCITED FOR ITS FIRST SNOWFALL. Forecast Discussion Central U.S. What's the weather like in Cairns in January. January is one of the coldest, wettest months in Funchal, Madeira, but because the island enjoys a Mediterranean climate all year, the weather is still very mild.The days are long and, when it's not raining, sun-filled, and there are barely any crowds compared to the summer months meaning you get to explore in peace! Weather Radio Another option in India experiencing good weather in January is Kerala, just under 400 miles to the south of Goa. Long-Range Weather Forecast for 2020-2021 . Please Contact Us. Temperature. SKYWARN. A line of thunderstorms brought widespread wind damage to the area, most of which … Please try another search. The percentage indicates the probability of having the weather indicated. In Helsinki, Finland, the daytime temperature has exceeded 0°C every day in January, which is unusual. We use cookies on this site to improve your experience as explained in our Cookie Policy. The pressure analysis from the […] Meanwhile, an area of high pressure over southern Europe extended from the Iberian Peninsula to the Black Sea. Submit a Storm Report The weather service has just confirmed January 2020 exceeded the previous monthly record set in January 2016 by 0.03 degrees Celsius. Meteorologists agree that temperature anomalies of the northern hemisphere may be related to certain patterns of the North Atlantic (NAO) and Arctic (AO) oscillations. Past Derby/Oaks/Thunder Weather During many days in January and now in February, we have seen these two ingredients of the atmospheric circulation in a positive mode, which has favoured the presence of warmer air masses in the region. What's the Weather like in Funchal in January. January 2020 Weather in Atlanta — Graph °F. The mean maximum temperature of 21.2 degrees and mean temperature of 18.6 degrees were respectively 2.6 degrees and 2.3 degrees above their corresponding normals and both were the … Offenbach, 30 January 2020 – In January 2020, the weather consistently followed the same pattern: a series of strong low-pressure systems emerged from the northern hemisphere’s cold pole above Canada and Greenland, passing over Iceland and Lapland towards northern Russia. However, because a decent amount of this precipitation fell as rain (and NOT snow), snow totals were actually below-normal across much of the area … Get the monthly weather forecast for Houston, TX, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. Find historical weather by searching for a city, zip code, or airport code. However, there were swings, namely, above average temperatures were in place generally in the beginning and ending thirds of the month while below average temperatures prevailed in-between. On a whole, January 2020 finished near normal as an average temperature-wise across the area. 5:57 . Hazardous Weather Outlook The Weather of January 2020. January's cold and snow is well known in the Northern Hemisphere. STYX Recommended for you. Typical winter highs are already in the 50s and 60s in those states. At a Glance. Local Climate Pages 11th: High of 72° at Bowling Green, precipitation of 1.77" at Bowling Green, high of 73° at Frankfort, high of 75° at Lexington, high of 70° at Louisville, 7th warmest January on record at Lexington and Louisville, Wind damage in Monroe County on the 11th. See Hour-by-hour Forecast for upcoming weather. Advisory/Warning Criteria, Radar That pattern tends to result in warmer temperatures for most of the midlatitudes including the CONUS. CoCoRaHS Near average temperatures are expected from the Pacific Northwest through the Central Plains and into Southeast. January 2020 Weather in Vancouver — Graph °F. Weather ☀ ⛅ California ☀ ⛅ January ☀ ⛅ Information on temperature, sunshine hours, water temperature & rainfall in January for California. Wilmington, Current Conditions Tommy Shaw - Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) (Live) - Duration: 5:57. We have seen some outstanding positive temperature measurements in northern Europe, for example, the 19°C value reached in the Norwegian town of Sunndalsora on January 2 was 25°C higher than the average monthly temperature for that location. The warmth culminated on the 10th-11th with daily average temperatures nearly 30 degrees warmer than normal as we basked in afternoon temperatures in the 70s. Source The Weather Network. See weather overview. After a relatively winter-poor December in Europe and some other places across the Northern Hemisphere, we continued January in a very similar fashion. Multiple locations were found. It was far from wintery across many parts of the Northern Hemisphere mid-latitudes. At a Glance Relatively mild conditions may persist into January for the South and East. 1-Stop Drought 14-Day weather forecast for New York. Sorry, the location you searched for was not found. All NOAA. Daily Temp/Precip Maps January 2020 The averaging period used for the following assessment was 1981-2010. But twice in history, an Atlantic hurricane developed in January. In Europe alone, positive temperature anomalies in January have exceeded the previous record set in 2007 by 0.2 degrees Celsius. January is usually the start of the coldest month in Tokyo, Japan, with temperatures often falling below 2(36°F) in the morning. These forecasts are probabilities for the month of january from weather reports for over 10 years. Text Products Temperature. Satellite loop over a seven-day period from Jan. 23-30, 2020, showing persistent cloudiness over the Midwest. Local Climate Page January 2020 temperature departures from 1981-2010 averages over all of Earth's land and ocean surfaces. December . Station History January 2020 Summary > Louisville, KY > January 2020 Summary This was a very warm and wet month for the Ohio Valley. Evansville 01. US Dept of Commerce Temperatures in Goa in January are in the low thirties and sea is as warm as you'd find in Malindi and the Maldives. Air Quality In this section, check out the weather forecast for the month of january for most popular cities in Canada. In the atmosphere, 500-millibar height pressure anomalies correlate well with temperatures at the Earth's surface. January 2020 Weather in Melbourne — Graph °F. January 2020 Weather in Orlando — Graph °F. Outreach Similar to December 2019, January 2020 temperatures were well above normal across the entire area, ranging from 4 to 7 degrees above normal for central and southeast IL. November. Source ECMWF EU. About the NWS Hazardous Weather Outlook See weather overview. 10th: Warm low of 59° at Bowling Green, high of 68° at Frankfort, high of 67° at Lexington, warm low of 57° at Lexington, high of 67° at Louisville, warm low of 58° at Louisville Temperature anomalies in Canada during the early days of January 2020. Tornado Machine Plans, Weather Safety Include a date for which you would like to see weather history. January 2020 is now officially the warmest of all Januaries, according to data from the European Copernicus Climate Change Service system. © 2020 The Weather Network Pelmorex Weather Networks. About Our Office You can reject cookies by changing your browser settings. These predictions are probabilities for the month of january from weather reports for over 10 years. New; 5:10. There was one cold snap during the month from the 17th to the 22nd. Areas in the darkest red shadings had the warmest January … Hourly Observations What's the Weather Like in Miami in January. Aviation National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center 30. Spotter Training See weather overview. There was almost no snow in January, similar to December 2019. When they are more intense they directly influence, among other things, the position of the Polar Jet stream which drives fronts, storms, and air masses into some of the countries affected by above-normal temperatures this January 2020. Decision Support Page Get the monthly weather forecast for Orlando, FL, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. Temperature. January may well be one of the coldest months of the year to visit Miami in Florida, but the weather stays mild thanks to the warm climate in this part of the world. Rainrisk 0%. Head to the southern half of Goa for quieter beaches and smaller resorts. See Hour-by-hour Forecast for upcoming weather. Fort Campbell Canada's Winter Forecast: Your next 3 months of weather. Get the Long Range Weather for Your Location. Resurrected: Fixing a sad broken C64 - Duration: 41:49. Recreation Forecasts, Past Weather Partly Cloudy ↓ 6 / ↑ 11 °C ↓ 42.8 / ↑ 51.8 °F. See weather overview. January is the second winter month. 1-Stop Severe Forecast January 2020 was most noted by above-normal precipitation (especially within the eastern two-thirds of the area). Jackson See weather overview. Weather forecast - 1 January 2020 - Duration: 1:51. eNCA 5,207 views. Spot Request January 2020 Weather in New York — Graph °F. The average position of the upper-level ridges of high pressure and troughs of low pressure—depicted by positive and negative 500-millibar height anomalies on the January 2020map—is generally reflected by areas of positive and negative temperature anomalies at the surface, respectively. El Nino and La Nina January 11, 2020 Severe Weather A strong storm system brought widespread severe thunderstorms to the southeastern US during the afternoon and evening hours of January 11, 2020. In this section, check out the weather forecast for the month of january for most popular cities in United States. Other areas of the planet where positive temperature anomalies stand out are Russia, the eastern half of North America including Canada, eastern China, Japan, and much of eastern Australia, where wildfires have been raging out of control. Climate Graphs What's the Weather like in Tokyo in January . That warmth was largely consistent with a strongly positive Arctic Oscillation (AO). Cairns, a beautiful city and tourist hotspot in Cairns Region, Queensland, Australia experiences warm temperatures in January. See Hour-by-hour Forecast for upcoming weather. 1-Stop Winter Forecast Sunday Jan 19 was the coldest day of the month, and coldest day since March 4th 2019, with highs 10-15 and lows of zero to 5 above over much of central IL. Louisville, KY6201 Theiler LaneLouisville, KY 40229-1476502-969-8842Comments? Thursday, February 6th 2020, 4:47 pm - Positive temperature anomalies are on the rise, with many hot spots in Europe. Photo courtesy Emily Stinson, Current Hazards A a good number of towns in Sweden, Russia, and Finland have also seen record temperatures. Source ECMWF via WxBell. Experimental Graphical Hazardous Weather Outlook, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Positive temperature anomalies are on the rise, with many hot spots in Europe. January 2020 was notable for being the fifth warmest on record over the Contiguous U.S. (CONUS). As is typical during a positive AO, the warmth was particularly concentrated in th… See long range weather forecasts for the next 60 days from The Old Farmer’s Almanac! Apart from natural climatic variability signals like the NAO or AO, capable of increasing temperatures in areas such as Europe or North America, science has shown through attribution studies that global warming, especially in northern areas of the hemisphere North, is helping amplify these signals. Tornado History, Local Information Weather in Canada in january 2021. Science and Technology See Hour-by-hour Forecast for upcoming weather. The most likely spot for cooler temperatures compared to average will be from the northern Plains into the Upper Midw… Questions? January 2020 was the warmest January on record. Parts of the West have the best chance of near- or below-average temperatures. See Hour-by-hour Forecast for upcoming weather. The positive AO is associated with an enhanced cyclonic circulation around the North Pole, which tends to concentrated the coldest air in the Arctic. This gradually moved away south-eastwards allowing frontal systems in from the west, and from the 7th to 17th the weather was mild, unsettled and also very windy at times. This was a very warm and wet month for the Ohio Valley. Climate Prediction If you're looking for a winter getaway, head down to California and Arizona for much above average warmth, by winter standards. What's the Weather Like in Rome in January? Nationwide Weather Stories Weather in the United States (USA) in january 2021. ABC 33/40 Weather 619 views. When these two oscillations are in a positive mode, they can produce milder temperatures across large areas of the northern hemisphere, from the U.S. and Canada to Europe. Nashville Being near the tropics, daily average temperatures range between 23°C (73.4F) and 31°C (87.8F). Fort Knox The same anomalous temperature pattern has occurred in other Scandinavian cities like Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen. The warmth culminated on the 10th-11th with daily average temperatures nearly 30 degrees warmer than normal as we basked in afternoon temperatures in the 70s.
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