The Great Landscaping Debate: Natural Stone vs. Pavers. Should you have any questions about the benefits or drawbacks of either concrete or porcelain paver products, we strongly recommend that you take the time to visit a local supplier and pick the brains of the professionals who are experienced with both types of materials. Take a trip to his showroom and see for yourself.We love our cobblestones and pavers in Gris and the Spanish pool tiles also look amazing. You will save time and money on replacing pavers and renovating. article we wrote about the pros and cons between porcelain pavers and natural stone pavers. Highly recommend. He was so patient as I came back and forth, always helpful and informative about the stone - whether it would be good or not for purpose, arranged delivery, provided excellent stone and suggestions, organised bulldozing and any replacement tiles I needed at the drop of a hat, and let me take stone home to see in situ. Again, because porcelain is made from clay, it is a dense and tough material which makes it heavy. All concrete pavers stones are manufactured by mixing gravel, sand, cement, dye, and water and pouring them into molds. Here’s a look at some of the key perks to working porcelain into your hardscape: Although extremely hard and durable, porcelain is fragile during the installation process and should be treated with the utmost care. Their design resembles natural stone, so if you prefer this aesthetic, you may want to consider porcelain pavers for your project. Power washing may remove some stains, and you ca… Porcelain pavers are made from clay. Really a stress free experience. Arman has always been super helpful and always returns calls and texts instantly. We are thoroughly happy with the result. The following two tabs change content below. I needed advice on how to clean a stain on my travertine pavers and I received an immediate response. We love our limestone Melba pavers and delivery and purchase was quick and easy. – You won’t have to invest a lot of your precious time and energy into taking care of your concrete pavers. Porcelain is one of the toughest flooring pavers available on the market. PORCELAIN PAVERS Porcelain Pavers are an excellent option for concrete overlay projects. As porcelain pavers are more dense and less porous than natural stone pavers, their composition makes it nearly impossible for moisture to seep through them. Concrete Cost Per Square Foot The cost to install a concrete patio or driveway ranges between $6 and $10 per square foot. Would highly recommend and be our first point of call for any stone needs in the future! With time and general wear and tear, the smooth finish can wear away completely and expose the composite material underneath. This is because they work wonders for suppressing weed growth. All things having been considered, it’s easy to see that both porcelain and concrete pavers are excellent options for anyone wanting to take their home’s hardscape to the next level. Arman saved me alot of funds with his insightful advice. Whether you’re paving a driveway or a patio, they are both excellent choices. Really appreciate your assistance Arman - thank you again. Concrete vs. Pavers for Pool Deck. His showroom is worth a visit. Not all faux stone pavers are made with concrete. The concrete is also dyed all the way through in order to give the material a beautiful, natural stone appearance that won’t fade or diminish over time. Also, concrete often provides a smoother walking surface, especially if it is treated with a grip-able top coating. It’s other advantages include: One of the leading benefits of porcelain pavers is its aesthetic appeal. If you are looking for a ‘natural stone look’ paver without the price-tag of natural stone, or because you are installing the paver near water and want to use a more suitable material, porcelain pavers are an ideal choice for your project. 3. Pavers are usually more visually appealing than concrete slabs 1 because you can manipulate the pavers and create designs, and they come in a variety of colors. We are renovating our 17-year old in-ground pool with the Jewels 4 Pools FC50 finish. No periodic sealing is required to prevent spills from becoming stains. While either option is excellent, though, one might be more “right” for your property than other. The fact that porcelain pavers are so much lighter in weight than their natural stone or concrete counterparts is very beneficial throughout the transportation and installation process. So it really depends on what you want from your paver and where in your home you’re installing it. Amazing service and great range of quality stones. He initially provided advice over the phone, sending photos of possible cobble options for our ribbon driveway under various lighting conditions, to better inform selection. If you would like any help with this, call our experts in Sydney at 1300 560 560. More selection. Porcelain pavers, like their concrete counterparts, are often designed to emulate natural stone, or even other elements like natural wood, both in coloring and in texture. It’s important to make sure that you use the appropriate chemicals for melting snow and ice during the winter month so as to avoid corrosion. These are on concrete slabs - approx. While concrete is not as plentiful when it comes to designs and colors, you can choose stamped or decorative concrete, which provides a … They are also conveniently available in a range of colours and shapes which makes them a versatile option for outdoor spaces. Arman is a great operator and sells top quality products. Our team prides itself on providing an exceptional level of service that keeps people coming back time and time again. Living in Australia where we are constantly subject to bushfires, this is an extremely advantageous quality in a paver for your home, especially outdoors. The term ‘hardscaping’ was coined in recent years to denote the permanent elements, typically some type of stone, used in landscaping. In other words, if you live in a hot sunny place, light-colored pavers will be more comfortable underfoot. – Although concrete pavers look just like the real deal, they are available at a fraction of the price. High tech manufacturing processes make it possible to generate a ceramic material that is much thicker than the ceramic tile used indoors, making it very suitable for use throughout a home’s exterior. Does MSI have a porcelain pavers product in Isabela Beige? His recommendation, Rhys of RBG Landscapes has just completed the driveway and has exceeded our expectations. The fireplaces look amazing. Like concrete pavers, porcelain tiles can emulate natural stone, but they can also mimic other natural elements like natural wood in both color and texture. We were short some stone and they were able to deliver an additional order in a matter of days. When it comes to available hardscaping materials there are two overall choices; natural stone and manmade pavers. Thanks to their smart manufacturing processes,concrete pavers are less expensive than other paving options like poured concrete or asphalt, or even sandstone, granite, or clay. These guys are the dream team. This guide is here to highlight the benefits and considerations associated with both concrete and porcelain pavers, as well as tips for choosing the right material for your hardscaping upgrade. One issue that can occur is weeds going up through cracks in between the slabs, so the fewer slabs you have, the better. Additionally, they come as interlocked pieces which allows for expansion and contraction without the risk of surface cracks. Porcelain … All I can say is Urzula and Arman were great, their after sales help was amazing. The concrete is cast in molds with specific cuts and shaping that resemble that which could be found in nature, and a natural texturing is also applied to all sides of the “stone”. Porcelain pavers come in a large variety of shapes and colors to meet any specific architectural or beautification needs. I needed some pavers at really short notice, he sorted me out within 48 hours and the showroom had 5x as many designs that I liked compared to other stores. What is the best rated porcelain pavers product? , like their concrete counterparts, are often designed to emulate natural stone, or even other elements like natural wood, both in coloring and in texture. I wasn't even advised to buy one of their products but to try a household cleaner. Really appreciated the fabulous and friendly service provided by Arman at Armstone both on site in Glebe showroom and with phone and email communications throughout my landscaping project. We found the selection of high quality stone at Armstone to be both extensive and curated in way we could make decisions with ease. A massive thanks to Arman for all his help and knowledge.He really make things easy to understand and always have me and my clients best interest at heart.I believe everyone should make Armstone their first stop because you will always find the help and products you need. The guys at Armstone went beyond what they had to to ensure we realised the look we were after. Regardless of whether you’ve elected to work with concrete or porcelain, it’s important that you find an honest and reputable paver supplier in your locale. Foresta White Porcelain Paver. These manmade pavers can adopt a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes, resulting in a virtually limitless array of design possibilities. Nothing was a problem with these guys. Manufactured from high-quality materials, porcelain pavers are luxurious and alluring when installed around your home. We will use next time we need stone and advice. Tiles come in wide array of materials, colors, sizes, textures and styles. Now that we have detailed the advantages and limitations of concrete pavers, let’s review the advantages and limitations of porcelain pavers. Those who want to make their properties stand out while getting the most out of their outdoor living spaces know that the best way to go about improving their hardscape is to make use of faux-stone pavers. The two categories of concrete pavers are interlocking and architectural slab. Since it’s also less porous than other materials, it is very easy to wipe off stains or spillages. The result is a very affordable, practical and beautiful alternative to natural products. If the area gets high traffic or the ground is not stable, it would be best to use a concrete slab and tiles. Paver Outlet is dedicated to help you find the right paver for your needs and budget. For example, our selection of porcelain structural pavers is available in over 50 different prints and 10 different stone-looks. We mentioned earlier that porcelain pavers are made from clay. Concrete pavers vs. stone pavers vs. stamped concrete for pool deck? Limestone Pavers: Things to know about Limestone Pavers, 6 Things you Should know when using Bluestone Pavers Outdoors, 5 Tips on How to Choose Pool Pavers & Pool Coping – by Armstone, What is the Best way to Install Free Form Stone Cladding by Armstone. Both concrete and porcelain pavers are extremely popular throughout the northeast, each offering their own unique advantages and each being equipped with their own merits. As an owner builder, Arman has come to my rescue twice. We would love to help you out. Abbotsford Concrete Products has been an innovative industry leader in the manufacturing of Interlocking Pavingstones and Segmental Retaining Wall Systems for three decades. Arman was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Replacing the paver copers and surrounding paved areas is not an easy choice. Thank you for reading our blog and if you found it helpful, please share it with your friends. Porcelain tiles which are 20mm … As a result, porcelain pavers are extremely heat resistant. Decent value, great range and perfect customer service. Porcelain pavers are also generally cooler to the touch than concrete pavers. Thank you! He stayed in contact throughout the whole process and his pricing was very competitive. Lighter weight materials generally cost less to move due to lower fuel consumption, and you’ll also enjoy the ability to maneuver your pavers with increased speed and agility. Not only was Arman very accommodating, but recognising we were in a bind offered an alternative contractor. Arman is utterly professional and outdoes his competitors by offering quality products, great service and advice. He was extremely helpful in our selection process and very flexible when it came to delivery. is its aesthetic appeal. Meanwhile, the price for paver installation ranges between $10 and $20 per square foot. We offer beautiful, high quality products from the top manufacturers of concrete and paving materials in the world so that you can enjoy the peace of mind that you’re working with the best of the best. DriBond will actually adhere the pavers directly to the concrete … In addition, cracks and stains may developover time. Arman was extremely helpful, giving us clear advice about various types of paver and lending us samples to take home and try out in situ. In addition to manufacturing pavers that look like stone, some concrete paver manufacturers have also experimented with generating pavers that emulate wood. So if you need particular shapes or designs, unless you’re an expert, porcelain can be hard to install. Check out the Porto 16 in. Pavers vs. Couldn't ask for a better experience. These ranges are typically identical for driveways and pool decks. The end result is a flexible aesthetically beautiful material that opens up your outdoor environment to incredible design potential. Hi Arman, Thanks so much for your help and responsiveness in supplying the stone for our fireplaces. This lead to an easy final review in his showroom and expeditious purchase.Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances we were forced to instigate delivery delays leading to extended storage. Manufactured from high-quality materials, porcelain pavers are luxurious and alluring when installed around your home. Compared to pavers which are dry laid without using adhesive, properly installed outdoor tiles on a secure concrete slab are more permanent. Jason (from Canberra). In fact, it was the best that we have encountered in Australia (across all industries). This is because concrete pavers remain durable against the cycle of freezing and thawing, can tolerate de-icing salts and are naturally slip resistant. Along with an already broad range, you can also buy pavers with different textures and edges. Pavers are much like bricks. Give us a call or stop by today to pick up your pavers or talk to one of our friendly professionals about having your order bulk delivered to job sites throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA. Home Blog Concrete vs Porcelain Pavers: Advantages and Limitations. x 16 in. If you need any help making the best choice for your project. Speak to Lawrence, best in the business - Passionate & knowledgeable, the best place if you font to buy any type of stone. They had 30mm stone we could lay on road base (rather than concrete). As with any paving option, concrete pavers come with their own potential limitations, including: Concrete pavers are manufactured with colour pigments. While it doesn't match natural stone's inherent beauty it also doesn't require any maintenance which especially for outdoor use that is really nice. That being said, pavers can be used to accent a pool deck’s aesthetic style. You’ll enjoy the same consistent quality from unit to unit. 4. Great environment. Outstanding! I would use this company again on a jiffy. In recent years, it has become popular to create beautiful pavers from tough and durable porcelain. Great service, great advice, professional and customer focused . We are thoroughly happy with the result. As concrete pavers are an inexpensive material with a low-cost manufacturing process, manufacturers are always delivering innovative designs, which broadens the variety of concrete pavers available on the market. Thus, you can have the beauty of natural stone, and thanks to it being a man-made material, you have an additional bonus of easy upkeep and maintenance. Concrete pavers are easier to cut and install, due to the pavers being precisely uniform. We have used Armstone twice now. Thankyou... Great product and excellent service. Everything you need and excellent customer service! Pros: Less expensive. Thank you Urszula for your friendly manner, prompt and professional customer service and never failing to assist Alex and I with any question or request we had regarding our recent purchase. Due to the lower cost of the raw materials, concrete pavers are less expensive than brick. Arman was great in responding and answering queries. It makes taking on a renovations much smoother with a true professional.Regards Annabelle. The ceramic we received was gorgeous and nothing was ever too much trouble and both communication and customer service/advice was unrivalled. Instead, skillful engineers work to design and manufacture pavers that look and feel just like real stone. Our state of the art manufacturing facility ensures that you receive the best products, which meet or exceed strict ASTM or CSA Standards. So if you are choosing between concrete and porcelain pavers and would like to make the right choice for your project, this quick guide will help you better understand both of their potential advantages and drawbacks. are the perfect fit for an array of different hardscaping projects. Concrete pavers are made with cement and air cured. MYTH # 2. We bought our outdoor pavers from there and have been happy with the selection. As such, not all areas in your home may sustain its weight. Concrete pavers come in a wide variety of colours, shapes, and sizes, so you can customise your driveway or patio layout as you like. Arman was most knowledgeable and offered a number of suggestions, including high resistance porcelain pavers used as a stepping stones with garden pebbles. Whether you’re into an old world European style, prefer a touch of whimsy, or are looking for something very modern and stylish, you’ll find the perfect fit. Arman, thank you for everything. There’s a lot to love about concrete pavers. There’s no going wrong when you choose to work with Premier Pavers & Stone. Thanks. Their design resembles natural stone, so if you prefer this aesthetic, you may want to consider porcelain pavers for your project. Benefits of Porcelain Pavers Porcelain paving stones offer many benefits when compared to more the more traditional concrete and stone products used outdoors. If you are on a tight budget, concrete pavers are a good choice for your project. Highly recommend. I would strongly recommend Arman and Armstone to everyone.We love the Melba Limestone Pavers used around our pool.Thank you and well done Arman for giving us a great experience. We've used Armstone on a number of projects now where we've needed stone or tiles and we will definitely be back again. I cannot recommend Aman and Armstone enough! We purchased these travertine tiles and polished pebbles from Armstone as per this photo. – Porcelain is an extremely hard and tough material, and the pavers are even thicker than normal which adds to their strength. Stamped concrete is made to look like pavers, however it costs just as much. Concrete Pavers. These porcelain pavers are specifically designed for outdoor applications and provide the marketplace with a more aesthetically appealing alternative to traditional looks offered by concrete and brick pavers. Concrete Pavers: Pick the Right Material for Your Outdoor Oasis A beautiful hardscape is the hallmark of any home with curb appeal. In contrast to concrete and stone pavers, they are incredibly stain and chemical resistant while never needing to be sealed, all of which means that minimal maintenance is needed. Concrete pavers are available  in a wide variety of colours, shapes, and sizes, so you can customise your driveway or patio layout to your taste and design. Couldn’t have achieved the great outcome without their advice and quality product. This will help to narrow down your options significantly so that as you browse through the different product lines available from leading paver manufacturers, you can make a quick and confident decision. How do you choose between the two? Because both materials are very affordable, practical and readily available throughout our area, the decision will really come down to your personal tastes and desires, and the options that are available from each type of paving material. Besides appearance, the main concern for homeowners for most outdoor updates is the amount of ongoing maintenance involved. It was such a pleasure to deal with Armstone. However, as mentioned in the previous point, they can erode over time and as such, if you are looking for an even more durable stone paver, you may find that natural stone or porcelain pavers have better longevity. Arman was just great to work with. You are very knowledgeable and the best customer service we could ask for. Stamped Concrete vs. Pavers; Concrete Stair Treads; ADA Truncated Domes; Paver Tools; Pavers Power Tools; Cost of Concrete Pavers & Porcelain Pavers. Concrete slabs are prone to splitting and cracking with time. In addition, keep an eye out for cracks and address them quickly to avoid problems with freeze and thaw cycles. If you are looking for quality stone products check out Armstone’s showroom. Outdoor 2cm porcelain pavers are a relatively new product category that has been added to outdoor pavers. Other reasons for their popularity are that decorative garden pebbles have great curbside appeal, don’t need yearly top ups, and provide a fantastic contrast to garden plants. – Unlike natural stone, concrete pavers are manufactured with care, precision and attention to detail. Copyright © 2019 Braen Supply. They just need to be supported with rubber pads under each corner of the pavers, yet the height of surface can be a little as 1” higher than your existing surface. x 0.79 in. Found the perfect products and the team were so helpful! If you live in a location that experiences extreme colder climates, especially with significant snowfall, then concrete pavers are a good option for your home. When it comes to durability pavers also have the upper hand, as they are said to be 4 times as strong as concrete slabs. Concrete pavers mix well and can be mixed and matched to create unique walkways and outdoor surfaces. Kathy. This is why porcelain pavers are an ideal solution for pool surroundings and colder climates that experience heavy rainfall or snow. He was very accommodating after we'd ordered our pavers too, when the job was delayed a long time, by storing them for us. Porcelain pavers perform better than most other paving options when exposed to moisture. Outdoor porcelain tiles offer a unique mix of beauty and durability. The quality of their products is amazing and their product knowledge and customer support is second to none.... High quality products and reasonable prices. – There can be no mistake about the fact that concrete pavers are absolutely gorgeous. All Rights Reserved. Our garden needed a new face. Durable. Another advantage to concrete pavers, as opposed to pouring concrete, is that repairing concrete pavers can be much cheaper as you simply need to swap any damaged piece rather than re-concrete the whole area. Whether you like smooth shapes or novel shapes – like tongue-and-groove designs – concrete pavers can be cut to your desired pattern and design. Concrete pavers provide beauty and functionality at an affordable price. Please call 973-835-1419 to schedule an appointment. They have the lowest profile (20mm), offer a upscale contemporary look and are highly resistant to stains, frost, mold and fading. I would definitely recommend Armstone. Porcelain pavers are made from an unlimited supply of kiln-fired clay, and are a “green” alternative to exotic hardwoods from depleting rain forests. This gives far more options in designing a unique outdoor living area. He manages both the inside and outside sales staff and oversees all day-to-day operations. Arman’s strong, customer focused passion has seen countless projects come to life. It’s a good idea to take the time to really envision how you would like your completed project to look so that you can make the right decision about the style of paver you are most interested in, as well as pertaining to the color schemes that you invest in.
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