Signs of a Pregnant Guppy. One of the first steps in preventing adult fish to eat baby platies is to know how to recognize the signs of pregnancy and prepare the aquarium for the time the female platy will give birth. When your pregnant guppy is getting close to her delivery date however, you will notice that usually her belly will square out a bit. Even if having missed the mating ritual, noticing if your female guppy is pregnant is quite simple. It is very important to pay attention to the signs of a pregnant guppy in order to care for them accordingly. The pregnancy period for guppies is usually from 21 to 30 days (within 22 to 26 days most times) according to the aquarium’s temperature, cleanliness, and the female guppy’s health. What are some signs that a pregnant guppy will give birth soon? Here are a few more details you may find useful: If you look at the back of her belly, you should be able to see a dark spot. Most guppies live for anywhere between 1 to 3 years. Otherwise Guppies that are full might get mistaken for being pregnant. Is My Fish Pregnant, Fat Or Just Bloated? A pregnant guppy has a dark spot under its tail. the biggest one was acting funny all day yesterday so we figured she was going into labor. Do Guppies Lay Eggs? A Friend of mine has a guppy that took three months to finally give birth. The easiest methods might be to look for the darken and enlarged gravid spot but sometimes it might not be so obvious when you just got your Guppies or if you forgot how the gravid spot looked like previously. If you're like a lot of pregnant moms, you're probably wondering how you'll know for sure that you're in labor. Like most animals, the male Guppy is much more vibrant colors as compared to the female Guppy. The dorsal fin is present on the top of the fish, about two to three inches from the head of the fish. This article can serve as a quick go-to guide on spotting the signs of molly pregnancy, saving molly fry, and feeding and caring for baby molly fish. Keep up with regular weekly maintenance to maintain your aquarium tank water quality to prevent any diseases and illnesses. Technically yes, the fry can survive without a filter for a few days, but be careful; you shouldn’t feed them too much. The number of babies a guppy will have varies; guppies can give birth to 2 to 200 fry (baby guppies) at a time, taking about 6 hours. It is essential you also know weight gain and the blackening of the gravid spot close to the anus below the tail. Signs of labor — Know exactly what to expect as your due date approaches and your body prepares for delivery. I couldn’t be. Samia: Hi this thread might be old but I have some urgent questions. It is essential you also know weight gain and the blackening of the gravid spot close to the anus below the tail. The spot becomes dark once the eggs of the Guppy are fertilized, and it increases in size as the pregnancy progresses. Try giving it some hiding spots with plants or other aquarium decorations. Some additional symptoms of pregnancy among guppies include: Shaking or shivering; Rubbing itself up against things in the tank – the wall, leaves, decorations Guppies can cost as low as $0.10 each at pet stores, while the fancier guppies may cost around $25. What are some signs that a Guppy is about to give birth? These are classified based on how well they can predict whether a woman is pregnant or not. 5 years ago. The lifespan of a guppy on average is about five years, but this really depends on the water quality, the food quality, stress levels, the tank, and a bunch of other things. If a guppy gets pregnant, then her gravid spot will get bigger as well as darker as the pregnancy progresses. Remember to always ask a veterinarian for help regarding all of your pets. Guppies are beautiful fish with vibrant tails. The gravid spot is actually the dead giveaway. In many rare cases, guppies have been known to give birth for about 12 hours at a time. The tail fin of the Guppy can also help you tell both the genders apart. Pregnant guppy showing signs of labor for 5+ days, but still no fry. To tell if a pregnant guppy is about to give birth, there are a few signs to look for. One of the easiest pregnant guppy signs of delivery to spot is the change in the shape of your guppy. Understanding the symptoms of pregnant fish will make it possible to better plan for the upcoming birth. A typical female guppy will be pregnant for 21 to 30 days but this can vary considerably. Looking very closely, you can sometimes see a bunch of tiny black spot. 2. In full, the following signs of guppy fish that will give birth: They don't move too much or are not active The gravid spot is located right on top of the anal fin. Molly fish are livebearers, which simply means that instead of laying eggs , fertilizing them on the spawning site and hatching them, molly fish give birth to live fish. I believe both females are pregnant (they both have dark abdomens and are getting bigger), although one has gotten significantly fatter over the past few days. She’s having a contraction. It’s pretty easy to tell if your Guppy is pregnant or not; all you need to do is take a clear look at it. Lively and nimble fry emerge from the anus, they immediately swim actively, starting an independent life. Usually if the guppy is pregnant there stomach will become more square shaped and you will begin to see a dark spot called 'the gravid spot' above the anus. Try to feed your Guppy more quality food during their gestation period. If your Guppy still does not give birth even though her gestation period has passed, try raising the temperature by 4°F (2°C). So how else can you tell that your Guppy is pregnant? If you've given birth before, your cervix is more likely to dilate a centimeter or two before labor starts, but keep in mind that even being 40 weeks pregnant with your first baby and 1 centimeter dilated is no guarantee that labor is imminent. Male guppies tend to chase the female Guppy all around the tank as soon as they are ready to mate. They both have distinct physical characteristics which can set them apart. Samia: Hi this thread might be old but I have some urgent questions. Sitting in one place and not really swimming. But it’s better to use a filter to be on the safe side. When it comes to Guppies, the mating ritual is a bit different as compared to other fish. Female guppies can become pregnant when they are just a few weeks old, and if they are not separated from male guppies they can give birth on average once a month for several years.
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