World Opinion on China More Positive than on U.S., But Slipping April 17, 2006 Most Countries, Including in Asia, Comfortable With China’s Growing Economic Power As President Hu Jintao makes the first visit of his presidency to Washington this month, global public opinion polls reveal that China’s ratings in worldContinue Reading

WPO Poll: Afghan Public Overwhelmingly Rejects al-Qaeda, Taliban January 30, 2006 Strongly Supports US and International Presence Believes Pakistan Is Allowing Taliban to Operate There Questionnaire/Methodology A new poll of the Afghan public finds an overwhelming majority opposes al-Qaeda and the Taliban, endorses the overthrow of the Taliban andContinue Reading

Global Poll Finds Diverse Economic Perceptions January 24, 2006 Mexicans, Germans, Russians Become More Upbeat; Indonesians, Britons, French, Americans More Negative Questionnaire/Methodology As the World Economic Forum meets in Davos this week to talk about the international economy, a new BBC World Service poll of 32 nations finds highly divergentContinue Reading

22 Nation Poll on the Global Economy January 25, 2005 Most Are Pessimistic Questionnaire Methodology/Survey Partners Methodology/Survey Partners A BBC World Service Poll of 22 countries from around the world found that in 13 countries a majority or a plurality believe the world economy is getting worse. Citizens in onlyContinue Reading