Chile’s Urban Poor Perceive Widespread Corruption in Government August 31, 2006 Business leaders have given Chile a relatively clean bill of health on corruption. But poorer Chileans may disagree. A survey conducted in the capital of Santiago shows that nine out of ten of the urban poor (87%) think corruptionContinue Reading

Poll of 18 African Countries Finds All Support Democracy June 12, 2006 Divided on Performance of Elected Governments Africans strongly support democracy despite frustration in some countries with unfair elections, corruption and unresponsive political leaders, a multinational poll by Afrobarometer shows. In all 18 countries surveyed the most common view wasContinue Reading

June 16, 2004 Questionnaire Africans have a very favorable view of globalization, including foreign companies coming into their countries, and have a positive view of the influence of the United States. At the same time they feel they are not being treated fairly by rich countries in trade negotiations. StrongContinue Reading