May 20, 2009 Efforts Seen as Helping Americans as Well as People in Poor Nations Full report (PDF) Questionnaire/methodology (PDF) Despite the economic downturn, a large majority of Americans support US efforts to improve health in poor countries. This support is grounded in altruistic concern for the poor, but itContinue Reading

Economic System Needs ‘Major Changes’: Global Poll March 31, 2009 Full Report (PDF) Major reform of the international economic system is needed in order to solve the current crisis, according to a new global poll of over 29,000 people carried out for BBC World Service. As G20 leaders prepare toContinue Reading

September 24, 2007 Full Report (PDF) Questionnaire/Methodology (PDF) Large majorities around the world believe that human activity causes global warming and that strong action must be taken, sooner rather than later, in developing as well as developed countries, according to a BBC World Service poll of 22,000 people in 21Continue Reading

World Public Favors Globalization and Trade but Wants to Protect Environment and Jobs April 25, 2007 Full Report (PDF) Questionnaire (PDF) Methodology/Research Partners (PDF) Majorities around the world believe economic globalization and international trade benefit national economies, companies, and consumers. But many think trade harms the environment and threatens jobsContinue Reading