World Publics Reject Torture June 24, 2008 But a Substantial Number Make Exception for Terrorists Country-by-Country Summaries (PDF) Questionnaire/methodology (PDF) Press Release (PDF) Full PDF Version A poll of 19 nations finds that in 14 of them most people favor an unequivocal rule against torture, even in the caseContinue Reading

World Publics Reject Criminal Penalties for Abortion June 18, 2008 Public at Odds With Their Country’s Laws in Half of Countries Polled Questionnaire/methodology (PDF) Press Release (PDF) Full PDF Version finds that in 17 out of 18 nations polled around the world, majorities reject using criminal penalties, such asContinue Reading

Iranians: Do They Say They Want a Revolution? July 19, 2007 Are the Iranian people deeply dissatisfied with their current system of government? Is the general public actually pro-American contrary to the position of their government? These questions are not academic. The Bush Administration’s policy of regime change in IranContinue Reading