Afghan Approval of the Karzai Government and Western Forces,Though Still Strong, Is Declining December 14, 2006 A Majority Feels Frustrated with the Pace of Reconstruction The Taliban Remain Very Unpopular, Despite Their Military Resurgence Full Report Questionnaire/Methodology Transcript of event at the Center for Strategic and International Studies A majorityContinue Reading

Afghans Favor Expanding Peacekeeping Operation January 29, 2006 Approve Stopping Opium Production Questionnaire/Methodology A large majority of Afghans approve of the recent expansion of the NATO peacekeeping force beyond the capital Kabul and would like to see it expanded even further, according to a new poll conducted November 27Continue Reading

June 29, 2005 Full Report Questionnaire While the leaders of African countries have shown strong resistance to non-African forces intervening in the crisis in Darfur, a GlobeScan poll finds that in eight African countries surveyed a majority (7 countries) or a plurality (1 country) believe the UN should have theContinue Reading