Q & A: Shibley Telhami and Joost Hiltermann November 20, 2006 WPO Talks with the University of Maryland’s Shibley Telhami and International Crisis Group’s Joost Hiltermann Shibley Telhami is the Anwar Sadat Professor for Peace and Development at the University of Maryland, and a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the SabanContinue Reading

Baghdad Shias Believe Killings May Increase Once U.S.-led Forces Depart but Large Majorities Still Support Withdrawal Within a Year November 20, 2006 Shias in the Capital—Unlike Those in the Rest of Iraq—Oppose Disarming Militias Full Report Questionnaire/Methodology Most Shia Arabs living in Baghdad have shifted in recent months from preferringContinue Reading

Afghan Feelings of Security Vary Widely October 31, 2006 Five years after the U.S.-led invasion—and despite intense violence in some regions—about half of Afghans (53%) say they feel safer today than they did under Taliban rule. But the results vary widely according to religious sect, ethnicity and region, a GallupContinue Reading

All Iraqi Ethnic Groups Overwhelmingly Reject al Qaeda September 27, 2006 But Groups Vary on Iran, Syria, Hezbollah Full Report Questionnaire/Methodology Transcript of Brookings Saban Center Event A new poll of Iraqis shows that al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden are rejected by overwhelming majorities of Shias and Kurds andContinue Reading

Majorities of All Iraqi Ethnic Groups Want Strong Central Government September 27, 2006 Six in Ten Approve Maliki’s Government, Though Optimism Down Full Report Questionnaire/Methodology Transcript of Brookings Saban Center Event Reports of conflict in Iraq may give the impression that the central government is so weak and unpopular thatContinue Reading