As the announcement of President Obama’s FY2017 budget draws near, a new, national survey finds majorities of Republicans and Democrats agreeing on cuts in spending and increases in revenues that would reduce the projected deficit by $52 billion. In the in-depth ‘Citizen Cabinet’ survey, respondents were presented the President’s FYContinue Reading

Governments Misspend More Than Half of Our Taxes–Global Poll September 27, 2010 Full Report (PDF) People believe that their government misspends more than half the money they pay in tax, according to the findings of a new BBC World Service global poll across 22 countries–but many are still looking toContinue Reading

Key Health Care Proposals Get Bipartisan Public Support Despite Debate’s Increased Political Polarization October 8, 2009 Full Report (PDF) Questionnaire with Findings, Methodology (PDF) A new poll conducted by (WPO) together with the Brookings Institution finds that over the last year, as the health care debate has intensified, aContinue Reading