Iranians Overwhelmingly Reject Bin Laden January 30, 2007 Both Iranians and Americans See Terrorism as a Threat to Their Countries Full Report Questionnaire/Methodology Iranians and Americans are both very concerned about the danger of terrorism, reject attacks against civilians overwhelmingly and share strongly negative views of Osama bin Laden. AlthoughContinue Reading

Americans Believe U.S. International Strategy Has Backfired December 6, 2006 Majorities See World More Fearful of U.S. Military Force, Making Governments More Likely to Pursue WMD Public Opposes Setting Goal of Regime Change in Problem Countries Full Report Questionnaire/Methodology A Majority of Americans Reject Military Threats in Favor of DiplomacyContinue Reading

WPO Poll Analysis: American Evangelicals are Divided on International Policy October 2, 2006 Decreasing Support for Bush Administration Positions Mirrors that of Nation Published November 11, 2006 Evangelical Christians are far from united on foreign policy, an analysis of recent polls by shows, and their support for the warContinue Reading

World Citizens Reject Torture, BBC Global Poll Reveals October 18, 2006 Questionnaire/Methodology A majority of people around the world are opposed to torture even if its purpose is to elicit information that could save innocent lives from terrorism, according to a BBC World Service poll of more than 27,000 peopleContinue Reading