Majority of Americans Approve Complete Ban on Torture June 25, 2009 Questionnaire/Methodology (PDF) Six in 10 Americans approve of having an international convention saying that “governments should never use physical torture” as a means of trying to get information, while 39 percent say such a ban is too restrictive, accordingContinue Reading

World Publics Reject Torture June 24, 2008 But a Substantial Number Make Exception for Terrorists Country-by-Country Summaries (PDF) Questionnaire/methodology (PDF) Press Release (PDF) Full PDF Version A poll of 19 nations finds that in 14 of them most people favor an unequivocal rule against torture, even in the caseContinue Reading

World Citizens Reject Torture, BBC Global Poll Reveals October 18, 2006 Questionnaire/Methodology A majority of people around the world are opposed to torture even if its purpose is to elicit information that could save innocent lives from terrorism, according to a BBC World Service poll of more than 27,000 peopleContinue Reading

Americans Support Full Due-Process Rights for Terrorism Suspects July 17, 2006 Majorities Oppose Rendition of Suspects to Countries that Practice Torture Most Believe Abu-Ghraib-type Abuses Still Occurring Published 7/17/06 Full Report American Questionnaire/Methodology In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision overturning Bush Administration plans to try hundreds ofContinue Reading