World View of US Role Goes From Bad to Worse January 22, 2007 Questionnaire/Methodology The global view of the United States’ role in world affairs has significantly deteriorated over the last year according to a BBC World Service poll of more than 26,000 people across 25 different countries. As theContinue Reading

U.S. Public Opinion In Line With Iraq Study Group’s Proposals December 5, 2006 Americans Strongly Endorse Engaging Iran and Syria, Holding International Conference on Iraq Majority Favors Timeline for U.S. Withdrawal of Two Years or Less Questionnaire/Methodology Iraq Study Group Report A Majority of Americans Reject Military Threats in FavorContinue Reading

Americans Show Strong Support for Making Iraq Operation More Multilateral March 15, 2006 Full Report Questionnaire A number of leading political analysts have discussed the option of making the Iraq operation more multilateral. A large bipartisan majority of Americans would support doing so even if this would require the USContinue Reading