Nine-Country Poll Finds Europeans and Americans Desire Closer Relations March 18, 2008 Transatlantic Cooperation Seen as Inadequate on Issues from Poverty to Climate Change to Immigration British Council-Sponsored Research Finds Widespread Agreement on Priorities for Cooperation Full Report (PDF) A poll of seven European countries, Canada, and the United StatesContinue Reading

Poll of 27 Countries on Most Significant Events of 2005 January 6, 2006 Iraq War, Tsunami, US Hurricanes Mentioned Most Methodology/Questionnaire A BBC World Service poll asked citizens of 27 countries (see below for list of countries) from around the world, “In the future, when historians think about the yearContinue Reading

Among Key Iraq Partners, Weak Public Support for Troop Presence October 14, 2005 Majority of Public in United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, Australia, Japan Call for Withdrawing Their Troops By Clay Ramsay and Angela Stephens Among the publics of the coalition partners in Iraq, support for their troops’ presence in IraqContinue Reading