Israel and Iran Share Most Negative Ratings in Global Poll March 22, 2007 Full Report (PDF) Questionnaire/Methodology (PDF) Published on 6 March 2007 A majority of people polled for the BBC World Service across 27 countries believe Israel and Iran have a mainly negative influence in the world with almostContinue Reading

U.S. and Venezuela Lead World in National Pride August 31, 2006 Presidents Bush and Chávez may represent opposite poles of the hemispheric political spectrum but the people of the United States and Venezuela have something in common: both are brimming with national pride. A 33-country survey by the University ofContinue Reading

Peruvians Unsympathetic to Chávez, Morales May 26, 2006 Few Favor Nationalization of Peruvian Oil and Gas Peruvians hold predominantly negative opinions about Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and Bolivia’s Evo Morales and resent their comments about Peru’s presidential election. Few support following Bolivia’s lead and nationalizing their country’s oil and gasContinue Reading