Americans Continue to Believe Iraq Supported Al-Qaeda, Had WMD April 22, 2004 Few Perceive Experts as Saying Contrary Full Report Questionnaire A new PIPA/Knowledge Networks poll finds that a large majority perceives the Bush administration making assertions about pre-war Iraq in sharp contrast to the conclusions of the 9/11 CommissionContinue Reading

U.S. Public Believes Many Countries Still Secretly Pursuing WMD April 15, 2004 Favors Addressing Problem by Enhanced Arms Control Efforts Rather Than Military Threats Full Report Questionnaire Despite recent progress in Pakistan, Libya and Iran in stemming the spread of weapons of mass destruction, the median American estimates that thereContinue Reading

Americans Reevaluate Going to War with Iraq November 13, 2003 Majority Believes US Acted on Incorrect Assumptions in Rush to War Full Report Questionnaire According to a new PIPA-Knowledge Networks poll, a majority of Americans (55%) believe that the Bush administration went to war on the basis of incorrect assumptions.Continue Reading