March 1, 2006 Questionnaire/Methodology A new poll of the Indian public finds that two out of three Indians believe that India should limit its emissions of the greenhouse gases that may be causing global warming—something which, as a developing country, it is not currently obliged to do under theContinue Reading

Most Indians Believe Iran Develop Nuclear Weapons March 1, 2006 Think UN Should Try to Stop Nuclear Proliferation Muslim and Hindu Indians Concur Questionnaire/Methodology A new poll in India finds that two out of three Indians believe that Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons and most are concernedContinue Reading

Public Opinion in India and America March 1, 2006 Indians Have Positive Views of U.S. and Bush Indians More Positive Than Americans on China By Angela Stephens As President George W. Bush arrives in India on his first visit to the world�s second most populous country, he is encountering aContinue Reading

World Public Says Iraq War has Increased Global Terrorist Threat February 28, 2006 Favors Early Withdrawal from Iraq But Not If New Government Asks Forces to Stay Questionnaire/Methodology A new global poll finds that in 33 of 35 countries surveyed, the most common view is that the war in IraqContinue Reading

WPO Poll: Afghan Public Overwhelmingly Rejects al-Qaeda, Taliban January 30, 2006 Strongly Supports US and International Presence Believes Pakistan Is Allowing Taliban to Operate There Questionnaire/Methodology A new poll of the Afghan public finds an overwhelming majority opposes al-Qaeda and the Taliban, endorses the overthrow of the Taliban andContinue Reading