Chile’s Urban Poor Perceive Widespread Corruption in Government August 31, 2006 Business leaders have given Chile a relatively clean bill of health on corruption. But poorer Chileans may disagree. A survey conducted in the capital of Santiago shows that nine out of ten of the urban poor (87%) think corruptionContinue Reading

U.S. and Venezuela Lead World in National Pride August 31, 2006 Presidents Bush and Chávez may represent opposite poles of the hemispheric political spectrum but the people of the United States and Venezuela have something in common: both are brimming with national pride. A 33-country survey by the University ofContinue Reading

Peruvians Unsympathetic to Chávez, Morales May 26, 2006 Few Favor Nationalization of Peruvian Oil and Gas Peruvians hold predominantly negative opinions about Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and Bolivia’s Evo Morales and resent their comments about Peru’s presidential election. Few support following Bolivia’s lead and nationalizing their country’s oil and gasContinue Reading

Americans, Mexicans Reject Border Fence March 28, 2006 By Angela Stephens President Bush meets this week with Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Cancun, Mexico, at a time when emotions surrounding immigration reform in the United States have reached fever pitch. A new Zogby pollContinue Reading

World Public Says Iraq War has Increased Global Terrorist Threat February 28, 2006 Favors Early Withdrawal from Iraq But Not If New Government Asks Forces to Stay Questionnaire/Methodology A new global poll finds that in 33 of 35 countries surveyed, the most common view is that the war in IraqContinue Reading