Most Indians Believe Iran Develop Nuclear Weapons March 1, 2006 Think UN Should Try to Stop Nuclear Proliferation Muslim and Hindu Indians Concur Questionnaire/Methodology A new poll in India finds that two out of three Indians believe that Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons and most are concernedContinue Reading

World Bank Receives Good Marks in World Poll January 24, 2006 Global Companies Less Positive, But More Popular In South Than North Questionnaire/ Methodology As leaders of the global economy convene in Davos, a new BBC poll of 32 nations finds that despite the widespread criticism it has received, theContinue Reading

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Iraqi Public Rejects Iranian Model June 14, 2005 But Wants Major Role for Islam in Government By Steven Kull and Evan Lewis Given the Shiite majority in Iraq, some have worried that the Iraqi electorate may vote in representatives that would institute a governmental system modeled on its Shiite neighborContinue Reading

The American Public on the Islamic World June 7, 2005 Comments By PIPA Director Steven Kull at the Conference on US-Islamic World Relations Co-Sponsored by the Qatar Foreign Ministry and the Saban Center of the Brookings Institution DOHA, Qatar—When Americans look at events in the Middle East, they do notContinue Reading