Iraq Poll Illuminates Sunni-Shia Divide March 2, 2006 Sunni Dissatisfaction Widespread Full Report Questionnaire/Methodology The welling up of violent incidents that followed the bombing of one of Shia Islam’s holiest shrines last week in Iraq have raised questions about the roots of the frustration and anger that are playing out.Continue Reading

World Public Says Iraq War has Increased Global Terrorist Threat February 28, 2006 Favors Early Withdrawal from Iraq But Not If New Government Asks Forces to Stay Questionnaire/Methodology A new global poll finds that in 33 of 35 countries surveyed, the most common view is that the war in IraqContinue Reading

Majority of Iraqis Endorse Election and Show Optimism January 31, 2006 But Sunnis Strongly Reject Election And Regret Overthrow of Saddam Full Report Questionnaire/Methodology The majority of Iraqis overall view the recent parliamentary elections as valid, are optimistic that their country is going in the right direction and feel thatContinue Reading

Americans Reevaluate Going to War with Iraq November 13, 2003 Majority Believes US Acted on Incorrect Assumptions in Rush to War Full Report Questionnaire According to a new PIPA-Knowledge Networks poll, a majority of Americans (55%) believe that the Bush administration went to war on the basis of incorrect assumptions.Continue Reading