Global Poll Finds Widespread Belief that Afghans Want NATO Forces Out July 23, 2009 Questionnaire/Methodology (PDF) A new poll of nations around the world finds that most publics polled believe that the Afghan people want NATO forces to leave Afghanistan now. On average 53 percent have this belief, whileContinue Reading

Pakistani Public Turns Against Taliban, But Still Negative on US July 1, 2009 Companion article: Islamist Militancy in Pakistan: A View from the Provinces Full Report (PDF) Questionnaire/Methodology (PDF) Most Pakistanis now see the Pakistani Taliban as well as al Qaeda as a critical threat to the country–a major shiftContinue Reading

Less than Half of Pakistani Public Supports Attacking Al Qaeda, Cracking Down on Fundamentalists October 31, 2007 Questionnaire/Methodology (PDF) Pakistanis show only weak support for using force against Islamic militants and overwhelmingly oppose allowing outside forces to combat al Qaeda on Pakistani territory. Just 44 percent of urban Pakistanis favorContinue Reading

Afghan Approval of the Karzai Government and Western Forces,Though Still Strong, Is Declining December 14, 2006 A Majority Feels Frustrated with the Pace of Reconstruction The Taliban Remain Very Unpopular, Despite Their Military Resurgence Full Report Questionnaire/Methodology Transcript of event at the Center for Strategic and International Studies A majorityContinue Reading

Afghan Feelings of Security Vary Widely October 31, 2006 Five years after the U.S.-led invasion—and despite intense violence in some regions—about half of Afghans (53%) say they feel safer today than they did under Taliban rule. But the results vary widely according to religious sect, ethnicity and region, a GallupContinue Reading