January 25, 2012 Public Opinion on Global Issues homepage Stewart Patrick analysis As the World Economic Forum begins its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, amid concerns that the economic slowdown in the wealthy countries is undermining public support for economic aid, newly updated digests of American and international public opinionContinue Reading

On Egypt: What Should America Do Now? March 9, 2011 Analysis by Steven Kull Reprinted from the Harvard International Review For decades, the United States stood by as the Egyptian government suppressed the freedom and democracy of its people, sowing anti-Americanism in the masses. As the Egyptian people rose up,Continue Reading

November 29, 2010 Questionnaire with Findings, Methodology (PDF) As debates about how to deal with the budget deficit have heated up in recent weeks, a new WorldPublicOpinion.org/Knowledge Networks poll finds that Americans continue to vastly overestimate the amount of the federal budget that is devoted to foreign aid. Asked toContinue Reading