Majorities of All Iraqi Ethnic Groups Want Strong Central Government September 27, 2006 Six in Ten Approve Maliki’s Government, Though Optimism Down Full Report Questionnaire/Methodology Transcript of Brookings Saban Center Event Reports of conflict in Iraq may give the impression that the central government is so weak and unpopular thatContinue Reading

Poll of 18 African Countries Finds All Support Democracy June 12, 2006 Divided on Performance of Elected Governments Africans strongly support democracy despite frustration in some countries with unfair elections, corruption and unresponsive political leaders, a multinational poll by Afrobarometer shows. In all 18 countries surveyed the most common view wasContinue Reading

How Russians and Americans View Each Other, Themselves, China and Iran June 2, 2006, together with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, hosted a discussion on May 31, 2006, about the findings of its new poll of Russians and Americans. The following is an edited transcript. The findings wereContinue Reading