Polling in Iraq and Afghanistan October 17, 2007 Q&A: Matthew Warshaw, D3 Systems Remarks by Matthew Warshaw at DC AAPOR Matthew Warshaw is Senior Research Manager for D3 Systems, which specializes in opinion research in difficult environments. D3 has particular expertise in the Middle East, where since 1988 it hasContinue Reading

World Publics Think China Will Catch Up With the US—and That’s Okay May 25, 2007 Full Report (PDF) Questionnaire (PDF) Methodology/Research Partners (PDF) Majorities around the world believe that China will catch up with the United States economically. It’s a prospect that leaves most of those polled—even Americans—unperturbed. A multinationalContinue Reading

World Publics See European Union as a “Positive Influence” March 21, 2007 Most would like to See Europe Grow More Influential than the U.S. The European Union celebrates its 50th birthday March 25 with its members embroiled in controversies over enlargement, a proposed constitution and how to create jobs whileContinue Reading

Afghan Approval of the Karzai Government and Western Forces,Though Still Strong, Is Declining December 14, 2006 A Majority Feels Frustrated with the Pace of Reconstruction The Taliban Remain Very Unpopular, Despite Their Military Resurgence Full Report Questionnaire/Methodology Transcript of event at the Center for Strategic and International Studies A majorityContinue Reading