World Publics See European Union as a “Positive Influence” March 21, 2007 Most would like to See Europe Grow More Influential than the U.S. The European Union celebrates its 50th birthday March 25 with its members embroiled in controversies over enlargement, a proposed constitution and how to create jobs whileContinue Reading

Six in Ten Poles Oppose U.S. Anti-Missile Base August 31, 2006 Poles are among the few nations that hold generally positive views of the United States. But a poll published Aug. 10, 2006, in the Polish daily Rzeczpospolita found that 63 percent of Poles were against allowing the United StatesContinue Reading

British and Canadians Criticize Leaders for Following U.S. Lead August 9, 2006 Polls Show Weak Support for Missions in Iraq and Afghanistan Two of President Bush’s closest allies—Great Britain’s Tony Blair and Canada’s Stephen Harper—have alienated voters by seeming to follow the United States’ lead on policy toward the MiddleContinue Reading

New Poll Shows French and Germans more Sympathetic toward Israel June 20, 2006 A poll by the Pew Global Attitudes project shows that the French and Germans have become more sympathetic toward Israel since the Palestinians elected Hamas, a radical Islamic group that has refused to recognize Israel or renounceContinue Reading