Principal Investigators: Shibley Telhami and Stella Rouse. A survey sponsored by University of Maryland Critical Issues Poll, fielded by Nielsen Scarborough. Central Findings on the State of the 2016 Presidential Race: While Hillary Clinton held a sizable lead over Donald Trump, Americans are also looking for a break with theContinue Reading

  As world leaders convene in Washington for the Climate Action 2016 summit, a new Citizen Cabinet survey finds that large bipartisan majorities of voters favor steps to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. The probability-based, online representative sample included more than 4,000 registered voters across the United States.Continue Reading

June 3, 2014 Views of Russia have strongly deteriorated since last year, as shown in the latest 24-country poll for BBC World Service conducted mostly before the events in Crimea. Feelings have become more negative in 13 countries polled, and are the most negative since the poll began in 2005.Continue Reading