The Trump administration’s maximum pressure campaign against Iran creates an almost existential dilemma for European leaders. Should they redouble efforts to engage with Iran to protect the value of multilateral diplomacy and preserve as much of the 2015 nuclear deal as possible? Or, should they prioritize their relationship with theContinue Reading

Negative views of US influence in the world have increased in the majority of countries surveyed in the latest global country poll for the BBC World Service. Compared to 2014, when the poll was last conducted, double-digit increases in negative views of the US, rising to majorities, are now foundContinue Reading

A new study from the University of Maryland’s Program for Public Consultation calls into question the widespread assumption that the American public wants to disengage from world affairs. Rather, the PPC study reveals that large majorities support cooperative forms of international engagement—including full participation in NATO and giving foreign aid—butContinue Reading

Principal Investigators: Shibley Telhami and Stella Rouse. A survey sponsored by University of Maryland Critical Issues Poll, fielded by Nielsen Scarborough. Central Findings on the State of the 2016 Presidential Race: While Hillary Clinton held a sizable lead over Donald Trump, Americans are also looking for a break with theContinue Reading