In a comprehensive analysis of polls on major proposals in the proposed reconciliation budget—related to health care, the environment, education, safety net programs and more—all 33 receive majority support, in most cases large majorities. For all proposals, this includes majorities of Democrats and independents.  Among Republicans, majorities support 14 ofContinue Reading


An overwhelming majority (86%) of American voters support reforms in current Congressional legislation that would greatly restrict the use of solitary confinement, including 84% of Republicans and 90% of Democrats.    In the innovative survey of 2,487 registered voters by the Program for Public Consultation (PPC) at the University of Maryland, respondentsContinue Reading

A representative sample of 2,487 American voters were given a detailed presentation of numerous proposed Congressional reforms that would restrict employers, licensing boards and public housing authorities from disqualifying people based on their criminal records. All of the proposed reforms received support from large bipartisan majorities.  A proposal for automaticallyContinue Reading

In a unique survey of 437 residents of Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District, majorities of Republicans and Democrats agreed on all but two of nine different police reform measures now under consideration in Congress. Majorities of Democrats and independents favored every proposal, while majorities of Republicans favored seven of the nine proposalsContinue Reading